Sunday, 31 August 2014

August Picture Post: Sexy Selfies

The final installment of our August Picture Post...

Mercedes Ciprut
Fitness Freak, ciprut on Instagram

From Vancouver, Mercedes describes herself as an "Energizer Bunny", so you can use your own imagination on that one. Her exotic looks and sexy muscles are currently causing a bit of a stir among the female muscle lovin' brethren on Tumblr.

Massiel "Massy" Indhira Arias
Celebrity Trainer, mankofit on Instagram

More exotic looks and sexy muscles from "Mankofit", a Dominican-born NYC-based personal trainer who is on a mission. One day I hope to be the influence of a new generation of trainers that teaches people a lifestyle instead of a quick fix to a summer bikini body, she says. And it's hardly surprising given that she originally started working out as a way of battling depression that she's such an advocate, describing exercise as the highlight of my life. Check out her website for more.

Josee Gallant
Physique Athlete turned Crossfitter, josee_gallant on Instagram

A bit of a serial selfie taker is Josee. I don't need much to be happy, she says. A good workout, a good pump, a mirror, good lighting, and voilĂ ! Frankly, FMS thinks it is actually a bit of a shame that she's been devoting herself to Crossfit since June-ish given that she has such potential as a physique competitor (see below), but at least she's still flexing for her cameraphone on a pleasingly regular basis. She seems to have a different look every day, but she's always muscular and gorgeous.

Robin Dee
Heavyweight Bodybuilder, robintripledee on Instagram

Every ounce of her [200+lbs pure muscle body] is sexy, writes one forum poster. Her shoulders are wider than a barn door, and I am not sure I have seen an FBB that is sexier than Robin in tight clothes. She is the queen of selfies, and that is no small compliment! She has a gorgeous body, and she shows it like she knows it.

Michelle Lewin
IFBB Pro Bikini, michelle_lewin on Instagram

I love to sweat like a maniac, says Michelle, as reported by UK "newspaper" the Daily Star just over a week ago. Seems the woman they call "La Cuerpa" is something of a rising star not only among the brethren, but also with the wider public as a result of the kind of mainstream media interest that only a bikini model can generate these days. But fear not, bikini girls can be just as freaky as the big girls, even if it is in a slightly different way. There’s nothing more motivating than when you find a new vein, she says. Nice! Oh, and you'll be upset to know the Instagram account that we've linked here contains ONLY her lingerie and bikini photos. Sorry.

Juliana Malacarne
IFBB Pro Physique, julesfit10 on Instagram

The woman FMS readers voted the 4th hottest hard woman in the world (and the #1 Brazilian) is, like a fine wine, getting better (ie. hotter and harder) as she ages. This post-workout delight is by no means the sexiest recent selfie we could find of La Malacarne, but we thought if we DID post the sexiest one, you wouldn't make it to the end of today's post and consequently held it back.That's how much we care.

Georgina McConnell
UKBFF Physique Competitor, geeeorgina_1993 on Instagram

Photo dated 21st August. Oh my!


Josee Gallant oozes muscular sex appeal all over the place during her routine at the 2013 New Brunswick Provincial Bodybuilding Championships before she started her venture into the world of Crossfit training. Don't you agree that while there's nothing wrong at all with Crossfit, Josee should probably give physique another go?


Saturday, 30 August 2014

August Picture Post: Happy Birthday Mavi!


Born: 30.08.77, Mesgane, Italy

FMS Hot and Hard 100 #3

37 today!!!

mavigioia on Instagram

Mavi, buon compleanno da tutti i tuoi fans FMS!

Tanti auguri!!!

Friday, 29 August 2014

August Picture Post: Rivers of Blood

Even if you happen to be the kind of guy (or girl) who is open about their attraction to muscular females, you probably leave this particular aspect of it unsaid (I imagine). Not an easy thing for the non female muscle head to, er, get their head round this one, if possible at all. In fact, do we even truly understand our own endless fascination for the mighty rivers of blood that traverse the muscles of our goddesses?

Perhaps they are just another example of the "otherness" of the female bodybuilder. Sure, there are some naturally vascular women out there (just as some FBBs are naturally more vascular than others), but being covered from traps to calves in pulsating cord-like veins only seems to occur in our beloved muscle babes.

Perhaps they serve as our guidelines for worship. Are them veins showing us exactly where to lick/kiss/touch for her pleasure? Unfortunately, I have never had the chance to put this theory to the test so I'll have to take someone else's word for it, but I have been told that if you tap the inner base of a flexed female bicep it activates a neural pathway that runs all the way to the vaginal wall, so that does make me think there might be something to it. Anyway, if true, it's yet another good point to make when explaining your sthenolagnia to friends, family or therapist ("You don't even have to find their erogenous zones! They're all marked!!!"). Nice idea, isn't it?

And that would mean that for some, if not most, if not ALL, female bodybuilders, well, that erogenous zone pretty much covers their whole body. Yep.

Returning to something akin to reality [surely not! - ed.], perhaps we should just file these under "Freaky and I Love It!" and not worry ourselves too much with the whys and wherefors. Let's just sit back, relax and get our vascular freak on.

And there are few freakier and (therefore) few sexier sights in the female muscle lovin' world than pulsating rivers of blood adorning magnificently muscled legs. Now I'm not normally a "quad" type of guy, but I have to confess that if you delve into the freakier corners of the FMS collection, you'll find plenty of this sort of thing.

These women embrace their "otherness", and it's not just about the veins that adorn their muscles, it's the muscles themselves. They celebrate their freakiness, delight in being different. They revel in their rivers of blood and make no apologies for doing so. Maybe the confidence that takes is the key to the attraction of it after all. Or maybe it's just that I'm wired to find, say, the vascular mosaic of Margie Martin's quads (below) every bit as unique and beautiful as a work of art - and a lot more erotic!

And finally today, a little nostalgia: the "classic" vascularity of Robin Parker.

Giffed for your pleasure by Erotic Muscle Beasts on Tumblr


Thursday, 28 August 2014

August Picture Post: 241


Strong is the new Swedish Playmate of the Month. Or something.


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

August Picture Post: Gym Bodz


It means I can lose fat without having to eat next to nothing and do loads of cardio!!!

My new hobby! Lifting is so much fun and such 
a big achievement when you go up in weights.

I am a woman in the free weights area. I get some looks...
most are guys who watch me get heavier weights then they are using.

Women that use free weights always exude a look of confidence.

I can squat more than my 220lb boyfriend...
and he brags about that to people.

I love the look of my muscles after a really good session in the gym.
Makes me feel powerful.

The only thing sexier than a girl walking into the weight room 
is a girl walking out all pumped up!

Real quotes from My Fitness Pal