A Shared History of Female Muscle Fandom

We come from different countries, different walks of life, different levels of society. Some of us are younger, some older. We are not the same, but we do have one thing in common: we all love female muscle.

That much is obvious, but what has that meant to our lives exactly?

We all share a preference for women who most people would reject as ‘unattractive’ at best, ‘disgusting’ at worst. Our taste is outside the mainstream, and so, like others who live on the fringes of society (whether by choice or circumstance, whether fully or partially) our lives have been affected by this fact.

So what exactly does a life of female muscle fandom mean? What exactly are the experiences that we have in common?

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Sarah Dunlap

I always liked Sarah when she was a big girl.


She once had a website called "Sarah in Motion". It was a pay website, and I was totaly excited about it. She and her webmaster (I don't remember his name but he is prominent) produced clips of the true lifestyle of a hardcore bodybuilder.

imagebam.com imagebam.com

There you could see rivers of sweat running down her body while spinning; see her cooking; mixing protein shakes; all that stuff nobody else produces.


That's my most exciting memory of Sarah.
from Marcus Aurel (originally as a comment on Sarah and Me, posted 30.3.13)

The Newsagent's

I used to go to the newsagent’s after school, remember them newsagent’s? Where you used to spy a magazine and then quickly pick it up and take it to the less chatty cashier. Sometimes just that magazine or sometimes with another of a less muscular variety.
These Zuzana pics: I cannot recall which mag they were in, maybe it was WPW but I think it was probably Flex/Musclemag as WPW was hard to come by.
I would race home on my bike and could not wait to pour over the images and Zuzana, although not the first I saw, is etched into my brain as one of my all time faves. Thing is when you peak so early in life most females pale in comparison!
from Aiden

Who Was Your First?

One evening in my early teens I saw Carolyn Cheshire on British TV. She was on a show called Bodymatters. Each week the show focused on one aspect of the human body. That week it was the muscles.
To help one of the presenters demonstrate how muscles expand and contract with the movements of the body, Carolyn was brought out. Tanned, defined and wearing only a posing costume, Carolyn came down some stairs through the audience, and started to pose as the presenter pointed out the muscles on her body.

It is impossible to fully describe the effect her body had on me. It was, most definitely, a sexual reaction. I was amazingly turned on, more than I had ever been. But though that reaction was partly due to the sheer beauty of her body, a physical attraction, there was so much more than that. I reacted to the sheer confidence, pride even, that Carolyn had in her body, and her obvious delight at showing it off in public. There was no self-consciousness or shyness. That turned me on even more.
It seems to me, many years later, that that moment defined my sexuality forever. I have been a slave to female muscle ever since.


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