Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Suzy vs Car

Returning from holiday, FMS was truly shocked to see these pics of Suzy Kellner...

On 20th December in Florida, Suzy, along with her friend Sylvia Andrassy, had been hit by a car that had failed to stop at a red light. Sylvia suffered a broken hip.
Suzy's injuries

However, the shock was offset somewhat by Suzy's own reporting of the incident.

On the day itself on her Facebook:
Dear Friends, it was a car accident. The idiot man not stop at the red :(((. I'm strong ;))) I go a few days to relax [in hospital] after working out in the gym!

And then, the next day, 21st December:
Dear Friends, Thanks to everyone for the good wishes. Slowly recover[ing]... Sylvia is broken at the hip... Sylvi and I were born again on December 20!
I AM indestructi!!!!! xoxo

Since then, 'Suzy the Indesrtucti' hasn't posted any more news about her own or Sylvia's injuries, but she has been posting. Hopefully, this means that both she and Sylvia are recovering well. FMS would like to add our best wishes to the many that have been sent to her from her fans around the world.

Get well soon Suzy!


  1. Had webcam session with her yesterday. She is fully recovered and in fact she is more...hmmm..spermalicious than before.. :) The driver was a complete idiot!!

    1. Good to know she's ok and, er, earning again.

      Thanks JL!

    2. No worries slave. In fact she LOVES what I did in front of her..