Friday, 30 June 2017

The Mighty Quinn: Lift Like A Girl

Follow Lauren's progress as she preps for her first Women's Physique appearance in almost a year and a half! reads the blurb of today's slice of The Mighty Quinn.

The clip, taken from Lauren's man's YouTube channel, doesn't so much follow her prep as give us eleven and a half minutes of gym time with Lauren as she preens, poses, and works her upper body looking big, ripped and (dare I say it, with said man being about as big as my house and my neighbour's house put together) incredibly muscle sexy.

And tomorrow, we'll see how The Mighty Quinn fared when the prep was over.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

The Mighty Quinn: 2015

Although known to the forums before, Lauren really announced herself to the female muscle lovin' world (and, I guess, the NPC Women's Physique Division) in 2015, with three shows: the first in Milwaukee, the second the Jr. Nationals in Chicago, and the third (a show she had not originally planned to do), the Nationals in Miami.


NPC Milwaukee Muscle Madness

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Against just two other women, there was only ever going to be one winner. Lauren said afterwards that she "felt good" on stage, but was sure she would do better in a few weeks' time at the Jr. Nationals. They're my crown jewel, she revealed to Body Morph Pros in a fresh-off-stage interview, my white whale... that I'm chasing.


NPC Jr. Nationals
3rd, Class C

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At a show where Brooke Walker was the Overall champ, and Victoria Flores also gained a class win and pro card, only the most conditioned were destined to succeed. Hardly beaten by famous names (Ky Lima won Lauren's "C" class, Ashley Weimer was runner-up), Lauren had to resign herself to chasing that whale for a little longer. But there were shoots - the HerBiceps shoot from this show provided the footage we so enjoyed on Monday, for example - and as a result, the forum peeps were talking.

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Absolutely stunning girl next door with a muscular body, reads one comment from the time. She was also called "a muscular super model", while one very knowledgeable head noted her 2015 body was "the culmination of 10 years hard work". The collective we wanted more. And that November we got it in spades, as Lauren went "next level".


NPC Nationals
3rd, Class C

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It is more uplifting when a woman complements me because I feel like it's more genuine, I feel like there's not like a, you know, sexual undertone to it...

Well, Lauren, if you are reading, 1) I am truly honoured, and 2) you should probably, given what you say about complements that don't come from women, stop here.

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FMS waxed plenty lyrical at the time - "nobody came close to Lauren's muscular sex appeal in Class C (few women in the entire show did)" etc., not much "undertone" there! - so we'll leave it to some of the other forum bods' descriptions of her charms today...

Such dramatic improvement to her development that it is almost a delightful shock to see her perfect skin being stretched so much more by beautifully developed she muscle. So rare to see unspoilt beauty... exercising her awesome full power.

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I am in awe. She looks incredible.

She's HUGE! I love her.

ABSOLUTELY IMMACULATE... one gorgeous woman!

At the time Lauren was satisfied, but not about to settle: My best look to date, but I am very confident that I will be better! And six months later, in full Crossfit mode, she looked back to "when I was jacked, shredded, and feeling way better than I do now!" and promised "I'll be back next year to WIN it all!" But she wasn't. 2016 saw Lauren focus on Powerlifting and the aforementioned Crossfit, staying well away from the stage for a while. However, her assertion that her best was yet to come proved true...

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More Mighty Quinn tomorrow.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Mighty Quinn: LOL

A selection of Lauren's most amusing IG posts.

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Kiss me, I'm Irish! #bikiniathlete #thatsanoxymoron #fitnessphony #FUCKYOULITTLESTUPIDBITCHES #youknowwhoyouare #titsandass #fakefollowers

Not so much a St. Patrick's Day candid as one of Lauren's (many) rants against the Bikini Division, it's the sort of thing you might want to delete the morning after.

And while we're drinking...

Free Image Hosting
This is what tasting #moonshine for the first time looks like! Yuck!

Left, below: Look Mom! I'm at the Arnold Sports Festival!

Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting

And right: RAWRRRRR!!! WTF?! This is just me goofing around while experimenting with my hair. I often say that because of my lack of hair styling skills, largely due to equal parts apathy and my sporty lifestyle, I shouldn't be allowed to even have hair!

Lauren reckons this pic "is very true to my character".

So, equal parts scary and endearing?!

And up next, they are so subtle you may not even have noticed, but Lauren v.2017 is a slightly enhanced Lauren. This was how she announced the news to the IG world.

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I have not posted any updates here, keeping most of them slightly more private in the comfort of Facebook. But it's been over 2 weeks now, and I wanted to share my love for Def Leppard. And then the hashtags... #NoGenetics #MyPecsGrew #MyEyesAreUpHere #GirlsWhoDoCardio #FinanceThis #WorthEveryPenny
(and once again!) #fitnessmodel #bikiniathlete #justkidding

And finally...

Free Image Hosting
Fuck. Yes. Bathroom selfie success!
Probably because no one was around to make me feel embarrassed.

I doubt very much that she embarrasses easily.


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The Mighty Quinn: This Sporting Life

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I started athletics at a young age, reveals Lauren in a recent interview. I was 9 years old, and I played baseball, softball, which led to school leagues and other sports, but I got into weight training when I was 14. I was a freshman in high school, I was a skinny girl, and I thought if I got bigger and stronger I'd be a better athlete.

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By the time she reached the University of Illinois-Chicago, she had become a good enough track and field athlete to win the title of Newcomer of the Year in 2003, and on top of that she captained the rugby team there, which led to her playing professionally for a while (the US has pro women's rugby?! - who knew?) for the Chicago Sirens.

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Sadly I don't have any pictures of Lauren powering through tackles, but during her uni time she not only played the game, she also co-authored a study into the "Effects of Strength Training and Conditioning on Female Rugby Players". I kid you not.

Free Image Hosting

Then, around late 2010, Lauren moved from one oval ball game to another, and joined the Lingerie Football League. The league’s notorious pin-up girl dress code makes it prime fodder for derision from feminist pundits, noted Kriv Studios blog, but one must appreciate that many women of the Lingerie Football League not only are beautiful and sexy but fit and athletic. And they play hard. Today, Lauren Quinn begins her quest to become the next Great of the Bikini Gridiron as the hard-hitting hardbody from the Windy City takes the field as a new linebacker for the Chicago Bliss.

Free Image Hosting

After one season in the LFL though, Lauren's "Bikini Gridiron" career came to an abrupt halt when a knee injury left her needing surgery and five months of physical therapy.

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I had yet to discover Crossfit, or compete in the new Women's Physique Division, she says of that time, though she had already done at least one bodybuilding show, in 2005. That was a time when there were only 3 divisions for women, she says, but only one for her. Even though I wasn't "big enough", I pursued Bodybuilding because it was more ME than Figure. I was young, tiny, (120lbs) and had absolutely no clue what or how to prep for a show. But I'm proud to say it was 100% all me!

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She returned to the stage in 2014, I believe, with not only the Physique Division, but also Crossfit duly discovered. Immediately she won the 2014 Badger State (ie. Wisconsin) Physique title, and the following year she was qualifying for national level contests. Obviously we'll be focusing on her Physique achievements we progress through the week, but for now, let's see how she looked at that 2014 show, shall we?

Fast forward to 4.10 if you want to see why she won.

Her Crossfit athlete page reveals Lauren has a "benchmark" Back Squat of 270lbs, a Clean & Jerk of 170, and a 370lb Deadlift. Not bad, I'm sure you'll agree, but overall, she only managed a ranking of 73rd in 2015, and 65th in 2016. That's in Illinois. Her global rank last year was 3,250th, so some way to go before she makes The Games.

Free Image Hosting

Still, she wasn't exactly 100% committed to Crossfit at this time, what with her Physique shows and in 2015 there was Powerlifting as well. I am a Next Generation Powerlifting Federation state record holder! she told her IG followers in August 2015, proudly displaying her medals and certificates. What an exciting opportunity it was to compete and PR in the deadlift and bench press! Oh, and I was in between weight classes, she adds. Too fat for 148, but certainly not as fat as 165! Hahaha!

Free Image Hosting

I am a good athlete and I'm very proud of that, says Lauren. Even as a skinny girl I was still somewhat athletic. I could do push-ups, pull-ups, climb the rope, I was a fast runner, so the potential was there I just had to work at developing it...

Free Image Hosting

I am meant to do this.

The Mighty Quinn continues tomorrow.

Monday, 26 June 2017

The Mighty Quinn

Not just today, but the whole of this week on FMS, our posts are dedicated to a single (and singular) woman: the self-titled "Original Fit Girl", Overall Physique winner at the recent NPC Jr Nationals, and new IFBB Physique pro, the lovely Lauren Quinn.

And at the risk of going too hard too early in the week, we've decided to open proceedings by taking up three minutes and eight seconds of your precious time.

Now I probably shouldn't be posting this, it being clearly marked as the property of HerBiceps and all (and it's not even my edit), but I really wanted to make sure all of you lovely readers were just as enamoured as I am before we got on with the business of paying tribute to this remarkable young woman. I wonder if my plan has worked...


Sunday, 25 June 2017

Abs Week: A Fantasy

You catch sight of yourself side on in the mirror, the same angle she would have had looking into it. There's no way she could have missed it, she must have seen.

Blushing, you hastily retreat to the locker room, thumping the wall with your fist in frustration, partly with yourself for your lack of self-control, partly because you know you'd better avoid being here when she's here for a while. Your mind races, searching for reasons why that doesn't need to happen while at the same time inventing a scenario where the next time you come and ogle her she's brought her meathead boyfriend along to kick the living bejaysus out of you. You shudder.

"That's quite a bulge you've got going on there."

Your heart stops. It's her voice, deeper than your average female.

Nine weeks ago you'd first seen her. You were later than usual, late leaving work, but you decided not to wimp out, to end the day on a high. And what a high that first sighting had been! Nine weeks ago minus one day you had changed your workout schedule and were coming in for your first (of many) late night sessions of - you had decided to call it - extreme female muscle perving with a little lifting thrown in.

You told yourself you were keeping well clear of her so as not to get in her way, but deep down you knew it was simply to get the best possible view of her going through her frighteningly intense workouts. You'd seen plenty of women doing hanging leg raises on your screen, but never with your own eyes before. Never seen a jumping squat. Never seen anyone go hand over hand up the side of a weights machine with their legs held out horizontally. This was superhero stuff. You were in awe.

One night you overheard two guys in the locker room. She was going to compete, six to seven weeks, one reckoned. And you'd thought the little she'd exposed until then had been ripped! "Don't go in there, mate," one of the guys had called out as you headed into the gym. "It's horrible!" And you could hear his pal had burst out laughing.

You didn't look back.

The weeks progressed. She did, as you had hoped, wear less and less and show off more and more of her gloriously chiselled, vascular physique. And - even more than you'd hoped for - she was spending more and more time posing in the mirror. You went through your exercises in a constant state of arousal, moving to another machine, another bench, if and only if you were sure you were outside her field of vision.

But slowly, you got foolish.

It started when you pointed it at her. The thought she might turn round and see you, see it. What a rush! You did it again, and again, and then you were doing it multiple times in an evening, and then you just got even more brazen. Even more stupid.

She's doing pulldowns, her back to you in all its pumped and defined glory. It's already pointing at her, and as if on some kind of auto-pilot, you're slowly pulling the front of your shorts down. Half exposed, you can feel the air from the AC unit above you on it. See her muscles working. It's throbbing, pulsing towards her, begging you to give it relief, then suddenly she's finished her set and you turn, and put it away again.

When you think about these moments in the cold light of day you feel shame. But back in the heat of the gym, however, hearing her grunt, watching her push that final rep out, all you can think of is manoeuvering yourself into a similar position again and feeling that air around it as you watch her. The thrill is addictive. You need it.

And you knew deep down this moment would come.

"Turn around. I want to see it."

Slowly, nervously, you comply.

She laughs. She hasn't so much scared you stiff as scared you limp.

"Oh dear," she says in a mocking, baby-ish voice. "Where's he gone?"

Your face burns with embarrassment.

"How can we get him back, do you think?" You could be wrong but it occurs to you her tone is rather playful. Your heart starts up again with a mighty thud.

"Does this help?" She's lifting her top, revealing a perfect six. You hear yourself gasp, and she breaks into a smile. I wasn't wrong, you realise, she really is playing with me. She flexes, hard ridges of muscle obey, explode, so beautiful, so much thicker and so much more defined than you had ever imagined. You're rushing once more.

"Here!" she commands, pointing at the floor in front of her.

You step towards her, breathing hard, mesmerised by her rippling abdomen, and drop to your knees. It's pointing at her again, and she seems pleased about it too.

"Well, well, well..."

Her hands reach down and take yours. Strong hands, though it's not that you're resisting or anything. You feel the heat from her body, your heart pounds in your ears, and she pulls your hands up towards those beautiful ridges of muscle...

Free Image Hosting

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Abs Week: Flaunt

Nothing hotter than a sexy set of abs being flaunted for your viewing pleasure, but let's face it, when the lady's doing it in private - even when it's a sexy lady like (yes, you guessed it) Brazilian Raissa Rafaelli (just 21, you know) - it's not half as exciting as a public display. Sadly though, public displays are, outside of the contest arena, few and far between - or at least that's what my (hardly comprehensive) research indicates.

I have turned up a couple of corkers though.

One at the pool...

Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting

Where (yes, another) Brazilian Fernanda Schiell likes to spend much of her free time, it seems, leaving any other women brave enough to park their sun loungers in her lean and muscular vicinity feeling somewhat less confident about their bodies than they had done when they arrived. The men, meanwhile, must have to spend an inordinate amount of time in the pool, waiting for the refreshing water to work its magic and allow them to expose their trunks again. And Fernanda just sits back, flexing her core from time to time, perhaps standing up and rubbing a bit more suncream into her sexy abs - flaunting in full view of anyone who's watching.

And one at the club...

Free Image Hosting

You know you are enlightened when almost every other guy in the room is looking at those orbs and you are looking at those abs. They would class you a weirdo, but isn't it true that there are plenty of women with orbs, and plenty less with abs? Call me weird if you like, you say in your imaginary conversations with people who want to understand your attraction and, as the conversations are yours to control, nearly always end up with them being entirely convinced by your eloquent arguments. Maybe, you think, a woman like Reshma Razac, who's made a special effort to put her abs on show tonight, would appreciate some appreciation of her WBFF Pro Fitness Diva midsection. Sadly though, you can't get anywhere near her...

Free Image Hosting

Pesky female admirers!

The exception that public trumps private, however, proves the rule.

We leave you with serial abshibitionist and FMS fave Eleonora Dobrinina, her abs, her breathing. Deeper as we slow the clip down. Deeper still as we slow it some more...

And when you think about it actually, 469,000 and counting Instagram followers hardly equates to private flexing, does it? And I'm sure Ella knows that all too well.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Abs Week: Just Abs (That Angle)

Free Image Hosting
Shannon Frederick

What should we call it, this angle? The camera (and so the viewer) adopting the same point of view as the proud owners of these quite frankly mind-melting midsections.

Free Image Hosting
Jessica Hoffman

We're so close in some of them we can actually see her tiny hairs, although to be perfectly honest, and as exciting as that might sound, they are pretty much the last things on my (totally utterly and completely blown) mind right now.

Free Image Hosting

This is high level female muscle fetishism. There's nothing "natural" or (as we saw yesterday) especially "functional" about having such abdominal definition, yet for an old abs man like myself, there's not much that can match their glorious beauty.

Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting
Free Image Hosting Free Image Hosting
Clockwise from top left: Ella, Lauren Quinn, Destinee Bruch, and Jessica Lynn

That is VERY VERY lean, says one forum member of BJ Brunton's tanned and vascular hardness (below). Amazing look but a bit scary too. Now, many many words (and actions) come to mind as I look at BJ's POV contribution to today's post, but "scary" is most definitely not one of them. That boy needs to go back to female muscle lovin' college and take a refresher course or something. Scary?! Is he serious?

Free Image Hosting
BJ Brunton

What is he scared about? Her health? You know, I'm pretty sure that BJ and all the other ladies here today can take care of themselves. But isn't that the whole point anyway - the extreme-ness of it? The desire, not only to have a bit of definition (with all the dedication, discipline and single-mindedness that entails) but go even further. To be ALL definition. Muscle, skin (and veins, and, yes, OK, the tiny hairs) and nothing else. Is it healthy? Probably not in a long-term, sustainable sense, no, I suppose it isn't. But that desire, that drive, and the result of it all, is sexy. Not scary. Sexy.

Free Image Hosting
Piia Pajunen

And she knows it's sexy (which is also sexy), and that's exactly why you are getting this point of view. She wants the world (well, her world anyway) to see how shredded she is, how sexy her midriff looks. And to tell her, even though she knows. She wants affirmation, not concern, and yes, OK, "I want to give that outie a bite" is perhaps not precisely the comment Piia Pajunen was dreaming of when she snapped her abdominal masterpiece above, but she's got a whole lot of others to read as well.

Free Image Hosting
Irene Andersen

She wants you to want to touch. And more besides, I imagine.


"Goddess POV"? Thoughts please!