Saturday, 26 October 2013

Arms of the Day

I would never give less than 100% to the blog, and to you, dear reader, unless it were absolutely necessary to cut a corner or two, and unfortunately this is a week when it is. So slightly lazy posting this week, although hopefully not completely devoid of interest, in the shape of muscle women and their weapons of choice.

left: We sleep better now we know Super Muscle Girl aka Shawna Walker is keeping watch over us, ready at a moment's notice to swing into (extremely violent) action.
right: If you should go down to the woods today...

left:It's a crying shame that Brigita Brezovac has recently announced her retirement from competitive bodybuilding, and it's probably quite insensitive of me to be posting a photo of her (with probably the biggest gun and the biggest guns we'll be seeing this week) while Brigy fans are still in mourning. Maybe she'll be baaaaack as the super muscular female action hero we've been dreaming about all these years...
right: Andrea Giacomi and a weapon that has something to do with 'Doomslayer', I am reliably told. Afraid that's not my area of expertise, although if knowledge of it was a prerequisite for getting involved in cosplay with the like of La Giacomi, I might be persuaded to read up about it.

Sonja MacFarland and her épée. On guard!


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