Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Abs: 6x6

De La Soul taught us that 3 is The Magic Number, and far be it from me to contradict that, but for an old abs fan like me, 3 just won't cut it (get it?). I need 6. At least!

And thankfully, there are more than a few wonderful women out there who agree, and who absolutely will not stop until they have achieved that perfect number.

Today, FMS brings you just 6 of those many wonderful women.

Emmanuelle Ethier

Eat clean and train dirty is Emmanuelle's "fitness philosophy", and a creed she's been following all her life. I grew up athletic, she says, listing muay thai, surfing, crossfit, longboarding and softball among things she enjoys when not weight training. From L'Assomption in Québec, Emmanuelle set herself a challenge after turning 30: to compete. Now a WBFF Fitness competitor, she's not all sparkle and T-walk though. These perfect abs belong to a woman who works as a Correctional Officer. Yikes!

Follow Emmanuelle on Instagram and YouTube.

Linnéa Fransson

From Gullspång in Sweden, 21-year-old Linnéa is, without doubt, Swell's big new Crossfit crush. Watching her seemingly armour-plated body battle through the Crossfit Europe Regional is not an experience I will forget in a hurry - my smile was almost as broad as hers (and I was watching with the wife incidentally, but more of that tomorrow). Sadly, Linnéa (isn't that a lovely name, he said dreamily) withdrew from the final event of the weekend. If you need someone to kiss that injury better, Linnéa...

Linnéa has a YouTube channel and her Facebook page at one time had a profile pic that manages to be both incredibly disturbing and incredibly sexy at the same time. Strong and lithe, if she were an animal, she says she'd be a "supple leopard". Grrrrr!

Karla Bachiega

Karla, who seems to have been around for years, was crowned NABBA Brazil Miss Physique (and remember in NABBA, "Physique" = "Bodybuilding") just over a week ago, and the above image of her magnificently muscled mid-section is from that show.
Quite probably the next big (and I mean BIG) star to emerge from Brazil.

You can watch short but oh so very very sweet clips of her other recent contest appearance, at the Campeonato Paulista, as well as her NABBA Brazil routine. And I've got a feeling Karla's growth is going to make her Facebook page essential viewing too.

Tammy Tennant-McCoy

I'm literally drenched. It's crazy how much you sweat after posing practice, Tammy, a New York City NPC Figure Queen, shared with her Instagram followers along with this pic a couple of days ago. When some asked for video of her abs workouts, she replied, You guys might think I'm crazy with the way I twist and build my core. I may lose followers! Seriously if you guys want I'll post them but the best advice I can give you about abs is they are not only made in the gym. Clean eating is hard but it's an art you should try to master when you want to see results. She's quite the artist then.

For more of Tammy's sexy sassy muscle see her Facebook.

No name for this one, I'm afraid, but who needs a name when you have an imagination [eh? - ed.]. I've said before how much I'm in awe of the kind of woman who can perform this movement - if I tried this, I'd pop a hernia faster than my hands went under the table when I first saw this pic - but when the woman performing the movement has a set of abs that were sent to show us what perfection looks like, then my awe quickly becomes... well, my drool. Or something.

What I can imagine though, is that the bag is me, and those powerful legs are wrapped around my waist or my chest or my neck even. Obviously I'd be strong enough to stand the 100 or so reps she does of this movement. Strong and very very very HAPPY.

Linda Durbesson

And last, but by no means least, oo-la-la, it's Linda Durbesson: modelling in Paris, training clients in Florida, transforming minds, bodies and lives, and scribbling motivation all over her selfies, all in the name of her very own LDFit brand.

Website, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and her own Facebook fanpage.


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