Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Katrin Kirsch's Bullets

Katrin Kirsch aka Amazone Nicky seems to have dropped off the radar in the last year or so. A German (Austrian?) bodybuilder and 'underground' wrestler, 'Kati' always had a nice line in sexy dresses and assorted skin tight outfits, and at one time was a prolific self-photographer and clip-maker. Her website (still) lists her services as including 'overpowering games' and 'bizarre eroticism', forced comparison, fighting, judo, lift and carry, mixed wrestling, and armwrestling, among many many others.

The thing that always struck me most about her though was what seemed to be going on under her vest when she worked out. I mean, you could hang your hat on those.

And they seemed to be in an almost permanent state of arousal, at least when she was lifting. Obviously a woman who enjoys getting pumped to the max. All over.

Her website is still there, she still has a YouTube channel, a Facebook page and a Twitter account, but none of them have been updated recently. I imagine her still proudly displaying her bullets in the gyms around Frankfurt where she is (was?) based.

Still feeling the pump.

For German speakers (and those who like to look at muscle women while not understanding a word they're saying), an interview with Katrin from 2011...


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  1. Who cares that she does not speak english. I just love watching muscle women!