Saturday, 21 July 2012

Size Matters: Reader's Choice

Delighted to still be hearing from readers with their fantasy contest line-ups. To remind you, back in May, Female Muscle Slave chose his own Fantasy Contest  and asked readers to send in their selections, which have been posted here, and here. It's never going to be too late to send them in, so check out the original post and the comments beneath then it's up to you to design your own, all-star fantasy female bodybuilding contest.

Today we have two readers' selections, firstly, Tone, who describes himself as a "fan of sexy female bodybuilders, big tits and phat asses". He's a busy fella, with a couple of blogs of his own: the non-FBB Tones Basement, and the yes-FBB Female Shirt Rippers. He also has a XXX Tumblr, and a VideoBam page. Check them out!

Tone only wanted to add two ladies to the ones already mentioned by FMS and other readers, so as its only two, it seemed appropriate to post a handful of pictures of each.

First on Tone's love list is "the massive" Kim Perez

And secondly, Tone voted for "the new swollen" Victoria Dominguez
aka Mistress Treasure

Amazingly, these are the first votes for both of these women, which perhaps isn't such a surprise for Victoria, newly-swollen as she is. Personally, I'm pleased to see Kim Perez making the list at last though, especially as she almost made mine.

The second of our selections today are from Aiden from the UK.

Like ToneAiden has gone for quality over quantity, and his list is notable for its span of the history of female bodybuilding, and also for his inclusion of our first non-bodybuilder in our collective fantasy.

Aiden's choices are...

Sharon Marvel "circa 1993"

Sue Price (who now has two votes)

Zuzana Korinkova (receiving her 2nd vote as well)

Laura Binetti "97 Miss International condition" (also now with 2)

Debbie Muggli

Female Muscle Slave favourite Geraldine Morgan

British Champ Rene Campbell

And, as promised, our first non-FBB in the line-up: a former British 100m hurdler,
and owner of the the best-defined female legs ever to grace an athletics event,
the one, the only Wendy Jeal

All very appropriate to have an athlete at the contest with the Olympics less than a week away. Why not send in your choices before you get all distracted by weightlifters, pole vaulters and synchronised swimmers?

Thanks to Tone and Aiden!


Monday, 16 July 2012

So, who are we?

UK female muscle brethren, it's time to stand up and be counted.

Slave was recently contacted by an academic who has written as extensively as anyone on the sociological aspects of female bodybuilding. She is currently in the process of putting together a new book, part of which focuses on the so-called 'dark side', both from the perspective of the women, and the fans.

And this is where you come in. If you are a female muscle fan in the UK, and would like to take part in the research, please make yourself known. Either comment below or email

I'll pass on your details and you can take it from there. Everything would be treated in the strictest confidence, and there would be total anonymity.

You'd just be another statistic.

Now, what she is specifically interested in is:

Who are these people - the muscle worshippers? Do they fit the stereotypes?
What kind of things happen in a session? - descriptive
What are the fantasies? /motivations? /reasons behind wanting sessions?
What are the relationships between client /clientele like?

So even if you don't have experience of sessions, and just want to volunteer some information about your female muscle fantasies, or simply some basic information about yourself such as age, job, marital status, whether you train etc, anything will help the author to make the most complete survey of who we are that has ever been undertaken.

Aren't you curious? I know I am. Curious AND desperate for somebody to prove that we aren't all like the specimens we've seen in documentaries like Louis Theroux and Hidden Lives: Muscle Worship.

What have you got to lose?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lesley Ann Armstrong

Not all Brits come second...

Between England's quarter-final exit from the European Championships and the national day of mourning that was Andy Murray's Wimbledon defeat, British female muscle fans were given cause to smile and celebrate (in our own private, insular way) a British World Champion.

While the better-known Oana Hreapca was cleaning up in the Physique class, Northern Ireland's Lesley Ann Armstrong won the overall Trained Figure title, beating off Italian legend Flora Conte in the posedown.

The fact that her victory went completely unnoticed in the mainstream media was no surprise at all. But this isn't going to be one of Slave's rants against a society that has never acknowledged its champion bodybuilders (except Jodie Marsh, of course). Instead, here at Female Muscle Slave, we'd rather focus on the champion herself, not least because we consider this 28-year-old native of Coleraine to be one of the most exciting talents to emerge from these shores in many a year.

Given that only two years ago Lesley Ann was finishing second in the NABBA Northern Ireland, her achievement is all the more remarkable. And the fact that she was up against Conte, a woman with a proven track record of winning NABBA contests, only adds to that.

Despite her relative inexperience at the World level, even just a cursory glance at Lesley Ann on stage that weekend reveals that she was, indeed, in World Champion shape. It seems to this commentator that NABBA judges tend to pick the right winner far far more often than their IFBB or NPC counterparts, so, unlike in so many other female bodybuilding contests, there can be little debate about whether she deserved to win or not.

Slave's feelings on Lesley Ann's showing at the Worlds were later summed up by one extremely perceptive forum poster: My God! What a body! What a BOTTOM! Some people just have a knack of putting your thoughts into words, don't they? And by the way, yet another reason to love NABBA - the thongs. As it was a NABBA contest, we got to enjoy Lesley Ann's majestic, muscular rear in all its glory.

And there's more good news, for those of you in Northern Ireland anyway. Lesley Ann is now running her own 'Body Blast' Classes in various locations across Northern Ireland. Spaces are (unsurprisingly) limited for current venues, so advanced booking is advised. And she also does personal training if you don't want to share her. Details on the Team Musclecharge website.

In fact, Slave was convinced there was absolutely nothing negative to report about this wonderful woman until we watched an interview with her in which she mentions her boyfriend. Don't watch it if it's going to break your heart is our advice.

But aside from this one little detail, Slave wishes Lesley Ann every success in the future and extends the warmest congratulations on her victory. She's done the country proud at a time when we have been a bit down in the sporting world, and we want to make sure that although it might seem that no one noticed, we certainly did.

And to make sure you all leave today with a smile on your face (and perhaps more besides) we leave you with the British entry for the 2012 Rear of the Year. Congratulations again to Lesley Ann, and well done NABBA - right result, right outfits.