Thursday, 23 February 2012

Treasures from the Archive: Gina Davis
Her name is Gina and she was inspired to pump iron as a teenager by Cory Everson's 'ideal female physique'. Thank you Cory. Her name is Gina and she started bodybuilding seriously at 22, and nine years later walked on stage for the first time at the 1999 Lackland Classic. She won.
Her name is Gina and she was at her peak in 2004, winning the overall title at the NPC Nationals. It was her third attempt at the competition. Her career as a pro was short-lived and she made only one appearance in 2006 at the Europa Super Show before retiring. Perhaps this is the secret of her enduring appeal. She left us wanting more.
Her name is Gina and from talking to other femuscle fans and reading posts on blogs and forums, I reckon she figures in pretty much everyone's top 10 of all-time. We might have our own pet favourites, but Gina we share.
Her name is Gina and many many times I have imagined myself into that hotel room with her. For no one but me she displays her groin-activating muscles. She is as ripped as ever. Skin and beautiful beautiful muscles. I die in that room. No one has ever died happier.
Her name is Gina, not Geena. But it's handy the two names sound the same. More than once I've answered 'Who is your perfect woman?' by saying Gina Davis. No one ever asked me how Gina was spelt. And someone even bought me The Long Kiss Goodnight. Try it if someone asks you, it's quite fun. And if there's another female muscle fan in the room, you might be able to tell by his or her reaction.
Her name is Gina and when I dream of being washed up on the Island of Female Muscle, Gina is always the Queen who I am taken before (of course I charm the shit out of her and she decides to keep me as her concubine).
Her name is Gina and this female muscle slave has probably spent more seed on account of her feminine muscular perfection than any other woman. Who knows how many novels she has cost me?
Her name is Gina and Cory was great and all but in my humble opinion, sometime around 2003-2004, there was only one 'ideal physique'. And it was Gina.
Her name is Gina and she's still got it. By my reckoning she must be approaching her mid-forties now. And as these pictures show, she still has sex appeal in spades. How many women wouldn't want a body like this at 45?
Rumour has it her man is a lot younger than her. Why am I not surprised?
Her name is Gina and she is legend.


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

It's A Dog's Life

Want to be a female bodybuilder's bitch? Or maybe just their dog?
Coming back as one in the next life may be the only way...
This unknown hottie isn't just into exercising her own body. She's also sensitive to her pooch's needs. And what it needs is a bit of parklife.
A powerful lady needs a powerful lady to keep her under control. No problems here for Wilyporn Wannaklang then. They are probably both a little frightening when worked up and in heat. Frightening in a good way.
Tammy Jones, Fanny Palou and Lisette Valdes with their pampered pooches. Tammy's kitty seems to be slightly jealous of not being the centre of attention, while Lisette's looks particularly amazed with his luck.
Muscle girls next door. And their dogs.
I've posted this before, wondering whether this dog wouldn't rather chew on Christa Bauch's bicep than his rubber whatever. She's obviously having fun though.
The lovely Merle Mohr and not one, but two dogs. It's obvious which is her favourite though. Is it wrong to be jealous of a dog?
Merle isn't the only one who has more than one dog in her life. Here's Fanny again, with a different dog to above. One for out and one for home? Also, Dena Westerfield seems to be scaring the shite out of her Afghan, reminding us she is a doctor, not a vet.
A major hunkess like Tazzie Colomb can handle more than one. The lady in the middle is working her way towards that,starting small. KO could handle more, but chooses to stick to one for now. A big strong one.
Man's best friend? Not if you are losing out on your muscle woman time because she's getting naked with her canine! Sarah De Herdt and Annie Riveccio get intimate. Cross-species love can go too far! Not that the dogs seem to be complaining.
Look at him! He is checking out Brandi Akers' juicy bicep and licking his lips. Are we thinking what he's thinking? Lucky mutt!


Monday, 20 February 2012

Tummy Love

Hard sexy midriffs for your viewing pleasure along with some real news from my own life and apologies for the lack of posting recently...

She works so hard to get it. Is it any wonder she wants to show it off?

Now, there are plenty of examples out there in webland of guys dreaming of their girlfriend working out more, building muscle, achieving a sexy six-pack. Just one example: I love my girlfriend, and she’s absolutely gorgeous, but she’s got a little bit of extra fat around the middle and on her thighs. It’s not a lot. She isn’t hanging out over her jeans or anything. But she doesn’t have really tight abs, and I have this weird fetish I guess for tummies. Should I just let it go, or should I tell her I’d like her to work on her abs? Does this make me a bad person? She’s off to uni now where she’ll be cooking her own food, and she eats mostly vegetarian stuff than the crap her parents make her at home, so that’ll probably help her shed a bit of it, but I really, really would like her to have a tight tummy. I know it’s cuz I watch too many movies and things where the hot girls all have tight abs, but I can’t help it. I just like it. I feel guilty for wanting her to change her appearance, even if only slightly.

My current partner makes me a very happy man. Not only is she beautiful, intelligent, kind and funny (well, at least I think she is!) but she has also been working out regularly now for over six months. This has come about not because I told her too, but it is, at least partly, because I got off my arse and got myself to the gym. A bit of background: I started lifting weights and eating right about three years ago, which was around the time I first met her. As I lost fat and gained muscle, she became more and more curious about exactly what I was doing to achieve these changes.

Fortunately, I resisted the urge to overdo it and push her into the gym and into the kind of fitness regime that would help her create the kind of body I had always dreamed of, rather than letting her find her own way and set her own goals. Instead, I answered her questions about how I'd changed my diet or just what was in the 'magic' drink I always glugged when I got back from my workouts, and before long, she had joined a fitness club and was going four times a week. Since her body started to change, it has not been hard to be generous with the compliments. She isn't gaining muscle, she's not going to turn into a bodybuilder, but she is more toned and firm all over, and I'm sure if I keep up the workouts, so will she.

Maybe good things do come to those who wait. If this had been happening with another girl at another time in my life, I probably wouldn't have played it so cool, been too pushy and made a mess of it. More than the changes in her body, the boost to her self-confidence that being able to wear what she wore at 18 again (she's now 30) has helped her in every aspect of her professional and personal life. Really.

So my advice to anyone wanting their partner to get to the gym is this: go to the gym yourself. Keep at it, don't expect it to be easy, and don't expect to see much progress unless you adopt a suitable diet. And then, if your partner starts liking what she sees, don't be pushy. It's unlikely that she'll want to become Heather Policky! Let her find her own way. The pay off won't just be a physical change.

And no, none of these women is my partner.