Sunday, 21 January 2018

An Exhibition

"Confidence" is what the collective we usually call it.

I LOVE their CONFIDENCE! - or something similar - we gush.

Meet Carrie.

Born in New Zealand, Carrie has called New York home for the last 17 years.

She's one half of "brooklynsbonnieandclyde" on Instagram. She is (obviously) the Bonnie, and her (are you jealous?) Clyde is cameraman boyfriend Christian.

And when she isn't doing a 12-hour shift saving lives as an intensive care nurse, she's "working out and enjoying life", and a big part of the latter seems to be showing off her sexy muscular body at every possible opportunity. All over Brooklyn and beyond.

Here she is in London with big guns.

Here she is in Florence.

And here she is in Paris.

Not lacking the "confidence" we love so much, I would guess.

In fact, I'd say she is a bit beyond that even.

A full-blown Muscle Exhibitionist. And I LOVE it!

The best thing about summer is, she says, that she can walk around in "no sleeves and short shorts", giving everyone an eyeful (OK, that last bit I added, but I think it's a fair assumption) - with her arms covered up there'll be no more opportunities for "the old... 'check my nails' flex" while she waits at the till, for example. A show off supreme!

Earlier in the week when drooling over the delicious Diana Schnaidt, I said there were two reasons why I was ever so slightly jealous the bro-in-law had been seconded to NYC. Well, here's the second reason. I mean, he could be that commuter!

And the worst thing is - if that did happen to him - neck snapping round, Madness taking hold, dry-mouthed, heart racing, agog at the vision of muscle sexiness right there next to him and about to board the same train... he would probably never tell me about this intense experience he'd had, how he'd ridden the subway way past his stop, bag cunningly-placed on his lap, lost in female muscle chance encounter heaven.

I might read about it on the forums though.

Non lifters experience their first Flex Friday... says Carrie.

Might be reading about this one soon too.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner...

That I love pictures of muscle women in London town...

Korea's Chu Mi Kim brought her WBFF Pro physique all the way to the London sunshine last summer. You still have those red telephone phone boxes in England? forum posters wondered. Well, yes, we do, but these days you can only find them where the tourists go. Sadly, arms and legs like Chu Mi's are also a rare sight as well.

Cindy, I believe, is a regular visitor, London being one of the stops for her global training business, and she regularly asks for tips on places to eat, or things to do there on her social media. So far she hasn't taken up my offer of hospitality. I'll keep trying.

You won't find Crossfit Aldgate in most guidebooks, so major kudos to Hanah Jamroz for getting off the beaten track. I could well have been round the corner in Brick Lane enjoying a chicken pasanda while she was getting all sweaty there.


And here's Larissa and another ye olde red telephone box, plus Larissa, Big Ben, and a fella (blue shirt, not remotely looking where he's going) who may well be one of us. This is probably not the first time he's walked that bit of Westminster Bridge in the last few minutes, and as long as Larissa's body is on display there, who can blame him?


At least it's not raining.

Shawna was less than impressed with the British summer...

But luckily, London wasn't the only stop on her Eurotrip last year. She also took in Florence (one morning bright and early on a bike), and - with "dear friend" Rene Campbell - had a weekend in Amsterdam. Quite the traveller she is, listing "countries I feel blessed to have seen and experienced" on her Facebook page. So far, as well as the UK, Italy and Holland, Shawna has been to: Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Canada, and Mexico.

Surely one of you lovely readers must have seen her somewhere?

Friday, 19 January 2018

Kristen Graham Chops, Slices, Shoots & Scores


I don't for a moment think Kristen spends her days felling trees, but it's exciting to imagine running into her in her Daisy Dukes+ when I go down to the woods today.

Add your own 'She can handle my chopper...' joke. I'm so above it.



And that probably goes for just about every other golfer on the range that day. One eye on Kristen, the other eye on Kristen - not a recipe for a well-drilled long iron, is it?

Drivin-me-crazy Golf?


What we call football has never looked so good.

I might be persuaded to brush the mud off my boots and get back in the game.

Add your own 'She can play with my balls...' etc.


EXACTLY how a muscle goddess should dress AT ALL TIMES.

Especially in winter. And if the lack of foliage on the trees and the way those pointers are, er, pointing are anything to go by, winter it is indeed. And not a mild one either.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Diana in New York

My bro-in-law is about to start a secondment in the Big Apple. One of two main reasons why I am ever so slightly jealous is the increased chance this provides him of running into (perhaps literally, he does actually run) the divine Diana Schnaidt.

Glorious whether glammed up or showing of her sexy, hard and veiny body in more functional attire, here she is in and under New York during the last year or so.

Bulging calves, and ballistic shoulders and biceps all looking especially yummy.

Diana on Instagram.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

I Just Popped Out For...

... an eyeful of muscular womanhood at the supermarket(?!)

Well, at least the Heavyweight-below-the-waist version purveyed by Mia Sand.

The forums abound with stories of heads coming across big, strong, beautiful women at retail outlets. I seem to recall rather a lot of them take place at DIY (hardware) stores - "she was waiting in line at the checkout, casually holding an entire flat-packed office suite under one mighty arm". Encounters at chemists (drugstores) seem to be common too, which I suppose makes sense - they must take some legal drugs! One tale on the forum whose first rule is... ends up with the lady marrying the (charming, witty, not at all Madness-stricken) head she met one night in the queue for prescriptions.

But if the images FMS has managed to source for this post are anything to go by, your local equivalent of Tesco, Morrisons or the Co-op is where it's at. And surprisingly, you don't have to confine your search to the meat and veg aisles either. The lady might well be shopping for a cheat/treat on the evidence we have. Chocolate?! Wine?! Cake?! Maybe it's only worth a photo on such rare occasions - the weekly loading of enough chicken breast, broccoli and eggs to feed the five thousand into the trolley ain't.

Dare you ask for a flex?

Neither Michelle Vjacobo (left), nor Ria Ward look like they are backward in coming forward to show it off. For one thing those are outfits guaranteed to draw attention in a supermarket-based environment (or indeed any environment), they haven't come all hooded and covered to quickly shop and go, have they?

Dare you ask for a cheeky abs flash?

From my own experience, the only prerequisite for The Madness to descend is that I see a lady with ANY amount of muscle - they needn't be a full-grown FBB (I'd probably spontaneously combust if this ever happened). So Susanne Kleven (above) or Jessica Morgan Canty's ripped abs exhibitionism would be more than enough.

I couldn't even begin to imagine how I'd react in this scenario...

I find it hard to understand why there isn't a line of dudes, tongues hanging out, tentpoles at full mast, shuffling behind her, following her everywhere she goes?

Seriously though, happy hunting but don't go all stalky.

However hard it may be.


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Paris au printemps avec Joanna Jean

So, your travelling companion wants to know why exactly you have to keep going back to the same place day after day. Surely there's more to Paris than the Eiffel Tower?

Whoever is in charge of such things really should look into recruiting this sizzling Haitian/Canadian Figure phenom and new IFBB pro to do some publicité for them.

Maybe they already have!

Joanna Jean is on Instagram (always, not just when she's à Paris).


Monday, 15 January 2018

The Chance Encounter

OK, you've got 25 seconds to decide what to do and/or say.



Come up with any bon mots?

No, me neither.

And Lola Montez was very much in slow motion right there. Real time would have given you even less chance. And let's face it, you were hardly under pressure, were you? I mean, Lola's not REALLY sashaying down the street towards you, is she? What would you do then? What, if you were indeed capable of speech at all, would you say?

I console myself with the knowledge I am not alone.

Pics and vids is one thing, says one fellow head. Seeing them right in front of you is entirely another. Sightings in the gym are most common, and while they are always awesome occasions, they are definitely the least exhilarating. Nothing compares to a chance encounter in public. Exhilarating in the extreme. Muscle ladies get my heart pumping for sure, confides another. My breath gets short and I cannot take my eyes off of them. The desire is simply overwhelming. Ah yes! The Madness. On the extremely rare occasions that I actually see a true female bodybuilder (even at the figure level) in public, it's like my body goes into red alert and I'm stuck on that moment for at least the next couple days. It's like seeing a unicorn. Well put, sir!

Unless you live in Miami or some such and it's an every day kind of thing.

Or maybe not.

A muscle woman is something I can't prep for. It's one thing seeing hundreds of gorgeous legs, chests, glutes onscreen. I could see the same woman through hundreds of different pictures, or a dozen videos. Nothing ever readies you for when you see her in the flesh. It's the difference between watching a video of a rollercoaster, and physically RIDING one. For me, just seeing one is like an epiphany, and all attempts at maintaining my gentlemanly dignity dissolve to mush as my mouth hangs open, my eyes bulge wide, my breathing gets laboured.

Perhaps we'd be better having our chance encounter elsewhere.

Public transport, perhaps?

I mean, at least the book might give us a conversation starter, and for the time being Tina's not going anywhere, so you don't have to worry about thinking that fast.

Although I'm curious how you'd start a conversation while the object of your desire (that's Melissa Wee on the left, by the way) is using said transport as a mobile gym...

All those muscles in constant motion...

Or indeed if (like "Elana", right) she is in a female-only section of the tube!

When I see a very muscular woman, which is very rare, I lose control. I'm so attracted to the bulk, shapes, veins, and muscle that my heart races. I often, if on foot, will change direction just to see if what I'm seeing is actually what I'm seeing.

Clocking those legs on the tube only to find out they belong to the new girl in HR.

Cue not-so-chance encounters on a daily (sometimes thrice-daily) basis...

The ultimate ecstasy, or the ultimate torture?!

Kicking off 2018 properly with a week of Muscle in Public on FMS.

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