Friday, 23 December 2011

Images of 2011

Some of the pictures I have found most stimulating over the last year. I’m not saying they were all taken this year, but they all came into my orbit in 2011.
I know I’ve been a naughty boy. Why don’t you cuff me and punish me? Please.
Car trouble. My kind of car trouble. I might need resuscitation if I keep fantasising about giving these four a lift to the nearest garage. In my Vauxhall Astra.
Leg shot of the year, runners-up. Beautiful photos, both of them. Both leave me absolutely speechless. Such beautiful women. Such amazing legs.
Leg shot of the year, winner. The heat coming of Mara Dalila melted the lens of the camera seconds after this shot was taken. The last shot that lens will ever take. What a way to go!
Pumped, sweaty and cute. Where is this gym? How do I join? When does she train?
How many people are taking pictures of this glorious woman and her glorious glutes? At least two. She probably sold tickets. Ten bucks. Join the queue.
Femme Fatale from HBCam. Sensational webcam performer, always in great shape. I’m a big fan of her rock hard abs but I love this screencap for what it leaves to my imagination. She’s so shiny too.
Muscles in action. Annie Sakamoto moving a mountain. Probably. Strong is sexy.
Contest ready. Simonha Oliveira gets her abs out before the contest, all muscles and tan, all touchable. Yeon Woo-Ji glistens backstage at a recent contest, beautiful, feminine and ripped.
See if you can guess what it is I like about this one!
If you’re just going to keep putting the cue ball in the middle of the table so I have to stretch over while you stand behind me groaning and not play seriously, then I’m going to put my baggiest sweatpants on. And stick this cue up your arse.
Bloody hell! Better do what she says. Looks like she’ll beat the crap out of me if I don’t. Great socks by the way, really draw attention to your thighs.
Real men marry strong women. Yeah! Good work fella!
Katka takes a topless dip. I think she might be burning a little. When she gets out, I’ll towel her down and get some more lotion on.

Merry Christmas and a Female Muscle Packed New Year to all my lovely readers!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Women of the Year

It's that time of year when idiot journalists and TV producers make stupid lists of The Best/Worst/Biggest/Dumbest/Most Earth-Shattering Moments/Men/Women/Songs/ Whatevers of the year. You can't turn on the TV for these shows. So I'm not going to do that. It's not a list, it's a collection. It's not the same thing at all. Really.

I've chosen six because six is the number of finalists in most bodybuilding contests (if there are at least six competitors anyway - aren't those scenes of female muscle contests where there is only one competitor in a class odd?). Six it is. And they are in no particular order. They're all winners.

I'm not saying they are the best bodybuilders in the world today, nor that they have been the best in the world in 2011. But I am saying that these six women, some new to me this year, others familiar from 2010 or even before, have been on swell's mind (and screen) rather a lot this year.

So, without further ramblings, I give you what is the inaugural
Female Muscle Slave's Women of the Year.

Kashma Maharaj: The Caribbean Queen
Unknown to me at the start of the year, Kashma’s magnificently muscled body was all over the forums by the summer, even if often mistakenly identified as being from India! When we all realised where she was really from, this year’s national championships in Trinidad suddenly became an event that was eagerly anticipated. And I for one was not disappointed by the clips of her victory once they in turn had been posted. In the last couple of months, photo sets and clips on female muscle sites have been appearing, and she’s spoken of plans to compete in the USA in 2012.
Kashma is clearly a very smart woman. Apart from having impressive professional qualifications in Finance, the fact that she has come so far in so little time is all the more impressive as she has made such a splash while coming from a part of the world where widespread recognition has traditionally been hard to get without relocating to North America. And nobody can she that she’s unambitious: My goal is to be the future Miss Olympia and revolutionise this sport with a new look and attitude, encourage more women to compete and adopt the BB lifestyle and be a role model for a healthy lifestyle to all people. ‘All people’? Wow.
Her dark, exotic looks, her Trinidadian accent, and her big sexy muscles have certainly all worked their magic on me. I could watch her pert Caribbean bottom walking along the beach till the sun goes down, and her whole upper body is beautifully developed. I could spend hours rubbing my hands over that deliciously wide back. In fact, I have probably spent hours fantasising about it this year!
Some men are intimidated by me, not only because I am a female bodybuilder but also because I am a smart, independent and extroverted woman naturally. Women have questioned my sexual preference and even made suggestions to me but while I may entertain conversation, I make it quite clear that I am totally into men. Good. That’s cleared that up. We can all go on dreaming.
Kashma says, I love being big, strong, powerful and seeing the changes in my physique. I also love getting up on stage and posing. I love watching her being big, strong and powerful. I take great pleasure in seeing her physique change, and when she gets up on stage, ripped, oiled and strutting around in her bikini, well… let’s just say it gets the blood pumping. Are we sharing the same dream?
Predicting big things for Kashma in 2012. If she keeps on achieving like she has been this year, the world will be hers before long.

Fabiola Boulanger: Professional Female Bodybuilder
This year, Fabiola Boulanger joined the pro ranks, her victory at the Canadian Championships no surprise as her body has been a thing of wonder for the last couple of years. There are few women in the sport now (and not that many women in the sport ever) who have the ‘total package’. Fabiola is most definitely one of them.
Those shoulders, like plates of armour. Huge, pulsating veins snaking all over. Her abs, so thick and defined. Solid solid pecs, beautifully striated. And her legs! Definition everywhere. Look at the teardrops above the knees, have you ever seen anything so kissable? A sight to set a female muscle addict’s heart racing.
She is covered, top to bottom, with the kind of bulging, rippling muscularity that I am more used to seeing in female muscle art than on real female bodybuilders themselves. She’s like a fantasy superheroine. I can totally see her in a skin tight bodysuit with a big F on the front, flexing her biceps before saving the world. Perhaps in her first pro routine she will whip the audience into a frenzy by flying around the auditorium and back to the stage as a big finish!
I wish to show the world that female bodybuilders can be feminine and beautiful, says Fabiola, and I think we can all agree that she’s certainly doing that, and is certainly not a woman who could be accused of ‘looking like a man’. She hasn’t sacrificed any of her femininity while getting such mouth-wateringly huge muscles, and I think as a direct consequence of that she received quite a lot of media attention in Quebec after her win at the Nationals.
From the articles and TV appearances of hers I’ve seen and my O-level French can make out, Fabi makes a fantastic spokeswoman for the sport. I’m proud of the way I look, and will stick to my regimen forever because I couldn’t stand to look different. It gives me confidence and great self esteem. I have a healthy lifestyle and it gives me the independence that most women could just dream to have.
Fabiola is going to be competing in the USA in 2012. Competing and winning I dare say. And fighting crime and injustice in her spare time. Go Super Fabi!

Ginger Martin: Hot Muscle (Grand)Mom
I am a sucker for her husky Southern accent and the way she obviously loves showing off every inch of her hard work. Her clips on Gincraze2009, her You Tube channel and the previews at Physique Dreams on Daily Motion are all winners, and I’ve also seen a few webcam clips of her that are so hot they can roast your chestnuts. She’s got four children, and this year became both a grandmother and overall champion at the NPC Texas State Championships.
Now, if I was a teenager with a friend whose Mum looked like Ginger, well I’d probably be doing all I could to spend as much time as possible at their house. Ginger working out in the garage, me sneaking away from the Xbox party to watch from the bathroom window… And if I was the father of one of her kids’ friends, I wouldn’t be complaining about picking up my spawn from Ginger’s house. Ginger working out in the garage, me casually strolling up the drive and offering to spot her…
But enough of that. Seriously, what an advert, what an inspiration to women. Middle-aged? Not getting the admiring looks you once did? Train the Ginger way and soon men half your age will be tripping over their tongues as you walk by. Set yourself up for a webshow and watch the schmoe dollars cascade into your bank account. More older women training and looking like Ginger? Por favor seňor!
The pics from her Texas win show her very very ripped and very very vascular, a look I go completely gaga for. So part of me is sad that she has decided to focus on the Physique Class next year and won’t be going for the same pumped-up look. But at the same time, she does seem to be more naturally suited to that category, and if she’s successful, the fact of her age will hopefully be enough to generate a bit of positive media for the sport. Here’s hoping!
Remember. This woman you are drooling over is a grandmother!

Cinderella Landolt: Fitness Princess
Once upon a time there was a beautiful fitness fanatic from Switzerland, whose face was so beautiful and whose body was so fit and sexy that when she posted pictures of herself on the internet, lots and lots of men from all over the world started to send her money… check out her website if you have some spare cash … and she became more and more famous and more and more people signed up for her training programs. And she lived happily ever after, and so did her fans, whose insatiable appetite for images of this fairytale princess had made her rich, and no longer in need of a prince charming, although she could still have one if she wanted. But on her terms.
More seriously, is this a blueprint for female fitness women or what? I’m not saying Cinderella invented this career path, but she’s pulling it off very slickly, don’t you think? Mind you, she has a first-rate product to market. Tall, athletic and stunningly beautiful, and with one hell of a memorable name, she does have everything going for her. But still, you have to run with it, and she is sprinting.
Long dark hair, and a set of abs that were made to be massaged and licked all night. Eyes shine with health and vitality, and then there’s her long shapely legs. And she’s very friendly on the forums, always replying to compliments from other members and seeming genuinely pleased to hear from fans. ‘You’re so beautiful – awesome physique.’ ‘Cindy, you’re an angel. We love you.’ ‘Simply the hottest female fitness model out there now.’ ‘The body you have built is perfect.’ ‘I’m sure that you were just as lovely before you ever touched your first weight.’ Now what woman wouldn’t want to get compliments like this on a daily basis? And how many women would be able to deal with it so nicely?
She says, It’s ALL down to the Alp air and Swiss cheese.

PS. I haven't been able to locate any clips of Cindy for the downloads or tube videos pages. Just want to be clear that this is due to lack of material. It's certainly not that I don't think she's worth watching in motion!

Penpraghai Tiangngok: Webcam Star
Another woman on the list who was utterly unknown to me at the beginning of the year, and furthermore, a woman whose name I am not 100% sure how to pronounce, Penpraghai, like Kashma and Cinderella, came to my attention on the forums, and I have spent more and more time ‘with’ her as the year has gone on. This is mainly because I’ve got hold of some of her webcam clips, and they are among the most stimulating I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.
But before I go on to wax lyrical about this exotic beauty’s sensational physique, there’s something that needs to be said. WTF can’t people look at a gorgeous muscular Thai woman without thinking that she must have been a he once. For God’s sake, or maybe that should be Buddha’s sake, not all Thai women used to be men! And what exactly is it about her that makes these people think she’s a transsexual, or a ladyboy? Can’t see it myself. She looks like she’s all woman to me, and she’s got more of what most women want than most women have. Pure sex appeal. Feminine sex appeal. Now please, put your stereotypes in a box and throw them in the river. That’s better.
She is also a really really exciting poser. She really seems to understand the fetishism of sthenolagnia, the thrill of seeing muscles displayed. As mentioned before, her webcam clips are off-the-scale hot, full of knowing glances to camera, and adoring gazes at her peaking biceps as she flexes. She knows how to rub the oil on and make you wish it was you doing the rubbing, and she’s also a muscle control pro, especially good with her glutes. Check out the downloads page if you don’t believe me. Or check it out anyway if you do. I’m sure my words aren’t as erotic as the clips are!
After viewing her latest webcam clip, a friend of mine said she made him think of a tribe of exotic, strong Amazons all looking like Penpraghai. I knew what he meant immediately. Who among us hasn’t dreamed of a strange island populated by gorgeous muscular female warriors who need a man to mate with them? When he washed up ashore a group of female warriors welcomed him, tended to his wounds and took him to their queen, who was the strongest and most beautiful of all, and who told him that he would die unless he mated with the entire tribe…

Katka Kyptova: Horký Materiál
According to Google Translator, that’s Hot Stuff. And although I doubt that works, I like the sound of the word, horký, sounds like a combination of hot and horny with a k in it. Katka Kyptova, definitely one of the horkíest women alive.
Let’s not relive her 2nd place at the Arnold Europe, collectively we have said enough about it, see previous post. What I want to talk about, and what makes Katka one of my Women of the Year was the decision she made before the Arnold Europe to dye her hair black.
Don’t get me wrong, I thought Katka was well horký with blond hair. But I’ve always preferred sultry, dark-haired women, so when I first saw Katka had gone that way, she went off my horký scale completely.
Worryingly, she also announced that she was quitting bodybuilding. I wish she wouldn’t. Her horkíness aside, there’s something about Katka, that star quality that female bodybuilding needs. Someone who has the ability to reach out to people outside the female muscle sub-culture, someone who cannot be dismissed as a manly steroid-freak, and make them see muscle women in a new light.
Ravishing. I look at this picture long enough and I actually feel like she has ravished me. Those eyes, those lips, and oh my, those pecs! Phwoarrr! And another bonus we’ve had this year from Katka is that she has spent more and more time taking her top off and getting her groin-tingling pecs out in all their glory. Horkíssimo!
Let’s hope Katka continues dying her hair, taking her top off and, most importantly, bodybuilding in 2012. It will be a sad loss if she turns her back on it.

Check the tube videos and the downloads pages for more from my Women of the Year.

Enjoy! Horký Christmas and an even horkíer New Year!