Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Dani Reardon Temporarily Becomes the Most Famous Female Bodybuilder on the Planet (But Everything Seems to Be OK Now)

It is (I imagine) unlikely that news of FMS heartthrob Dani Reardon's arrest in Florida in the week leading up to the Olympia passed you by. If you didn't hear about it in your own local or national media, there's been plenty of chatter on the forums...

Temporarily, Dani became the most famous female bodybuilder in the world - or at least the English-speaking world anyway. You and I and every other man or woman interested in the sport knew who Dani was long before the 15th September, when the story broke in the USA, but by the 17th, when the story had reached Australia and New Zealand via the UK (and all points in between no doubt), more people knew Dani than Iris, Alina, Juliana, Dana Linn and all the other Olympia contestants put together.

COPS: FEMALE BODYBUILDER WENT ON RAMPAGE, KICKED IN CAR WINDSHIELD reads the headline on the Breaking News USA website - the first report of the incident, published on the afternoon of 15th September, reproduced here in full:

A female bodybuilder has been accused of going on a drunken rampage in California.

Police say 24 year old Dani Reardon (full name: Danielle Reardon) kicked in the windshield of her boyfriend’s pickup truck during a fight. Reardon reportedly reeked of alcohol and has been charged with resisting arrest and battery (domestic violence) in Orange County courts.

The police report says police received complaints that Reardon was hitting a man and screaming at him while attending a party. She was found inside a Ford F-150, kicking the dashboard and eventually the windshield.

Her live-in boyfriend Ian Schofield hard a red mark behind his left ear and on his neck and a scrape on his right knee. He told cops, "She tackled me and hit me in the face." But he refused to press charges.

And this, essentially, with the incident correctly relocated to Florida, and less of the "rampage", was the report that went around the online news source world.

Details about Dani and her career were added here and there, with the prize for absolutely the most bizarre detail going to the Orlando Sentinel, whose report post-dated the Breaking News USA piece by a couple of hours. Their piece informs us that according to one NPC judge, Danielle has very pretty lines [but] she needs to improve her conditioning at the next level as though the readers were all saying to themselves, "Yes, she's in trouble, but how can she get higher placings at her contests?"

The original Breaking News article was accompanied by Dani looking more than a little dishevelled and forlorn in her mugshot (bit of a shock for a Brit that - the fact that your arrest photo can be seen by all and sundry, it would most definitely never happen here), but the main image (below) showed her all smiles and striations.

By the time the story reached New York on the morning of the 16th, there were now two images of Dani at her best to accompany that of Dani at her lowest.

And as the story sailed across the Atlantic and reached our shores here, more and more images of the gorgeous Ms Reardon were added, so by the time the Daily Mail reported the story on the night of the 16th, there were five of the best to enjoy.

And a You Tube preview clip from TanyaFitness!

On the afternoon of the 17th September, Australian online news sources had the story on their pages. And, yes, you guessed it, they now had even more pictures of Dani, and relatively little text. outdid everybody with SEVEN images of Dani and her beautiful bod illustrating just over 100 words about her and her arrest.

We've seen in the past on FMS how female bodybuilder stories need a "female bodybuilders are freaks" angle to be interesting to the wider media - how the FBB subject was "turned into a man" by taking steroids or, how her muscles make it hard/impossible to find a man, for example. But with Dani's story, well, neither of these angles is going to work, so essentially what the story boiled down to was not so much "young female bodybuilder turns violent after drinking" but rather "really really really good-looking young female bodybuilder turns violent after drinking".

Call me a cynic if you will, but it seems to me that this is what the reporting of Dani's story ended up being about, and became more and more about as it travelled around the world. There was basically nothing to write about here - young woman gets drunk and does something stupid is hardly news. However, the editors weren't going to miss the chance of putting this gorgeous young woman onto their pages. Consequently, there were more and more images and less and less text every time.

And so, for a few days at least, and while she was going through a tough time no doubt, Danielle Reardon was the most famous female bodybuilder in the world.

By the 18th September the (non-) story had ceased to be a story, and the mainstream media forgot all about Dani again, as, I imagine, did most of those who had never heard of Dani before. Meanwhile, she had received "positive vibes" from friends, fans, supporters and her family, and she seems to have made it up with her beau.

She couldn't do much about the traffic she found herself stuck in the day before I compiled this post, but she at least used the time to take her first lot of selfies since the incident, and post them on her Instagram, which can only be good news.

And her line of gym wear got some free publicity as well.

It's name? Kausa Rukus. HA!


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Gif of the Week

From one of our 2013 Women of the Year (Georgina) to another as Sexy Sophie Arvebrink pumps up (Look at her! OMG!!!) in this week's gif selection.

Doesn't that just set off all sorts of bad bad thoughts???

What's that? More you say? Well, OK then...

Had enough?

Thought so, but seeing as you've had the two, you may as well have the full set, but like the online poker ads say, just remember to enjoy Sexy Sophie responsibly...

Genius by Female Fitness & Bodybuilding, whose no nonsense tagline tells us These women are bigger and stronger than you. You are a pathetic excuse for a man!


Monday, 29 September 2014

Haway the Lass! Georgina Wins Again

Delighted to report that while it was all going down at the Olympia in Las Vegas, FMS' favourite 20-year-old from the north-east of England was winning the Women's Physique Division at the UKBFF North-West Championships in Leeds. In doing so, she qualified for what will be her second crack at the British Championships, which take place in a couple of weeks in Nottingham. Congratulations Georgina!

On stage pics of the event are thin on the ground at the moment (or have a big watermark across them saying DO NOT COPY), and there's no report or official results as yet, but from the little I have, there were at least two other women competing in Physique for Georgina to blow away with her size, and, particularly at this show more than any of her previous outings, her insane conditioning. And still only 20!

As the show approached, Georgina was clearly feeling her legs looked better than ever, posting selfie after selfie of ever more shredded pins on her Instagram. So many, in fact, that she actually felt the need to apologise (sort of) for the glut. Sorry for all the leg pics, she wrote in the week leading up to the show. But look at me calve!!!

Freaky! And it seems those legs, along with the rest of this remarkable young woman, are providing inspiration to other bodybuilders male and female within and outside the UK. Georgina's had her problems with social media abuse in the past, but these days the messages of encouragement and admiration are all over her Instagram.

And since the contest, it's been back to work, getting a "crazy pump" on as she begins her preparation for the British Championships. Last year, regular readers may remember, that show didn't work out so well for her (see FMS passim). I get the feeling that this year she'll fare much much better in the biggest UK show there is.

Haway the lass!

And we leave you with a tiny bit of video of the mighty Georgina winning in Leeds.

[Word of warning - to save your ears you might want to turn your sound down a touch before watching, them's some serious bellows of support she's getting!]


Read Georgina's recent interview with RxMuscle here.


Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Art of Wreckage International

Today the art of female muscle returns to FMS after a considerable time away, and I think you will agree it is quite a return. Alex "Wreckage" Wright aka Wreckage International is best-known for his huge moving sculptures that have featured at such high-profile events as this year's Burning Man, Glastonburys passim, and the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 London Paralympics. But he is also a graphic designer and, of most interest to the female muscle fan, no slouch with the oil paints.

This huge painting in Whitecross St. (near Old St. in London) that was originally made for The Rise of the Non-Conformists annual Whitecross Street Party last year is still there for all to see - or at least it was until about a month ago as far as we know.

Imagine a world where one of Wreckage International's big muscular beauties hang huge, proud and half-naked on EVERY street corner! My kind of world...

Prints and further information on the Wreckage International website.


Saturday, 27 September 2014

"My Olympia": Contributions Wanted!

I'd LOVE to be able to say that I spent much of the Olympia weekend glued to the webcast, enjoying uninterrupted coverage of the finest female bodies on the planet for hours and hours on end.

And I'd LOVE to be able to say I watched it all with my wife beside me. She wet herself laughing at the physique MEN with their funny Bermuda shorts (is male physique just bodybuilding for leg day skippers or what?), but she had wet herself in a very different way by the time Juliana Malacarne performed her Saturday evening routine.

And I'd LOVE to be able to say that when all the physique routines were over, and we'd put some of our clothes back on, she turned to me and told me that while she could never imagine getting as big as the women we'd watched together on Friday (and she had enjoyed how turned on I'd been by them, by the way, LOVED it), Juliana, Dana Linn, Tycie et al had impressed her so much that she wanted to build a physique competitor's body, "though I may have to start out by competing in figure".

Well, my Olympia weekend didn't quite pan out like that. Saturday was my favourite uncle's 70th birthday, celebrated with a big family lunch near his home. I wouldn't have missed it for the world, but the eight-hour round trip to get there and back in a day made it impossible for me to see more than twenty minutes of the show live.

This was on Saturday morning (so Friday evening in Vegas), when I got up a tad earlier than was absolutely necessary in order to surreptitiously catch some of the precious live stream while the wife was still slumbering. What I saw was the fitness competitors getting their awards (which was fine, though it wouldn't have been my FIRST choice) - sound off, of course - and then, with the big girls imminent... the wife's alarm goes off.

By the time we got back from my uncle's - and don't get me wrong, a smashing time was had by all - it was late, and I was exhausted from the driving. The wife crashed immediately, so the opportunity was there for a little indulgence, but it would have meant injecting caffeine into my own eyeballs to stay awake, so I made do with a quick check of the results - Iris again... Nicole Wilkins again... Alana Shipp 4th!!! - and, knowing full well the webcast replays would be available soon, I hit the hay.

I drifted off, wondering how other female muscle heads had spent their weekends.

And so, as is so often the case when FMS takes a little break, we're back with a question for you, our lovely readers - and we really really want to know the answer...


Obviously, if you were actually there we'd like to hear all about it - and let's face it, if you were there you would probably want to tell because then you'd get all the brethren writing to let you know how jealous they are: you'd be THE MAN!

If you weren't there, was it the webcast + box of man-size tissues scenario some of our readers were kind enough to share with us in the week before the Olympia? (see comments on Ms Olympia 2014: The Line-up). If so, how was it for you? Did the single box prove sufficient? Who was responsible for the biggest mess? Did you manage to get through it all without passing out and/or needing medical attention?

Or did you have a similar experience to mine - surreptitiously snatching what you could while getting on with all the other real life stuff that most weekends consist of?

Or, best of all (I do sometimes wonder how many - if any - of the women read this!), might as well ask, one never knows... were you competing? Would you care to share your Olympia experience, whether it was your first time or not?

Whatever your story, whatever "Your Olympia" was, please do get in touch.

What I'm hoping for is a snapshot of what the female muscle lovin' world was doing while the beautiful female muscle elite were doing their elite female muscle thing.

If that's something you'd be interested in contributing to, then go ahead and use the comment box below, or just email directly to

As ever, complete anonymity is guaranteed if you want it that way.

You've got till Friday - to be honest, any time will do - but I'd really like to be able to post some of your stories the week after this one, so that's the deadline for now.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Friday, 19 September 2014

Ms Olympia: Posedown!

We thought the best way to bring our Ms Olympia countdown to a climax was to feature the climactic moment of the contest itself (or any contest for that matter - any contest with more than one competitor, anyway!) Yes, it's time to pose down!


The primest exhibition of female muscle meat at its most primal and joyous moment...

The contest as a contest is over, and you've all finished in the top six anyway... Now whip that crowd into one final frenzy as your glorious muscular body transcends its exhaustion and reveals all of its stunning beauty!!! (Or at least that's how Swell might put it if he was ever in charge of the MCing at a female bodybuilding show!!!)

Where the hell do you LOOK if you are in the audience? It's hard enough taking it all in even when you can replay the video clip over and over and over and over and over. Being there must bring on some kind of sthenolagniac overdose or something.

And while there must be more than a few brethren in the audience experiencing some kind of female muscle lovin' nirvana, there always appears to be bucket loads of female muscle ecstasy pouring out of the competitors - of any year, or indeed, any ERA...

Yes, Rachel, YESSSSS!

It's one big female muscle love-fest up there. All sorts of mutual muscle admiration kicks in, and, easily my favourite bit - true posedown GOLD - is when the admiration spills over into actual touching up, into actual on stage MUSCLE WORSHIP!

Who will be posing down at the 2014 Ms Olympia? Only one way to find out...

So, wherever you are, work out the time difference between yourself and Las Vegas (we're 8 hours ahead here in the UK), and get yourself comfy and organised. The live webcast on begins 2.30am on Saturday for the Ms Olympia finals in the UK - finess and bikini finals are also scheduled for the same evening.

And FMS will be having a little break next week (watching the re-runs of the webcast perhaps!) but we will be back and posting again on Saturday 27th. Have fun now!