Friday, 16 November 2012

MMMC Extra

These images didn't make it into this week's daily post, but, after a quick vote around the FMS office, we decided that rather than consigning them back to the archive, it would rude not to just make an extra post out of them. Enjoy!
Lisa Krog's bedding is as minimal as her clothing. Presumably this is because there isn't much sleeping done on that bed. You get to sleep in the corner when she's finished with you. Nobody knows where she sleeps. If indeed she does at all.
Does anyone know what this style of swimsuit/bikini is called? The 'T' perhaps?
Beth Roberts and Victoria Dominguez cause t-boners all round.
When Britain's own Lisa Cross does MMMC, she not only does minimal, but also makes sure that the little she is wearing is about three sizes too small.
And that's why we love her.

No curves on muscle women? Allow me to retort.
Andrea Thiel: all woman, all muscle, all the curves you've ever wanted.
And quite a few you have never even dreamed of.
Serial MMMCists Ruthie Lucchesi and Juliana Malacarne.
See through MMMC is almost unfair. So much woman wearing so little, and the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit that she is wearing you can see right through. How the hell am I supposed to keep typing in the face of that level of provocation?
Yellow cards for Tazzie Colomb and Monique Hayes.

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