Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Ts of the Day: On Her Back(side)

Crossfit women wear their slogans on their backs. Probably because they've just run (or walked on their hands) past you, so a front-facing slogan would be a waste of time.

(left): Tracy O'Donnell did qualify for the North East Regional (she finished joint 18th place after The Open), but she isn't listed among the starters on the leaderboard, so I guess this 27-year-old Bad Ass Beauty from Massachusetts won't be competing. Shame, because she really is bad ass. And she really really is a beauty.
(right): Most definitely competing in her Regional, 20-year-old Lauren Fisher must have Grown Strong, because she finished 3rd overall and has therefore qualified for The Games later in the year. It's impressive enough that she is still very young to have achieved that feat, even more so when you consider her Southern California region is one of the most competitive of all. But on top of that, her Regional was her very first experience of Crossfit competition as an individual athlete. Definitely one to watch for the future (and it won't be a chore to do so). Why not join me at her Instagram?

This Is Why I Squat
Not a Crossfitter, but physique pro Cydney Gillon was a collegiate sprint hurdler, so it's hardly surprising her message for you is on her back. Or her backside, to be exact. And given that it's the kind of backside that one reader called "unnaturally small, petite and muscular", what we have here is a walking, talking, flexing advertisement for the beloved squat. But I wonder, dear reader, if you're thinking what I'm thinking: if only that vest were a touch shorter, and those shorts were a touch tighter, then it would be the best possible advertisement of all!


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