Friday, 18 April 2014

Favourites Fortnight

Lisa Cross Descriptions

Last week we brought you news of the publication of the first novel by FMS fave and all-round Great Briton Lisa Cross, Devil and Disciple. But for some time now, Lisa has also been putting her linguistic talents to good use on her website. Just reading Lisa's own unique descriptions of each new members' clip is often all it takes to get this fan a little hot under the collar (well, hot somewhere anyway - maybe not under the collar, but you know what I mean). Here are a couple of favourites from her newer clips.

1. Ex-Boyfriend Chronicles

A series of clips made, you can probably guess, by her ex-boyfriend, for his and her pleasure. Well, now he's the ex, Lisa decided that before they end up in the wrong hands and get sent around the internet I would share them with my faithful fans. I think you will enjoy these, she says, before adding that extra little turn on is they were supposed to be kept private. Some are sexy and some just down right dirty!

At the time of writing twelve of these clips were available - seems there was rarely a dull moment when this ex was around. They include one where I use a toy in my wet pussy to satisfy myself while my ex films and wanks over me at the same time. I can see how that would work! Another: He used to love watching me workout so I let him video me around my place exercising. Let's just say after this he was very horny so was I so I was soon impaled on his big cock. Impaled! Nice. Another, Lisa says, is a fun shirt ripping video. This used to turn him on so much I can remember looking at his huge hard on as I slowly ripped my top off.

But my favourite from the collection so far has got to be... He wanted me to walk naked by a lake in Cornwall. When I was totally naked a packed train went flying by. I remember being incredibly turned on knowing that hundreds of people had just seen me naked in public. What a thrill that was!

And in case you were in any doubt, Lisa wants you to know that there is something very sexy knowing you are all jerking off over my private amateur videos.

Lisa, I'm there before it's even downloaded!

2. POV Session

So many of you have requested a sexy muscle worship session and it is simply impossible to see you all so I have videoed a sexy session for you. Considerate, but not the most exciting of opening sentences. But don't worry, Lisa is just getting warmed up.

This fan was so excited his pre cum was just dripping out constantly.


And that's just the first part. Can it get any hotter?

So now I have my fan good and hard I let him fondle and play with me. I crush his big cock in my bicep then crush wank him until he explodes with hot bright white cum all over my hand. I just love the feeling of spunking cock twitching in my strong grip.

It's said that Shakespeare coined thousands of words and phrases. Seems to me Lisa "LJK" Cross has just followed in his footsteps and coined her very own new phrase in the English language: "crush wank". Etymologists take note.


Visit Lisa's HOT MUSCLE PACKED RAW SEX POWER website for more.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Favourites Fortnight

Swell's Favourite Blogs, Channels, Tumblrs

Pumpitup's Female Muscle

No introduction should be necessary for regular FMS readers. The UK's longest-running female muscle fan blog was last featured just before Christmas (see A History of PumpItUp in 100 Images). Now in its eighth year, here's a selection of some of PumpItUp's hand-picked images posted in the few days before the time of writing.
Ramona Valeria Alb
Karina Voronetskaya (no prizes for guessing how I know that)
Shredded Stephanie Beck
Patricia Houston's slABS
Luscious Lisa Sanders
ROAR! Ramona Valeria Alb encore

All of them in the last few days. And the standard never slips. 8 YEARS!

BIG Female Bodybuilders

More UK-based female muscle fan blogging, dedicated to the biggest of all. Author Biriania says, As a fan of MASSIVELY MUSCULAR WOMEN for many years, I recognized the need for a place on the web that was dedicated not just to the muscular female form, but to the very BIGGEST female muscular bodies on the planet. If you're like me, and want to come to a place where every single post is about nothing but HUGE female muscle, then I believe you'll LOVE my blog.
Aleesha Young, the latest from Biriania.

Read this and other articles on the biggest and best on BIG Female Bodybuilders.

ellogon on YouTube

Whenever I'm pining for the days when oiled and ripped fbbs were a regular sight on Eurosport, I head over to ellogon's channel and I'm transported back in time...

Check out this little gem. Kiwi sensation Siobhan O'Neil looking, according to obviously tongue-tied commentator, "striking", performing a "striking" routine.

Just one of HUNDREDS of gems.


An FMS-supporting riot of female muscle from around the web, and wit as dry as a nomad's gonads. Or something. Essential and (like it says on the tin) insane.


Female Muscle Growth and Breast Expansion Art, Before and After transformations, female muscle history (and I mean history - if you think the 1980s is "Old Skool" then try the 1880s), "Schmews"... So little time, so much Area Orion to explore...

Currently in an artistic holding pattern, Area Orion is still shining his spotlight on the world of female muscle, most recently on the sumptuous Danielle Reardon (above).

jlelmariachi on YouTube

From the author of Erotic Female Muscles, a channel to savour, not only for the top (and often self-edited) clips, but also for the descriptions accompanying them. Featured before on FMS on numerous occasions, we brought you jl's latest meisterwerk recently (see Tube of the Week) so today, another of our recommendations, Iris Kyle Cowgirl. Jl says, I don't really experience intense orgasmic moment with Iris Kyle, but this is another exception. Can you imagine our 10 times Ms. Olympia fantasizing herself riding on a stiffed and thick manhood cowgirl style? She couldn't conceal her lust. She knows she will win again. She will attend the after party to choose one or more boy toys and she will fuck all night. I will be more than glad to be selected but I wonder I can actually survive that night...

The look Iris gives the woman behind her is priceless. As is the woman's face!

The Ankle on Tumblr

If Alina's rippling thighs don't make you curious to check out this excellent collection of female muscle (old and new) from around the web, then nothing will.

You can also follow The Ankle as FBBmuscleDreams on Twitter.

The Adventures of Ryan Takahashi

The most prolific female muscle author on the web, Ryan Takahashi deals in both essays and fiction with equal aplomb, and has recently started to bring us stories written by the women themselves (see Tuesday's post). Female Muscle Slave and Ryan Takahashi are currently planning a little project together. Stay tuned!

And last, but by no means least...

Hevumisa on YouTube

Because blessed is the man (I am assuming) who goes to places you have always wanted to go, and, with a steady hand, records the kind of gloriously gorgeous women you have always wanted to get close to. Then he edits them, puts a soundtrack on them, and uploads them to his channel for your viewing pleasure. My hero!

Of course there are many many other blogs, channels and Tumblrs that I could have mentioned. One day I'll get round to revamping the Links page. One day...

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Favourites Fortnight

Favourite Tigersan Character

All his women are great. But there's only one Switch!

Beautiful, bronzed and braided, with beef beyond beleef.

I sooo wanna be the guy who spots Switch. And if there are any other services she wants me to perform for her I would, gladly [you know she isn't real, right? - ed.]

Her tiny bikini bottoms fail to cover her massive shredded glutes... I mean, look at how the artist has made her glutes bulge out of her tiny bikini. Better? [just checking. - ed.]

Fireworks every time!


Check out Tigersan's incredible creations on Deviant Art and FemPower Extreme.

More favourites tomorrow...

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Favourites Fortnight


I enter the backstage pump up room - even the name of the place, the word "pump", makes me want to work and strain and grow. I am perfect, contest ready, not an ounce of excess on me, all powerfully engorged, sensuous muscle.

So ready, every nerve so close to the surface... I can feel and flex and command any muscle on my taut, ready succulent physique to ripple and flex and swell at will. I’m a musclegirl and I’m ready for the stage...

Yes, I thought you'd like it to. Read the rest of Cindy Andrews' amazing pump room fantasy (or is it a fantasy?) on The Adventures of Ryan Takahashi.

I certainly have not been the same since I did...


Monday, 14 April 2014

Favourites Fortnight

Denise Masino: 2003 Olympia

A year later she performed her routine wearing the craziest headgear ever seen on the Olympia stage - a little something from her dungeon perhaps? - and finished 2nd in the lightweight class, but the raw sexuality of her 2003 routine, set to a cool house track, gets my vote as the hottest 2½ minutes of Denise Masino's contest career.

It's not always easy to find images from contests before, say, about 2009, and I only have the four images from the routine that you can see here. But, I think you will agree, each one is a solid gold winner, though I personally have a particular soft (or should that be hard?) spot for the one below. For reasons I imagine are obvious!

Enjoy the 'always aroused' Denise's entire routine here.

More faves tomorrow...

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Favourites Fortnight

Favourite Angie Salvagno Quotes

Once in a while, that incorrigible potty-mouth Angela Salvagno does, in the course of one of her very naughty video clips, say something that I actually want to hear.

I've picked a top 5. Enjoy!

My muscles are bigger than most guys'. And I love it. I love showing off my muscles, and I love watching people's reaction. They always ask to touch my muscles. They wanna feel how hard they are. And I let 'em. I let 'em touch these arms. And once they touch, once they feel how hard they are, they wanna keep on touching 'em.

I have to tell you I absolutely love, LOVE my muscles. Every time I look at myself I get so turned on by them. They are SO sexy. Big... hard... and they feel SO good.

Me in a wedding dress with my muscles, walking down the aisle. As I move, you hear the threads of the dress ripping, and the more I move the bigger my muscles get. They just expand through that white dress. Walking in high shoes down the aisle. These thighs stretching my tight white nylons till they practically come right off. What do you think your family would do as my muscles grow bigger and bigger?

You want it. You wanna touch it, you wanna feel it. You wanna worship me, don't you? You wanna get on your knees and worship every inch of my powerful muscular body. You wanna feel this strong, powerful body all day long, don't you?

I love being a muscle freak. Fuck I LOVE being a muscle freak!!!

Gif by ShirtRippers2.0

More of my favourite things tomorrow...

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Favourites Fortnight

From time to time, real life commitments make it impossible for me to give the blog the attention I would like to, and that's going to be the case for the next couple of weeks. But I don't want to leave you FMS-less while you're munching your Easter chocolate, so I've lined up a fortnight of posts of some of my favourite things. Enjoy!

6ft1swell's First Favourites Folder

Well, actually this wasn't the "first" exactly, but it's the oldest one I can find on a functioning hard drive. From the contents, I imagine that I made this collection around 2006 or 2007, and it represents, for me anyway, a sort of interesting snapshot of what and more importantly who I was most into at the time. You can probably guess which female muscle sites I was or had recently been a member of from the 32 images it contains. And I gave the folder a name, as I did all my favourites folders at the time.


More favourite things tomorrow...