Saturday, 24 March 2012

Gym Bodz: The Coregasm

No wonder she is smiling, findings published recent by the University of Indiana’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion (I’m sure British universities don’t have such interesting faculties) have confirmed that women can, and frequently do, have orgasms during exercise.

Dubbed a coregasm because of its association with core muscle exercises, it is more academically described as an Exercise Induced Orgasm (EIO) or its less bench-shaking cousin Exercise Induced Sexual Pleasure (EISP). It only took the researchers five weeks to recruit over 500 women who had experienced one or both of them, which suggests that it is hardly a rare occurrence.

It seems to be especially common during abdominal and leg exercises, but why they happen is a matter of opinion. One theory I have read is that crunches, for example, stimulate the diaphragm, which in turn stimulates the vagus nerve that runs through the pelvis. Another is that movements involving quads or inner thighs lead to a continuous squeezing of the pelvic muscles until… BOOM!

And apparently, all it takes for women who haven’t experienced EIO or EISP, all it takes is a few more reps. One respondent reported that On my third set of 15 reps, if I crank out a few more and go to 20, well, yeah, I can have an orgasm!

Whenever I either do hanging leg raises or knee-ups, I get the best coregasm a girl could dream of. I’m guessing it happens due to activation of the Kegel muscles in conjunction with friction from moving your legs up and down. Either way, I don’t care why it happens, but just am happy it does. What a great motivator to do these exercises!

Seriously, us chaps may well be declared redundant one day soon. This is just another nail in our collective coffin. But in the meantime, it’s also a great argument to get your lady into the gym and cranking out those extra reps. Why not enjoy ourselves while we're still allowed to?

And best of all, it could bring the gym to your bed. One woman held a leg and shoulder lift during sex and reported that it intensified the pulsing, and the same woman (there is one seriously happy guy somewhere in Oklahoma) reported using a vibrator while exercising at home to vamp up the intensity. Wow.

So, the next time you see a lady’s legs shaking after giving her all to a set of squats, she may just have done a few extra. And if you want to keep your woman regular at the gym, get her to focus on her core muscles, and remind her to give those pelvic muscles a good squeeze on every last rep.

Culled from Huffington Post, CBS News, MSNBC, and Men's Health.


Monday, 19 March 2012


You may remember seeing Martin Schoeller’s portraits of top female bodybuilders around four years ago when they were first exhibited. Now they have resurfaced again in the UK media.

Schoeller says, With Female Bodybuilders [the book], I am trying to show the vulnerability that I see and feel in the subjects when I am with them, to get to the complex emotions behind a mask of extreme physical expression. These women mirror our modern cultural hunger for size, aggression, and attention at any cost. We are in the age of Bigness.

Art it may be, but these pictures are not doing female bodybuilding any favours. The women stare blankly back at the viewer, one of Schoeller’s hallmarks, and the fact that they are in contest shape and look drawn and exhausted is accentuated by another of his hallmarks, harsh, unforgiving light.

Hardly a representation of female muscle that is going to win over the sceptics. Don’t blame the photographer, he has his own aims. But, as a Schoeller antidote, Female Muscle Slave would like to present other portraits and self-portraits of muscular women.

And I can be arty too, you know.

Slave says, My aim was to show how female muscle and beauty are not mutually exclusive, even in mainstream terms, and have juxtaposed the beauty of the women with the negative comments from articles on the Schoeller photos to demonstrate the falsehood of preconceptions about women with muscles being unattractive and masculine.

Heather Lee : Tatiana Butler : Gal Ferreira
They all look so ugly, like an old leather couch.

Diana Tinnelle : Rebekah Kresila : Christina Steele
Horrendously disgusting. Abhorrent. Yuk!

Elena Shportun : Andrea Giacomi
Looks like a bunch of men with girly hair and make-up on.

Cinderella Landholt
Ugliest women in the world!

Helene Ahlson : Mary Ann Graves : Christy Resendes
The stuff of nightmares.

Katka Kyptova : Virginia Sanchez Masias
There are better looking gargoyles on Hereford Cathedral.

Heidi Vuorela
Grotesque! Freaks! Gross!

Geraldine Morgan : Dawn Sutherland
They look like Iggy Pop.

The recent article on Schoeller’s work was in the Daily Mail online. You can also check out Schoeller’s work here, and to buy the book of female bodybuilder portraits go here.


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Gymnastic Fantastic

Lack of posting recently due to relocation to the countryside and the consequent job hunting. Things are more settled now, so watch out for more of my wit/insanity and highlights from my collection of muscular women on a regular basis again. As always, feel free to get in touch at Thanks to everyone who’s bothered commenting while I’ve been out of action. I’ll be in touch!

So, I’m back with some bendy, strong, athletic women to stimulate your imagination (and maybe other parts of your body too).
This sexy lady’s boyfriend says The hardest thing about having a girlfriend who will literally bend over backwards for you is choosing which side to approach from. Well, buddy, if you are finding it all too much, I’m sure there won’t be a shortage of guys willing to bear the hardship of being with this flexy babe. Seriously though, Female Muscle Slave advises Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from one end, and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from the other. And on Sundays cook her lunch and give her a massage.
This lady is now banned from her local gym after causing serious injuries when posing for this picture. Every man in the gym just stopped what they were doing and gawped at her. One guy dropped a barbell and broke his fitness instructor’s foot, another brained his training partner by letting go of a cable, and two more guys fell off their running machines and suffered cuts and bruises. She rather likes the effect she has, I think. Look at those eyes and that smile – she knows.
Recently I have been dreaming of a team of kick-ass Asian babe bodyguards to look after me. Auditions were held (in my head!) and these two power hotties made the team. I feel very very safe knowing they are always close by in their tiny tops and tight little hot pants, ready to kick anybody who messes with me into orbit. It’s doing wonders for my self-confidence.
Examples of the kind of strength, balance and flexibility that sets some women apart from your average girl. Having been fortunate enough to spend quality time with an ex-gymnast a few years ago, I can say (from experience, not my head this time) that moves like these are the tip of the iceberg. Even my fertile (and slightly sordid) imagination couldn’t have dreamt up some of the positions that Ms S pulled on me. Great days, great memories.

Alevtyna Titarenko
Every guy on that beach is thinking the same thing…
Great legs, amazing balance and some serious strength. If you’re in doubt as to how much effort this takes, then try it yourself. At your own risk.
A topless handstand gets a fly-by. And why not? Perhaps this was what Captain Schettino was trying to catch a glimpse of when he altered his ship’s course?

Anything you can do…
It’s not just fitness babes who can get into sexy flexy positions. Beautiful bodybuilders Lyris Capelle, Oana Hreapca and Nataliya Romashko demonstrate that big muscles and the splits are not mutually exclusive. Heavenly.
If you’ve been missing yoga classes, this bendy Asian groin-activator should get you back to the mat quick snap. Now, what is this position called? Suggestions please!

And finally…
I’m not going to bother writing anything here. I’ll let your imagination do the rest. You don’t have to be muscular to turn Slave on, but it sure helps if you can get into this position. And keep your heels on while doing so. Phwoar!