Monday, 31 March 2014

Back Is Beautiful: Champion Backs

A veritable meat fest today as Back Is Beautiful continues with the magnificent backs of a selection of champions, both professional and amateur, from 2013.

(left) Tana McGowan, CBBF Champion
(right) Olga Belyakova, IFBB World Amateur Champion

Belated congratulations to Tana, Canadian champion at the 7th attempt (she won the Masters 35+ title for the second consecutive year as well). And spare a thought for those women who sought to follow in Olga Belyakova's footsteps and become IFBB World Amateur Champion because currently the IFBB have decided to eliminate the bodybuilding class from that contest and all other IFBB amateur shows. Olga, sadly, may well be the last ever World Amateur Bodybuilding Champion.
Monique Jones, IFBB Chicago Pro Champion

One of the wonders of the female muscle world, Mmmonique displays her monumental back during a guest posing routine. I believe this is from a couple of years ago, and she hasn't stopped growing in the meantime - she's even bigger now! Swell's been having a recurring dream involving Mmmonique's back, some soft lighting, a bit of mood music and a bottle of massage oil. He's been going to the laundrette with his bed sheets a bit more often than normal, too.
Virginia Sanchez Macias, Arnold Amateur Europe Champion

Virginia in bulbous off-season shape on the left, and lean and sweaty in the gym on the right. Hard to imagine the power those muscles contain (and what she might use the power they contain to do to me!) Did I say "hard"? I meant "fun".
Victoria Dominguez, NPC Nationals Champion

As noted on FMS last November, Victoria (aka Mistress Treasure) became quite probably the naughtiest professional female bodybuilder by winning the NPC Nationals. The Muscled Dominatrix dominated her way to victory in the heavyweight category! she blogged after her win. Her back provides an almost perfect illustration of the wider the back, the tinier the waist seems. In 2014, she says she'll be not only dominating behind closed doors, but also looking to dominate the stage.
Silvana Imbrogno, UKBFF Champion

As reported on FMS in November, Aussie-born Silvana not only became the reigning British champion in 2013, but she also made bodybuilding history. At the UKBFF Midlands show Silvana became the first woman (we know of) to stand on stage and compete against men. By all accounts, she almost won the world's first unisex posedown. There must be at least a couple of top male amateur bodybuilders around the Midlands who have taken inspiration from Silvana's mass and conditioning.

(left) Jennifer Abshire, IFBB Toronto Pro Champion
(right) Shawna Pierce, NPC Masters Nationals Champion

Hot and Hard 100 #21 Jennifer Abshire reckons her legs are her best body part, but looking at her from the rear during her victory at the Toronto Pro last year, Swell is sorry, but he has to disagree. And I reckon that beautiful back of hers goes at least part of the way to explaining Mrs Megan Abshire's "surprise" win at that show, which was her first show as a pro and her first for three years. Shawna Pierce ,aka Shawna Strong, meanwhile, has had a slightly longer road to pro status but this FMS Woman of the Year 2013 has finally made it. Here we see her showing all the men and the rest of the women on the beach exactly who the boss is.
Tammy Jones, IFBB Tampa Pro Champion

Over ten years after her first competition (as a figure competitor), Tammy Jones won a highly competitive event according to one report, beating the likes of Rita Bello, Tina Chandler and Helle Nielsen to triumph in her first show as a pro. She's an inspiration to single mothers everywhere... Well, no, actually she isn't.
But she damn well SHOULD be!
Shannon Courtney, NPC USA Champion

Witness the thickness. Witness the MEAT on FMS Readers' 2nd Hottest Hard Woman in the World and genetic envy of budding female bodybuilders everywhere. Chocolate Muscle on Tumblr, for one, says, Shannon stresses me out!!! She has probably the best physique I’ve seen in a while, but at one point in time she almost decided to throw that away because she thought that IFBB was getting rid of FBB. That was until they came out with the IFBB 2014 schedule and there were not 4 (like last year), but 5 shows. Since then she has kept with bodybuilding. What stresses me out is that she almost got rid of it to compete at a smaller physique. Man, if I had her body... fuck competing if they cut FBB. I’d keep it just to keep it.
Iris Kyle, Ms International & Ms Olympia

And finally, it has taken years and years of work from some of the top minds in the world to find a dress fabric strong enough to contain the mighty mass of muscle that is Iris Kyle's back without ripping apart. And if you're familiar with what happened straight after this photo was taken, you'll know those fine minds are still at it.


Sunday, 30 March 2014

Back Is Beautiful: Kovack's Back

Yesterday, I admitted I'd arrived a little late at the female muscle back party. I'd always thought of myself as an abs man, and, as a result, my favourite pose in competition was abdominals and thigh. I also said yesterday I'd come to appreciate the female bodybuilder's back so much more because of my own attempts to develop that part of my body, and the understanding it has given me of the physical and mental strength it takes to build such a back. But that's only partly the reason.

The rest I can sum up in two words: Gillian Kovack. Or, more accurately (and in a few more words) Gillian Kovack's back at the 2012 Toronto Pro.

Don't get me wrong, I must have seen hundreds, thousands of images of female bodybuilder's backs - from the old "Back Page" of the WPW magazines right up to the (not always very successfully taken) back selfies we see so many of today. Of course, I'd sometimes paused and marvelled at the backs I had seen. But watching Gillian's routine at that show turned out to be a kind of "Road to Damascus" moment for Old Swell.

Being an abs and thigh man, I’d always thought of the back poses as something I had to sit through before I got my favourite pose. The back double biceps and lat spread sort of got on my nerves as a result, and I would often find myself skipping them. I was always thinking, ‘Come on, let’s get to the abs'. But then in 2012 I was watching Gillian do the back poses in Toronto and it was like being struck by lightning.

And I wouldn't suggest for a moment that Gillian's back, magnificent as it was at that show, is the best or the biggest back I'd ever seen. Why it affected me to such an extent I can only guess. Gillian had been on the FMS radar for a while, and I already loved the way her sexy dark eyes would bore into the camera and the semi-smile on her face in these clips. Amused? Knowing. I loved that she'd put so much muscle on leading up to that show, and I loved that she'd gone from blond to brunette.

It was a kind of perfect storm. I was ready for Gillian to slay me. As I sat in front of the live feed (or perhaps I was watching a rerun, I can't be sure) it was, despite the quality of the field, Gillian's routine that I was anticipating most. And when it came, it was her back poses, firstly in a squat position, and then a final, joyous back double biceps with the full wind up, which left me, well, it left me a changed man.

And the good news dear readers is, Kovack (back and all) is going to be back real soon, at the Toronto Pro 2014, May 31st-June 1st. Sorry, I don't like to post progress pics, she says on her Facebook page, but I will be stepping on stage at my biggest & best yet. I, for one, will be watching with baited breath (and a dry mouth, no doubt).

How many weeks to go? Damn!

Get anticipated with Gillian's life-changing routine from 2012...


Saturday, 29 March 2014

Back Is Beautiful
The beautiful backs of Andrulla Blanchette (left) and Maryse Manios

It's only in the last couple of years of my female muscle lovin' life that I feel I have come to really, truly appreciate the true glory of the female bodybuilder's back. This is partly because of my own experience of lifting, and the recurring message I've read and heard - the back is the most important muscle group in your body. It is, quite literally, what holds your physique together. Want to lift heavy? You'll need a big back. Want your waist to look tiny? Get a big back. And, as I know from bitter personal experience, if you want that back to grow, if you really want results, you'd better be prepared to push yourself to puking point and beyond when back day rolls around.

The female bodybuilder's back is therefore arguably the greatest single sign of her strength. Without having shifted serious poundage her back wouldn't be so wondrously huge - it indicates her physical strength. But furthermore, understand that to lift that poundage she has, by sheer force of will, pushed herself beyond her physical limits again and again and again, and marvel at the mental strength that has taken.
The mind-boggling back of massive Robin Dee

The results can be absolutely breathtaking. Whether it's the back double biceps pose (that seems to reveal every tiny muscle from the shoulders to the waist and beyond) or the lat spread (her back fanning out, like an angel stretching her wings) I've started to feel it doesn't get much better than the sight of a huge and shredded muscular back.
Ireland's finest female back, Sophia McNamara

So this week on FMS, brace yourself for some bodacious backs. It's going to be seven days of the kind of meaty lats and tasty traps to make your mouth water (among other things). It's whole week of the kind of muscular backs so detailed that they could (should!) be used to teach anatomy, and so wide they could block out the light.
All in the detail, Croatia's Branka Njegovec

This week, Back Is Beautiful. Enjoy!

Friday, 28 March 2014

Tube of the Week: Crossfit Special

The first stage of the CrossFit Games is The Open, which runs for five consecutive weeks. Each week, a "workout" is proscribed. Athletes must complete the workout within the week and their performances are then ranked. If they finish in the top 48 for their Crossfit region after the five weeks of The Open, they're invited to The Regionals, and from there they can qualify for the ultimate event, The Games.

It really is an Open competition. There's no seeding, no automatic qualification for the top 10 from last year. Nothing. Each new year starts with a completely clean slate and whole new set of workouts. To defend her title, 2013 champion Samantha Briggs must first do the workouts and submit her scores like everybody else.

As the Crossfit website explains: No test, regardless of its lofty claims, can grant legitimate title to the best without first providing access to all. The Open is a truly "open" competition. Anyone from anywhere can participate.

The name of each workout is "14" (for the year) .1, .2, .3 etc. for the week. So, the workout for week two of this year's Open was "14.2", week three "14.3" and so on.

Every Open workout needs to be validated to count. Competitors will have two options to validate their performances. They can work out at a local affiliate, where they will be judged in person, or they can submit video evidence of their performance to the entire community. There is no limit to the number of attempts an athlete can make, provided the score is submitted prior to the close of each week.

Today, our Tube of the Week Crossfit Special looks at the best performances from weeks two and three, workouts 14.2 and 14.3. Why? Well, first of all, at the time of writing, these were the two most recently completed (at the time of publication the fifth and last week will be coming to a close). And secondly, it just so happens that the best in the world for those workouts were two of FMS' favourite CrossFitters.


Last seen on FMS in our Hot and Hard 100 Countdown (see #53), the very gorgeous Camille had already lost out to Talayna Fortunato in a head-to-head workout battle earlier in the week, her defeat blamed on her feeling a little under the weather. However, Camille recovered and, as the clips shows, returned to record not just a better time, but the best time in the world for 14.2 with her second attempt.

You can check the exact specifications for each workout, including this one, on The Games website, but essentially it's squats followed by pull-ups. Two rounds of 10 reps for each in the first three minutes, then 12 reps for the next three, 14 for the three after that and so on until the athlete fails to do two rounds of each exercise in a three-minute period. Camille performs a world-beating 404 reps by the time she fails.

Just watching will probably leave you breathless...


FMS' Crossfit correspondent dubbed ex-figure competitor Danielle his 'One to Watch in 2014', and clearly he knows what he's talking about. She premiered on FMS in January (see Swells Digs) where we noted it would be our pleasure to take our correspondent's advice and "watch" Danielle, who at 5'10" (1.78m) is a proper power Amazon.

14.3 was a combination of deadlifts and box jumps with an eight-minute time limit. 15 box jumps every time, but the deadlifts not only increase in number by five for each new set, the weight ALSO increases each time. So in set one Danielle is deadlifting 95lbs (43kg) for ten reps, but by the fourth set she's lifting 185lbs (84kg) for 25.


And in case you're wondering who was the world's best for 14.1, and also, incidentally, the number 1 ranked CrossFitter overall at the time of writing (ie. after the first three workouts had all been completed), here is a clue.

Follow the Leaderboard on The Games Website


Dedicated with thanks to Aiden

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rosu Watch

It's been a couple of months since our last look at what Andrea Rosu, FMS readers' favourite fetish model, has been up to. And, I'm pleased to report, along with all her other Kinky Explorations on her Clips4Sale page, Andrea has added yet more content aimed at the female muscle lover. She must be making some money out of them!

Firstly, from February, I’m straining, sweating, and moaning through some serious bicep and shoulder curls/presses!! Andrea tells us. Now if that's not a description designed to hook the likes of me, then I don't know what is.

And it's followed by a wink to those who like their (naturally) muscular woman to have a bit of a mouth on her as Andrea promises that, despite her exertions, I’m not too out of breath to dish out some good ol’ fashioned shit talking too!! ;)

And that was closely followed by Andrea in an even more dominant mood. Want to see why I work out so hard? Of course it’s to knock boys out!! I do take so much pleasure in causing boys discomfort and pain, feeling my hard biceps press against their throat, cutting off oxygen. Personally, not my cup of tea, but I know some of you like a little passing out to go with your muscle worship, so I felt I should include it.

Looks to me like t's hard to breathe in that none-more-black full body costume at the best of times, let alone when Andrea's got you by the throat and is gleefully choking the bejesus out of you. Do you think you have a chance with me?! she asks. Well, frankly Andrea, no, no I don't. And I'm not wearing that!

And this month, Andrea has donned the boxing gloves for another pair of clips. The first, well, if I tell you the title is Cum on My Boxing Gloves, I probably don't need to explain much more. It's actually a custom video, made at the request of a fan, and there's something you'd like to see Andrea doing, email

I see you there, checking me out... Aren't you surprised when, instead of reprimanding you for staring at me, I tell you to follow me to a more private location... Drop your pants, show me what you've got. I want to see how excited I get you... You better not cum to quickly... Watch my gloved hand move up and down to show you how I want you to jerk yourself off... I see you're almost there... give it to me... shoot your load all over my boxing gloves...Give It To Me!!!

And Andrea keeps the gloves on to dish out a good hammering to an unfortunate (or fortunate perhaps, depends on your point of view) victim. I get right in there, Andrea says. Left hook to the body that leaves him breathless. I see his expression changing from humor to concern pretty damn fast!! Left hook, right, cross, upper cut...

Ouch! And once he's down, Andrea goes topless to finish him off.

Visit Andrea Rosu's Kinky Explorations or her Tumblr blog for more.


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Pic of the Week

It's nearly the end of March already and we haven't had a single pic of British teen bodybuilding phenomenon Georgina McConnell on FMS this year. Well, it's high time we did something about that, don't you think? Wonder what she's been up to...

Ah, I see. She's been GROWING!

198lbs (which is over 14st, or about 90kg) and counting, according to Georgina.


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Naughty Nuriye, Super Human Women, Aleesha Young, and Downsizing to Physique

Don't panic, neither of them are about to "go physique", but Naughty Nuriye does have a little message for those female bodybuilders who are downsizing...

from Nuriye's diary, 13th March 2014

The industry of female bodybuilding is really under attack. We are seeing females downsize for the sake of what the organizations are saying they want. These, my friends, are the girls who bodybuild for the stage.There is a handful of us that bodybuild for life, to walk the streets as super human women. I have always said I will not work my ass off to look "average" aka physique, figure, bikini and do any of you find humor in the women who have crossed over to physique and still market themselves as bodybuilders...???

I happened to fall on a video of Aleesha Young today doing some REAL leg training and I was super impressed!

I have never met Aleesha but I do know she is a real fan favorite and I know why! Aleesha is a real bodybuilder and should be very proud of all the "meat" she has worked so hard to get! Nothing but respect for this girl and I wish her all the success as she continues to bodybuild. I will always support a woman who stays true to the definition of female bodybuilding and I know all of you will do the same. For the rest of the women who downsize because of society, the stage, or because they just cant hang, they can kiss my 18 inch hard, veiny arms, oh and my 27 inch quads and my 18 inch calves!! LOL...

Nuriye ;)


Monday, 24 March 2014

FBBUK: Muscle Princess

Although Hayley Brylewski has featured on FMS twice in recent weeks (see FBBUK@ the Arnold Amateur and The Hot and Hard 100, #70), we did promise you more of this lean and sexy rising British physique star. So, as promised, here she is.

The Arnold Amateur was her first US show, and as previously reported, although she didn't place, Hayley loved every minute of the experience. Had an amazing time at the Arnold Classic, she told her Facebook followers on March 3rd. Got to meet some great people... lots of different photo shoots with top photographers can't wait to see some pics, hanging with all the pros seeing them at their best, being on a world class stage... Can't wait to go back harder, tighter and better next year.

"Tanned and Blinged Out" before the Arnold Classic Amateur 2014
And Hayley on stage representing the UK in the Tall Physique class

It may have been her first US show, but the Arnold Amateur wasn't the first time she's competed at international level. In 2011, she placed 5th in Ms Figure at the NAC Universe. In fact, her competitive career began in 2009, firstly in Bodyfitness until she moved into the new (for the UK) Physique class last year and finished 2nd to Ria Ward at the UKBFF British Finals. And if we go back a little further in Hayley's sporting career we find her a nationally-ranked sprinter, hurdler and heptathlete, as well as playing basketball for the English national team. I always loved the athletic look and always had that so bodybuilding came naturally, she says.

But although she's been around for a while, I can't help feeling that 2013 was something of a watershed for her, and not only because of her 2nd place at the UKBFF Nationals. In the last couple of years we've seen a fair few images of Hayley looking sultry lean and sexy, but her latest venture, her new members' website Muscle Princess, takes it to a whole new level of sultriness and sexiness for us lucky Hayley fans.

I love veins. I am making all my veins show in my entire body and running my fingers down them! reads the description for one video clip you can find there entitled "Don't You Just Love My Veins". "I Am Flexing in Town" was made during her UKBFF Nationals show. After my female bodybuilding competition, I decide to show the world my muscles and flex on the streets! Hayley tells us. And most recently - and the one you won't find a preview for on the Female Muscle Forum YouTube channel, is "I Look Better Without Clothes". Like I said, a whole new level.

And I think it's undeniable that Hayley has that undefinable thing when comes to her in front of the camera. Perhaps that's why she was so busy with her photo shoots during her recent trip to Ohio. Those top photographers know a winner when they see one.

I love the feeling of being healthy, keeping a healthy body and mind, Hayley says. And I think it's that love of her body that comes across in her pictures and her newer racier video clips. When she tells us she loves her veins or that she begins each day with some flexing or that she watches herself in the bathroom mirror as she flexes in her lingerie before she showers, well, I believe her, even if you don't!

Hayley, who hails from Lincoln in the East of England, is still only 26. And happy. I enjoy the strictness and routine of dieting that comes with competing; the personal challenge of pushing my body to its limits and watching my physique change from year to year. I love my lifestyle and wouldn’t change it for anything, she says. So it's fair to assume we'll be seeing a lot more of Hayley in 2014 and beyond.

And if you want a little bit more, watch Hayley's FitVids preview from 2012, follow Hayley on Facebook, or join Muscle Princess. Why wouldn't you?