Saturday, 12 October 2013

Freaky Week

Researching the Ms O countdown posts a couple of weeks ago I came across these images of Anne Freitas, taken a full eight days before the contest.

Then, in the week after Iris Kyle had been crowned (again, sigh), Tina Chandler (12th?!) posted these pictures of herself on her Facebook page, commenting that
It's always cool to see the changes our bodies go through during contest time.
Here are some shots of me 3 days after the show. Lol.

The idea for Freaky Week was born.

It's about extreme muscularity, extreme vascularity, and some of the other bits that only muscle women bring to the party. It's about the kind of close-ups that would repulse most, but leave the likes of me (and I dare say you, dear reader) breathless.

It's also about us, the breathless ones, the ones who reply to Tina's Facebook post telling her how 'awesome','hot' or 'stunningly beautiful' she is in these shots. My non-femuscle head friends could probably understand what I find attractive about, say, Cindy Landolt or Larissa Reis, but definitely not why I can't keep my hands above the table while looking at these images of Anne's or Tina's thighs. They'd never get it.

They'd call me a freak.

From Sandra Tisdale's Twitter. Not 100% serious of course, but wow, what if she was? What if she actually went ahead and did it?

Freaky Week is also about this. Arrogance. The joy of muscle. The desire to shock and the pleasure of having the body - the 'abnormal', 'freaky' body - to do just that.

Get yer freak on!


    Don't hold back, FMS!

    1. Hope it'll be freaky enough!

    2. My 2 Cents worth.
      Well just because they are very muscular, does not mean they cannot be sexy and feminine. Unfortunately some of the women do end up being a little too masculine not like this lovely lady. Somehow she is Freaky Muscular, Sexy, and Feminine

  2. Nice legs, and still fematant. She is so amazingly muscular it makes her look very short