Sunday, 20 October 2013

Selfies of the Day: Biceps!

Have camera, will flex.
What she might lack in size, she more than makes up for in attitude. GRRRRR!
Nothing seems to bring a smile to a girl's face like seeing her biceps grow.
Bella Falconi seems to be slightly in awe of and more than a little... let's say 'excited' by the sight of her own guns. Who can blame her? She's not the only one.
Wherever there's a mittor... Between floors there's plenty of time to admire yourself and take a quick snap to remember the moment. In the fitting room, Michaela Schaar tries very hard to make herself look unattractive but fails. Miserably.
The bigger they get, the better the camera she needs...
Mr Jennifer Scarpetta gets a bit of an Elvis lip curl on while admiring her well-rounded muscle. Maybe she's thinking about what's going to transpire when the wife gets back from the wholefoods store and gets a gander at these guns.
Wendy McMaster, big and pumped. If you can pull your eyes away from the biceps, check out her forearm in the photo on the left - veins ahoy!
Yep, still in love with Tarna Alderman. And not only because of shots like this. Recently she tweeted that she was going to go back to bodybuilding proper (as opposed to persisting with physique) partly because at the Olympia Alina Popa had shown 'it can be feminine', but also because 'with the genetics I have, bodybuilding is my only option to compete right now.' Follow her Twitter for more selfies of this gorgeous gorgeous woman. And more good news as well!
Brooke Black is a cam model. She describes herself as 'dark, tough and beautiful'. Swell says, 'So irresistibly hot is she, that those who venture into her domain find that though they have some very nice memories, they no longer have anything on their credit cards or in their bank accounts.' So proceed with caution (like set yourself a very clear budget) when you visit her homepage. You've been warned!
Density, as my high school Physics teacher used to make us chant, is mass over volume. Rene Marven displays some serious mass and some serious volume with her magnificently pumped arm. Despite the slight lack of focus, there's no mistaking the blood that's coursing through those engorged veins. Is it just me or do you also get the impression that her arm is SO big she had to lift it up with her other hand onto the side? And if it slipped off, the weight would be such, it'd drop to the floor with a thud, pulling Rene down with it. Be careful with that, Ms Marven.

More glorious selfies tomorrow!

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