Friday, 30 November 2012

Artist of the Day

sgcaio aka musclexx
Title: Muscles Artist: sgcaio

This Brazilian artist is, like RDR (who was featured yesterday), taking female muscle art to new places. Muscular women, often based on top female bodybuilders, are depicted in sexy, impressionistic works that speak directly to the female muscle lover’s imagination in a totally unique way.
Title: Muscles Artist: sgcaio

It’s almost like they are posters made of our fantasies, containing the female bodybuilder herself, the object of our desire, but also the nature of the desire, projected in the ‘slogan’.

Well, this week has finally made me go a bit Brian Sewell on you, but apart from that I hope you have enjoyed my little survey of some of my favourite artists. Check them out and give them your support and maybe one day we’ll meet in the Museum of Female Muscle Art and be able to discuss these artists and their work in person.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Artist of the Day

Title: Martial Art Artist: Redonditosdericota

Federico from Argentina is an extremely gifted artist whose fetishistic (is that a word?) work never fails to impress. Like much great art, a lot of his work seems to capture a moment in time, like pressing pause in the middle of a story, enabling the mind of the viewer to see clearly what has happened before this moment and what is going to happen next. For me, he is a genius of the genre.
Title: (left) Point of View (right) Muscle Girl 3d Artist: Redonditosdericota

You can also follow him on his own blog at
Title: (left) Gym (right) Actitud Artist: Redonditosdericota

RDR says, I am a lover of the muscle in women, the comic and I made a few works in 3d also. I make this blog to show some of my work and also works of those artists that produce in me admiration.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Artist of the Day

Title: Wet Abs Artist: blackadder74

Blackadder74’s art is as niche as niche can be. And if you are an abs lover, you will probably feel very at home in his (?) niche. He takes images of sexy six packs and adds another four, six or even eight pack to that. For this abs lover, it’s wonderful work simply because it makes ‘real’ a fantasy I never even knew I had. And that, in my humble, ill-informed opinion, is what the best female muscle art does.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Artist of the Day


Tigersan says,
Dreams DO come true if you REALLY want them to and pursue them...

… and he should know.
Title: Switch at the Pool 10 Artist: Tigersan

I was born in Poland in 1982, grew up starting to develop a crush on muscular women at about age of 12. And later decided THIS is what I want to do when I grow up, take photos of female bodybuilders, and create art involving the same subject. At age 21 I emigrated to the USA, to make this dream come true. At first it was really hard, I had to work 2 jobs etc, but in my free time I developed my skills in 3d graphics and photography, took a loan to buy a 3 grand camera. I went to all bodybuilding shows nearby, to get to meet people in this industry. After 6 years of pursuing recognition in the bb community, I managed to make friends with owners of and I'm eternally grateful to them because they introduced me to the ‘behind curtains’ part of this community. Thanks to the fact I have been working with them, taking photos or shooting video for them, I got to know lots of other website owners, lots of models, and that’s what allowed me to do what I do today.

And what he does is some of the best and most popular female muscle art there is.
Title: Switch Photoshoot 001 Artist: Tigersan

Monday, 26 November 2012

Artist of the Day


Ritualist is from Belgrade, and describes himself as a bastard from the blocks. He works in a variety of forms and styles, but today’s exhibition focuses on his work that depicts ‘Ritz’, a lean, mean female muscle lover, and his muscular lady.
Title: (left) Chin Up (right) Let's Wear Something Better Artist: Ritualist

Ritualist says, Read my cases of bad craziness, meeting muscled women, heavy drinking and bringing harm to my fellow man.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Artist of the Day

Title: (left) Expo Fitness (right) Muscular Model 64 Artist: Edinaus

Edinaus, a resident of Australia, works in photo manipulations to create a world where very pretty non-muscular women are a little muscular but extremely ripped, and very pretty muscular women are just that little bit more muscular, particularly in the abs department, and extremely ripped. And best of all, some of these women have very pretty, non-muscular girlfriends…
Title: Muscular Lesbian Girlfriend 8 Artist: Edinaus

Edinaus says, Feel free to spread my work around the net on forums or wherever just be sure to link back.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Artist of the Day

I have a dream my female muscle brethren,  a dream that one day you and me will be walking around a gallery space looking at works chosen as part of a retrospective on Female Muscle Art. So popular will that exhibition prove that a permanent collection will be opened within the gallery, and the Museum of Female Muscle Art will be born.

An unlikely scenario, I grant you, but fortunately, thanks to, there is a place we can meet online, at the Female Muscle Club.

This week, FMS will be showcasing some of our favourite artists from the site, the artists and the art that we would have in our fantasy exhibition. Enjoy!

The Red Crown
Title: Rebecca Carlos 9 Artist: The Red Crown

Nothing if not prolific, The Red Crown (aka vista7600) has created his (?) own world of female muscle, with characters from more countries than you can probably name in his Worldwide Female Bodybuilders gallery. And an entire ‘world’ it certainly is, as his characters are depicted not only in more obvious posing and glamour scenarios, both individually and in pairs, but he also gives them hobbies, and domestic lives. You can even find some pieces where the characters are doing their housework!
Title: Drusilla Batian 16 Artist: The Red Crown

The Red Crown says, You want me look for me.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Back Back in the Day of the Day

If you find two pictures of Christi Wolf's lat spread and can't decide which one to post, I find it's better to post both of them, don't you agree?

Christi is now Christi Torborg, a mother, and, this year, a competitor again. Now, she's in the physique class, and, as we saw with Zuzana the other day, living proof that female bodybuilders can continue to look sexational after retirement.

But let's finish our trip back down memory lane with a reminder of Christi at her peak


Thursday, 22 November 2012

I'm Confused

She’s loved and admired for her athletic achievements, and her athletic body is envied by women and desired by men. But does Jessica Ennis like what she sees when she looks in the mirror?

Back in January, FMS reported how the pre-Olympic Jessica had issues with her own appearance (see Jessica, You’re Gorgeous). Did our assurances help her overcome these issues? It seems not. And neither has the fact that post-Olympic polls revealed that a majority of women would like a body like hers. And the fact that she has recently been voted 'Best Celebrity Body' in another poll made no difference to her own body image either.

I don’t think I look good and it amazes me when girls write to me and say, ‘Ooh, I wish I had a six-pack like yours’, or ‘You’ve got an amazing figure’. Really? Do they think that?

She says I’ve got way more muscles than I’d ideally like to have, adding that she makes a point of covering up her arms when she goes out because they look ‘butch’.

But on the other hand, Jessica has also said recently that There's a kind of perfect figure that's put out in magazines but it's not realistic. If sportswomen are put out there a bit more, it creates a real healthy body image for young girls to aspire to. Agreed, Jessica, agreed. What’s wrong with your body being that image then?

Clearly athletic women are positive role models, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these women will feel their own bodies are beautiful.

Now, I’d always thought (or perhaps hoped is a better word) that athletic or muscular women were immune from this kind of issue. This assumption that they were happy with their bodies was a major part of their appeal to me because confidence is sexy. To now discover I was wrong is, quite frankly, a bit of a blow.

And not just to me. The Ennis Effect, which we recently flagged up on this blog, is not going to be helped by the role model herself telling everyone that a body like hers is not something she would aspire to if she’d had the choice. If that isn't a confusing message for women, I don't know what is.

However, help is at hand from another Olympic champion, currently in the news for her appearances on Strictly Come Dancing (the UK equivalent to Dancing with the Stars, as I believe it is called Stateside).

Victoria Pendleton has revealed she hates the fact that she’s lost weight on the show. Despite weight loss being seen by most as a benefit of taking part, the Olympian has admitted she’s gutted that her body is changing.

It’s not just that she’s losing weight, either. It’s what she’s losing as a result of that weight loss that is really bothering Victoria:

The 32-year-old said that she doesn’t like her new thin thighs and disappearing six-pack. I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass. I’ve been going to the gym three times a week for 15 years and lifting heavy weights and now I haven’t got time to do that.

When I look down at my legs now I feel very sad about it. I put in all those hours to get them bigger and now they’re shrinking in front of my eyes. It honestly makes me feel very depressed.

Who would have thought it? All along it was Victoria, not Jessica, who we should have been backing. Both women may be unhappy with their bodies now, but for very different reasons, and for the female muscle head, Victoria’s is most definitely the right reason.

So, what should I do now? Should I vote to keep Victoria on the show so that she continues to get media coverage and the chance to wax lyrical about how much better it was when she had some muscle, or should I not vote for her so she can get back into the gym and get the muscle back?

I'm confused!

Back Back in the Day of the Day

The mighty Nursel Gurler working on, flexing, and posing her wonderfully wide back in some classic pictures from Women's Physique World. What a woman!

And a little more of Nursel at her peak, from 1997 at the NPC Nationals

Check out the Nursel Gurler Fan Club on Facebook

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Muscles in Motion

When a video is too long but a picture is not enough...

Check out more of this genius here

Back Back in the Day of the Day

Oh Zuzana!

Very very big and very very beautiful, Zuzana Korinkova is one of the greatest European muscle women ever. And in case you are under the impression that all female bodybuilders go to pot after they finish competing, here is Zuzana now...

But it's the physique she had at turn of the millennium that will always be the image of Zuzana that I cherish. She had it all. Beauty, muscularity and sex appeal in spades.

And in this classic clip, Zuzana delivers despite obvious discomfort with cramp, whipping the crowd into a frenzy even though she is suffering...

And if anyone has this edition of Playboy, Slovakia, March 1998 and cares to share, you can share with me at the usual address!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Back Back in the Day of the Day

Ciao! Grazie a tutti per aver letto il mio blog. Oggi abbiamo una delle più grandi donne italiane, se non la più grande di tutte, la leggenda, Viviana Violante.

One of the true beasts of female bodybuilding, with a back that was big enough to build stuff on, I can recall the shock and awe I felt when seeing pictures of Viviana for the first time all those years ago. From behind she was particularly impressive, those never-ending lats spread and spread and spread, and just keep on spreading to the horizon...

Viviana, 1998

Buon divertimento!