Sunday, 13 October 2013

Brit Freak

She's already won the UKBFF Kent Classic this year, and she's one of the favourites to succeed Rosanna Harte as British champion later this month. Christal Cornick is definitely a British female bodybuilder on the up. And to say she's excited about the upcoming UK championships is the understatement of the century. It's now time to get shredded, solid muscles and veins popping for the UKBFF British Finals, she posted at the end of August, 7 weeks out and counting. September 11th, and now it's 5 and a half weeks until the UKBFF British Finals - I can't wait to hit the stage again. And the countdown has continued. The most recent message she had posted at the time of writing was Just 18 days left until I'm back on the UKBFF British Finals stage. Very excited, can't wait to have fun in front of such a huge audience.

The above image of Christal in near as dammit contest shape was posted to her Facebook with the message: So I couldn't sleep last night, & found myself taking pix in the early hours of the morning! Haha xCx

And while she doesn't always post pics of herself taken during the middle of the night, she does love to keep all her followers up to date with how her body is doing. In some detail. From Facebook again, I can see veins on my quads through my trousers, she let us know on 14th July. On September 3rd: Pumped up glutes - they feel solid!!! Great for some Muscle Dance - glutey popping, pec bouncing, ab rippling, bicep flexing xCx

She seems to delight in her freakiness, and she KNOWS what her fans want. Other Christal Facebook gems include My Shoulder veins - for those who like that hehe xCx (attached to pic below left);  and Anyone else get this sweaty after cardio??:) or is it just me? Hmm lol xCx (unsurprisingly accompanying the sweat-fest image below right).

I can't help feeling that Christal can't help herself. She seems almost compelled to show her pumped-up self off. I absolutely LOVE this kind of thing. When an FBB is this confident, and enjoys displaying her pumped-up body with such obvious delight, well, I just can't help myself either. It is, literally, intoxicating. I get high off her.

Since July, Christal has also been on Twitter, so she's been able to raise Swell's temperature via not one, but two social media. Mercy! Exhibit A...

To which I guess the only possible answer is 'ME! ME! MEEEEEEE!'

And she doesn't even need to post an image to get my motor running, not when she tweets things like this at half past four IN THE AFTERNOON...

The UKBFF Champs are this weekend. I can't wait to see just how freakily lean and vascular Christal gets almost as much as she can't wait to show her body off on stage (and fingers crossed to her Facebook and Twitter followers too!)

Christal Cornick website; Facebook; Twitter; YouTube

We will continue getting our freak on tomorrow. Yeah!

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