Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Selfies of the Day: Gym Bodz Special

In the case of Larissa Reis and Oksana Grishina (above), sometimes there's no other option than the selfie because there isn't another soul, male or female, in that gym who could hold that phone steady right now, but aside from that, why take pictures of yourself in the gym?

They might be used as an objective record of the muscles before and after a set or a workout, or as a way of charting physical development over time. Or perhaps she's just checking how she looks in that skin-tight/skimpy new outfit she's wearing for the first time. But there are mirrors in the locker room, so why not wait a bit? The female muscle head can only conclude that she does it in the gym simply because she wants to draw (even more) attention to herself. Lifting up that vest to show off those abs will do it, and so will a little impromptu flexing.

She's sweaty, pumped, the endorphins are fizzing. This is what she loves doing, and this is when she feels at her best, at her sexiest, when she feels more alive than at any other time. Yes yes yes, of course I'm not suggesting she doesn't take her training seriously, that she's only there to preen and pose, but surely a little preening and posing goes with looking that good.

Check out this one. Great abs, super lean, and she just can't resist. The guy behind (a man who clearly doesn't appreciate how lucky he is) looks, well frankly, bored, which suggests to me she's either spent a long time getting this pic or she's constantly taking breaks in order to admire herself. Am I the only one who's coming to these conclusions?

Surely Jannika Larsson (top left) could have waited till she'd finished her set?! Next to the impatient Jannika, Danielle Gardner (aka Mz Devious) looks suitably aloof while she admires her own work. Below left Katka keeps her fans up to date with her pectoral progress (and we're pleased to see that Katka remains unenhanced). The lady below right gets around the problem of wishing to remain anonymous while at the same time making your abs famous.


Buy one Kashma, get TWO Kashmas free! Three pairs of swole delts, three HUMOUNGOUS backs, 3 pairs of super-pumped arms, six unadulterated female power pecs and, last but not least, 18, yes, EIGHTEEN slabs of PURE abdominal muscle! All with free sweat!


It can't be easy taking a picture of yourself when all the adrenaline that comes with being a super-pumped mature alpha female muscle beast starts to flow. Shawna Pierce aka Shawna Strong (left) does a slightly better job of holding the camera steady than Sue Scheppele (right), although in Sue's defence, the blood seems to be flowing a tad stronger for her.

Finally, FMS fave Marthe Sundby. I reckon she looks like a big beautiful female muscle lollipop in her pink outfit. And there's only one thing to do with lollipops... Back to reality and I honestly can't imagine what such a vision might cause me to do if she came walking into my gym. I'm pretty sure it'd end with my membership being cancelled. And that's the best-case scenario!


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