Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A (Not So) Little Secret

During the formative years of female muscle lovin' life, I had no idea. In the pre-internet era, such information simply wasn't readily available. When exactly I did become aware of it is hard to say. I guess it was a combination of Denise Masino's Muscle Elegance and articles and other bits and pieces I came across on the internet. I don't remember any particular moment of realisation, rather a very gradual dawning that there was yet another reason to be into female bodybuilders.

These days, it's almost inconceivable a female muscle fan wouldn't know about that little (or not so little) bit extra that female bodybuilders bring to the party. It is, in every sense, out there. And it's not just the images of Denise, Angie Salvagno or whoever waving it at you. It's referred to in interviews, articles, and even academic papers. And when you do know, you see. Doesn't the Bible say something about 'seek and you shall find'? Well, judging by the number of forum threads with names like 'Packing Heat'(!), there's a lot of female muscle heads seeking. And lo, they have found.


Many elite female athletes supplement with anabolic steroids, boosting their natural testosterone levels, which makes them more sexually aggressive. In addition, a side effect of anabolic steroid use is an enlarged clitoris, which makes it more sensitive. Many female bodybuilders are very orgasmic via oral sex, and even the slightest stimulation will engorge the clitoris and we’re ready for sexual action.
(Quoted in Sex Advice from Female Bodybuilders, allegedly by Amber De Luca).

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I’ve never been the kind of person who thinks that ‘drugs are bad’. I’ve never been averse to recreational drug use. And while anabolic steroids are quite different from other, let’s say ’party’ drugs, my point is that I know from experience that drugs (of whatever kind) can have very positive effects as well as very negative ones.

While most of the effects are obviously either positive or negative, 'clitoral enlargement' is listed in some places among the negative effects, and in others among the positives. There's no evidence I can find of female bodybuilders saying it is a negative thing, although I did find this little nugget from a blog called Robert's Universe: I have personally known competitors who have had to tape their steroid-enlarged clitoris down to keep the bulge from showing during competition.


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The thing is (a psychiatrist would probably have a field day with me) I find it so easy to ignore the negatives while finding the positives extremely erotic. I’ve never, unlike many fans of female muscle, been into the idea of being physically abused by a huge female bodybuilder, but I do fantasise of being picked up in the gym by a pumped-up, uncontrollably horny and virtually insatiable woman who uses me to satisfy her steroid-induced sexual cravings. The fact that she might need me to shave her back afterwards, well, I just don't think about that!

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What I do think about is that though I have never had sex with a woman on steroids, my own personal experience of women with muscular, or at least toned, fit bodies is that the sex is more frequent, they have more stamina, are more flexible, and are more willing to experiment. In short, the sex was better. In one or two instances much much better. And the women I have known were dancers, physical education teachers, a martial artist, and a gymnast. ‘If they were so much better in bed,’ my female muscle lovin’ head says, ‘imagine a woman who takes steroids. She must be truly earth-shattering between the sheets. Her orgasms must shake the whole building...’

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If this is true, and nothing I've read about sexual experiences with female bodybuilders suggests it's not, if they really are 'the horniest women alive', if they have an 'uncontrollable sex drive', and if clitoral growth really does make sex 'way better' and orgasms 'incredible', I'm of the opinion that we should be keeping this to ourselves. There isn't enough female muscle to go around as it is. If word gets out about all this good stuff, every guy in the world will want some.


Mum's the word.

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