Saturday, 31 May 2014

Shannon Courtney: Countdown to Omaha

April 7th: 9 weeks out
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It's been eight months since the 2013 Ms Olympia. Eight long months, but the wait is almost over. Tonight, FINALLY, IFBB pro female bodybuilding returns in Toronto. And it's definitely feast after famine because in just seven days from now, there will be some more pro female bodybuilding to enjoy, at the brand new Omaha Pro Show.

I am, of course, pant-wettingly excited about the line-up for Toronto, as I'm sure you are too. But at the same time there's one rather good reason to be even more excited about the Omaha contest. And the name of the reason is Shannon Courtney.

April 9th
Guess what day it is... LEG DAY

April 10th
#ChESTdAY #8.5weeksout

It's incredible to think that it's only a little over two years ago that the same Shannon Courtney was a seemingly unremarkable physique competitor finishing down in 11th place at the NPC California Governor's Cup. Later in 2012, a bodybuilder now, she came 3rd in her class at the NPC USAs, and then returned to the same show last year and won, not the overall title, but the lightweight class, and was awarded her pro card.

April 12th
Off too shoot #hdPhysiques #tanyafitness

She competed in her first pro show in Tampa, just two weeks after the USAs last year, and finished a very creditable 7th in a line-up that was big on muscle and pro experience. And then there was all that humming and harring about whether she would stay a bodybuilder or go back to being a physique competitor (see FMS passim).

May 16th
love this shit ;) #nofilter

YOU should always be your number one motivation

Looking at her now, it hardly seems credible that she ever had a second thought about her future. Her decision made, she has gone hell for leather and is building a physique that gets bigger and bigger and more and more impressive with every passing week. The girth of her legs makes me weak at the knees. The size and definition of her upper body leaves me breathless. She is power, drenched in muscle from head to toe.

May 19th
#bangbang #PoW

And there's an arrogance too. It's there in the way she embraces and revels in her freakishness. It's there in the selfies like the shoulder and tricep shot below - she knows her pumped up body can thrill, she knows full well how muscle sexy she is, and she knows full well she has the power to leave us fans completely and utterly #speechless.

May 21st

Seven days to go. Without wishing to put the mockers on her, it seems to me that every time she has competed as a bodybuilder she has absolutely nailed the prep and has always looked the best she can on stage, so there's no reason to think "The Gem of the Sport" will look anything less than spectacular this time next week in Omaha.

May 24th
Just some #beastly shit ya know ;)

"Get Hard Stay Hard" says the vest (and you can make your own crude joke there, I'm not doing it for you) and Shannon seems to live that mantra, attacking the weights, growing muscle on muscle. She is, in the parlance of the weights room, a bona fide beast. Of course, there are other women as big or even bigger than her. One or more of them will be on that stage in Omaha along with her. But there are very few women in the history of the sport that have managed to combine that kind of beast package with the innate femininity and beauty that Shannon possesses. And that combination, it seems to me, is what makes Shannon on stage again such a thrilling prospect.

May 25th

I'm sure she can't wait. I'm excited. Are you?


Shannon Courtney is no more. On her Facebook and Instagram pages she is now using her maiden name of Peters. So, I guess we should say how sorry we are that her marriage didn't work out (sparing a thought for Mr. Courtney, who got her into lifting, I mean really, imagine what it must be like...). We remain pant-wettingly excited at the prospect of Shannon Peters strutting her considerable stuff once more. YES!


  1. First I was like :O then I was like :) then I picked my jaw up off the floor :)
    Sorry to hear about her marriage it seems to be happen a lot lately (it seems that way) but wish her and her son the best for the future.

  2. Yes I am terribly sad, that she is Single again LOL
    PS FMS, I got your fine sense of irony, hilarious post!!!!!!

  3. As soon as I saw the "Get Hard Stay Hard" vest, I knew where this was going ;)
    Anyway, I can't wait to see the pictures of the contest!

  4. Turtle power! I love it when women wear the bright colors like lime green, yellow and pink, but are jacked.

    I was right, and surprised that Oliveira won. Normally if I like them, they don't win.