Sunday, 18 November 2012

Back Back in the Day of the Day

Diana Dennis

I wish the kind of artistry and grace Diana brought to the sport of female bodybuilding would return, so I'm not so much including her for the muscular development of her back, rather as a reminder of a time when the 'routine' was a chance for expression, rather than an opportunity to hit some poses (vaguely) in time to a popular song.

I can't imagine that many of the 'routines' that we see today would provoke the kind of prose reminiscent of descriptions of artwork, which, of course, is how she sees herself:

Against a black pallet the spotlight captures an image of strength and beauty. Sculpted by years of disciplined training the physique is hard and chiseled. Each muscle developed and perfected as if designed by the hands of a bronze creator. 

The audience is captivated by the sight of perfection that stands still before them in a statuesque manner. The music electrifying, the thrill of suspense in the air, poses become fluent as classic dance and modern movement are incorporated into the unique and distinctive routine. The energy moves smoothly across the stage in a mesmerizing and tranquil fashion, unlike anything ever seen within this venue and sport.

Judge for yourself if the sport could do with a little more of this...

Diana's website

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