Thursday, 31 January 2013

Pecs of the Day

And on the seventh day, God created Annie Riveccio's pecs...

How could I do a week of pecs without the legend that is Annie, and the dense slabs of muscle that she has sculpted her pecs into? Incredibly, she must be getting on for 25 years in the sport now, and to me anyway, she just keeps getting sexier and sexier.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pecs of the Day

Amanda Folstad

She's not what I would call my favourite bodybuilder, but Amanda does remind me of a woman I 'knew' (more than) a few years ago. I'm not saying this woman was anywhere near as muscular as Amanda, but she was not a million miles away facially, and she did have a little pec cleavage, as she had been a champion gymnast as a teenager, and had carried on working out after giving up the sport. Good memories. GREAT memories.

Enough of my misty-eyed reminiscing. What's not to like about Amanda herself? An on stage most muscular pose is always to be commended, especially when traps like those pop up in the process. And what's more, we can always rely on Amanda's girl-next-door style beauty to help us in the 'Muscle Women Look Like Men' debate.

Not my favourite, but I still love her!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Pecs of the Day

Sometimes I find my fetish for female muscle so very different from the norm that it's almost funny. No, in fact, it actually is funny. I mean, take a good long look at the lovely Jannika Larsson's chest, complete with it's sexy six-pack, and then try imagining explaining why you find it sexy to a friend who doesn't get our 'thing'.

Imagine waxing lyrical about how it's actually the lack of breast tissue that you find appealing and about how the depth of the separation that forms a kind of pectoral six-pack is something that really turns you on. Now imagine their face, the look of total and complete incomprehension. Tell me it wouldn't be comic.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Pecs of the Day

Nathalie Falk

In an interview at, this German muscle princess rates 'discipline' as her best feature. And it shows. You don't get a pair of pecs like Nathalie's overnight, but rather from years of hard pumping and nutritional discipline.

Why don't FBBs get the credit they deserve for this kind of achievement? The physical and mental effort necessary is so great, that only the most determined, single-minded women achieve the kind of ripped body that Nathalie displays here, the kind of body I find most erotic. The ability to set goals and reach them is something that most people find attractive, whether male or female, straight or gay. It is universally seen as a desirable quality in employment too. Why others don’t connect this quality to the achievements of female bodybuilders is something of a mystery to me.

Read the whole interview with Nathalie here

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Pecs of the Day

This theme has been requested again and again and again by readers, so I'm finally caving in and giving you what you want. And what you want are pecs. Big, thick, pumped, striated pecs. No artificial flavourings or colourings. No additives or preservatives. No scalpel-wielding surgeon has been anywhere near these ladies with his bags of 'special gel'. This week it's the pecs, the whole pecs and nothing but the pecs.

Guess who...

Friday, 25 January 2013

Hot Hot Heat of the Day

Hottest for Last: Lisa Cross

On her blog, Lisa recently confided that while doing a Muscle Angels shoot in nothing but an itsy bitsy bikini, the Las Vegas heat became a bit too much for her and it did not stay on long. And why should it have? A wonder of the female muscle world, Lisa's body was made to be displayed, and how she loves to display it.

In this little photo set I imagine we are supposed to believe that Lisa just couldn't bear to keep her mighty pumped up muscles covered up, particularly in a room with so many mirrors. This time it wasn't the Las Vegas heat, but the heat from Lisa's own being that forced her to take off what little she was wearing in the first place.

And if that's what Lisa wants me to imagine, I am only too happy to oblige.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Gym Bodz Special: New Year, New Members

The gym I attend is a small but serious one in a little town in a remote corner of rural England. It’s fair to say that if the EU hadn’t been enlarged at the beginning of the millennium, the gym would probably not exist, because apart from myself, it is populated almost exclusively by very large Eastern European guys called Marek, Jacek and Andrzej. These guys take their lifting seriously. There is lots of grunting and lots of dumbbells crashing to the floor at the end of sets.

But this being a New Year, new members have appeared at the gym. A few of them are, refreshingly, women. Some of them have even ventured off the machines and into the weights room, which with all the testosterone flying about in there is pretty brave, God knows I felt intimidated when I first joined!

Now, I’m a married man. But the appearance of these new lady members made me realise what a great time of year this is to be a female muscle fan in a gym.

Up to 70% of people who make a New Year's resolution decide that this will be the year when they exercise more regularly and eat more healthily. Although many of these people are, unfortunately, men, this does mean that more women will be going to the gym this month than at any other time of the year.

To many gym 'regulars' (rats, bunnies, whatever), this is hell on Earth. You might recognise the type (usually, in my experience, but not exclusively, men) who have been going to the same gym long enough to delude themselves into thinking they actually own it, and, by extension, every piece of equipment in it. They spend January in a constant state of agitation as they actually have to wait to use things, then they huff and puff home and rant on bodybuilding forums about these people who have invaded their gym.

In contrast, to the gym-going female muscle fan (the single one anyway, I wouldn't advocate any of this to those of you in relationships), January presents a unique opportunity: the gym has more women in it than ever, and they are not (yet) buff enough to cause you the kind of adrenaline rush that will tie your tongue, and leave you capable of nothing more than sneaking furtive glances at them across the gym and in the mirrors.

Grasp your chance. 60% of gym memberships go unused and attendance is usually back to normal by mid-February, says Time magazine, and according to recent surveys, nearly 75% of the people who made resolutions gave them up on or before January 10th.

So any resolutioners still at the gym at the end of January are doing better than the vast majority, and any newbies still working up a sweat by the end of February are probably the real deal.

I'm not saying you should be hitting on every new female member at the gym, it's not (and here I am probably for once in agreement with the 'regulars') a place to socialise. I'm merely suggesting you be civil (even if it is out of self-interest), and anyway, don't you want to be thought of as a nice guy (as well as having a great body)?

Any ice-breaking done now might pay massive dividends later. Be friendly to the cute but flabby woman. Who knows? By this time next year she may have lost that excess weight and gained some muscle. You never know, she might end up looking like one of the ladies in the pics I've posted here (call them 'visualisation aids'). And among all those angry regulars who stood and huffed and puffed while they waited for her to finish on the machine, it was you who gave her a smile, showed some consideration, made her feel less intimidated, and in a small way helped her towards realising her goal, consequently adding to the sum total of female muscle in the world.

And best of all, the fact that you've been passing the time of day with her while her body changes insures against blathering-idiot syndrome rearing its head when she has got all nice and buff and has exchanged her baggy gym gear for a little top and a pair of tight almost-not-there shorts. It's win-win!

Unlikely? Maybe. But bear in mind that once upon a time (not so long ago - 2006 to be exact), a woman named Tarna Alderman made a New Year's resolution...

Hot Hot Heat of the Day

Heat to Watch: Amelia Wall

Somehow the glasses just make this stunningly beautiful young woman even more attractive. I confidently predict you will be seeing more and more of Amelia this year and beyond. Let's face it, she's not even trying and she's white hot.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hot Hot Heat of the Day

MIA Heat: Dr Dena Westerfield

What has happened to the self-styled 'Dr Sexy'? She was everywhere not that long ago, but disappeared from view last year. Is she just about to come back and knock our collective socks off with a new bigger look (still with that insane rippedness)?
Perhaps she has just been giving herself a well-earned break.

And in the meantime, we're not exactly short of Dena material to be going on with.
Tiny though the outfit undoubtedly is, Dena is always willing, keen even, to show us just that little bit extra. And it's that attitude, revealing yet holding back, that, in my opinion, makes her hotter than a nuclear reactor in mid-meltdown.

More heat tomorrow.