Monday, 30 May 2011

Flexing Biceps, Breaking Hearts

Rene Marven can't take her eyes off her own muscles!

The very pretty Abbey Busby

Diane Tinelle

Emmanuela Pintus from Argentina

Juliana Malacarne flexes to please

Beautiful Rebekah Kresila

Isabelle Turell doesn't let the fact that she's in a public place stop her showing off her awesome guns

Sizzling Italian Rosita Triglia on stage

Zoa Linsey

How much would you like to worship Sarah Hayes's biceps?

Yaxeni Oriquen's mega guns

Up close and personal with Joanna Thomas

The beauty and muscle of Kristy Hawkins

Oana says KISS IT!

Klaudia Larson's incredible peaks


New Tube Videos

3 new clips added today: an oldie but a goodie - Christi Wolf's sexy posing routine from 2001; a very sexy unknown (to me) webcam performer who clearly loves flexing her biceps; and the very ripped and very hot Lisa Giesbrecht.

Happy viewing female muscle fans!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Saturday, 28 May 2011

3 x 3 of the best

Monumental Colette

Muscle exhibitionist Dena

Lisa: the best of British


Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Round and the Ripped

I can't decide which I prefer...


Andrulla Blanchette

Sharon Marvel

On stage

You could rest your pint on Heather Armburst's muscle bubble butt

Oh Debi!


Cheeky girl

Anne Freitas and her bombastic Brazilian butt

Klaudia Larson is shredded

The Wolf has me howlin'


The Round or the Ripped? Which do YOU prefer?



Sunday, 22 May 2011


Seems to be 'Beauty and the Beast' weekend chez Female Muscle Slave.
The Beasts I posted yesterday. As a counterpoint, some of the most gorgeous women in female physique sports. The Beauties.

Icelandic beauty Heidrun Sigurdardottir

Lyndsey DeJager's seductive smile

Amazon beauty Shawn Tan

Mavi Giola has serious sex appeal

Fitness beauty Taylor Waldrop

La bella Claudia Ferranini

Ripped fitness beauty Mindi O'Brien

Oana Hreapca has the loveliest eyes

Hot marine Lisa Bickels

Kisses from the beautiful Minna Pajulahti

Gorgeous Oksana Grishina

Big, buff and beautiful Andrea Trent