Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Glamorous Muscle

Which would you prefer to see on the catwalk?

It's a no-brainer, right? Anaemic, coke-riddled, self-starving twigs
or the shimmering radiance of a healthy, shapely, sexy muscle babe?
I'd take Irina Grishina and Roongtawang Jindasing over the 'models' seen
in your typical catwalk show anyday.

Dresses enhance a woman's femininity. And the right dress can also
enhance the effect of a woman's muscles if these pictures are anything to go by.

She looks gorgeous

Nelli Tsyshkevich and Brigita Brezovac

The dress accentuates her shoulders

Bianca Jackson and Dorothy Trojanowicz

And reveals her shapely legs

Nathalie Fatigati and Rosanna Harte

She is muscular yet feminine and elegant

Mara Dalila and Xin Li Cao

The superior woman turns every head

Danielle Gardner and Mary Simmons (My! What big arms she has!)

Fashionistas! Muscular is the future! Ditch the size zeroes and
get yourselves some living breathing female super-heroes!


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Monday, 27 June 2011

Backstage Pass

I want to say right off that I don't think I should ever be allowed backstage at a female bodybuilding contest. It would just be too much for me. Faced with a sea of vascular ripped female muscle meat in peak condition pumping up, oiling up, and posing, I would either pass out or embarrass myself.

Thankfully, there are some who can be in such an environment and hold the camera still. A tribute to their good work.

If there's a tan-applying vacancy, I'd like to be considered for the post.

Where to look?

All smiles

Euro queen Fanny Palou from Spain

Anne Freitas unveils her ripped physique

Mighty Maria Segura and Rippling Roberta Toth

His eyes look like they are bulging out of their sockets. And who can blame him? Score for being the guy who oils up Roberta's massive muscles.

Round and ripped muscle bunz everywhere

Kim Perez and her glistening pumped muscles,
and Andressa Viera's prize-winning physique

Resplendent: Oana and Colette Nelson

Magnificent Marja


Monday, 20 June 2011

Silence is golden, but it's good to talk

Now that some of my posts are appearing on Area Orion's news feed (thank you Mr Orion), the number of page views has really spiked. So I know you are seeing the blog, which is gratifying, if a little bit scary!

I would love to hear from any fellow female muscle lovers from anywhere. I find it's good to talk. Makes me feel like less of a freak for prefering Katka Kyptova to Katy Perry when I can chat about it with like-minded people. If you feel the same way, please get in touch.

Female Muscle Slave

PS. I've noticed that apart from the USA, Europe, Australia etc, there's been a lot of page views from Saudi Arabia so:
مرحبا بعشاق عضلات السيدات

How do you say 'Hello female muscle fans' in your language?

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Abs Week: Just Abs

The abs, the whole abs, and nothing but the abs...

Up close and personal with some perfect midriffs