Monday, 29 August 2011

Ivet Lalova

Watching the World Championships from Daegu, South Korea the past few days has reminded me how athletics gives a female muscle slave like me the chance to see lots of super-fit, muscular women being celebrated rather than ridiculed. And when I settled down to watch the Women's 100m Final I was rather taken by the lady in lane 1, Ivet Lalova of Bulgaria.

Taken enough to do a GoogleImages search for her anyway! Although she's not as muscular as most of the female sprinters these days, she's streets (or should that be metres?) ahead in the beauty stakes.

She's 27 now according to my research, living and training in Italy while representing the country of her birth. She's also engaged to an Italian sprinter. Dammit!

Earlier in her career she finished 4th in the 2004 Olympics but a serious leg injury meant she was absent from competition from 2005 to 2007.

Now, in 2011, she's running the best times of her life,
and finished 7th yesterday in the 100m Final.

The rest of the pics are from the 2011 World Athletics Championships
100m heats and semi-finals over the last couple of days.

Love her abs in the last shot! I'm looking forward to seeing her in the 200m!


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Muscle in London: Cheering Myself Up

Is there anything more depressing for a female muscle fan than hearing a woman with muscles say she wishes she wasn't so muscular?

I was sitting in Paternoster Square (London) this afternoon, having a quiet smoke, and she and a friend had come and sat nearby. My ears perked up when she asked her friend to check out her calves, immediately wanting to check them out myself.

Maybe I'm over-sensitive, but the next thing she said crushed me: I hate my calves. By this time I was in a position to see them, but instead of the usual female-muscle-spotting rush, I had a feeling of helplessness. But they're gorgeous! I wanted to scream. Of course I didn't.

But I did decide to continue checking her out. And so what if she caught me doing it? If she did, I'd tell her what I thought about her calves, and that I was sure I wasn't the only guy who'd find them attractive. Probably. But that didn't happen either.

What happened was she told her friend she was going to have (now brace yourself...) calf-reduction surgery.

A pair of delicious muscular calves are going to disappear from the world, so let's remind ourselves that not all women with beautiful, strong, shapely legs hate them and are willing to pay for the privilege of turning them into twigs. So...

Whether you and her are out tonight, or are staying in...

Whether her thighs are rounded or ripped...

Tell the woman in your life with muscular legs how much you appreciate them and make the world a better place. For admirers of female muscle, anyway!

Quiz time!
(In your best Rolf Harris voice)
Can you guess who it is yet?
I think her legs are seriously under-rated
(Maybe because there are some other parts of her body that may distract you from giving her legs the attention they deserve!)
Denise Masino
(Not a very difficult question, I know)

I feel a bit better now for that fix of strong shapely legs. Hope it's cheered you up too.

But I wish I'd spoken up and told the girl what I thought. I hope you have the balls not to make that mistake. You might just stop a pair of hard, sexy muscular calves from disappearing from the world.

Calf-reduction surgery?! The devil's work.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hot and Hard

More (much needed if you live in the UK - where's the summer?) heat in this selection of sexy hardbodies. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed choosing them.

Sweet Sweat
Three muscle babes in the gym, sculpting their hard, sexy bodies. On the left, Erin Stern's badass bicep. In the centre, Alice Matos sizzles all over, but her stomach is so flat I can't take my eyes off it when I look at this picture. I don't know the lady on the right's name, but I do know that I'd like to get my hands on her behind. If the tattoo doesn't draw your attention to her firm, round peaches, then the clothing label sticking out of her sweatpants certainly will. Bet she left it out on purpose.

Muscley Midriffs
I heart babes with six-packs and cameraphones, and I heart pics of dark-haired babes lifting up their T-shirts to reveal their muscular abs. And I really heart the Lingerie Football League. Imagine the TV bosses' reaction to the pitch: 'You say fit babes playing sport in their underwear? Boy, you are a genius!'

Norah L. Joseephsen

In Public
If our cyclist here had moved just a little to the left and we could see the licence plate on the Merc, that neighbourhood might have seen an increase in female muscle fans hoping for a sighting of this fit babe as she does her miles. Having an influx of visitors might have been good for the local economy. Could this be the way for the stricken Eurozone countries to attract more foreign money? Economic recovery through female muscle? I feel a post expanding on my new economic theory might be in order. Watch this space!

Six with muscular sex appeal

Her stance and her expression exude a kind of 'I-know-I'm-hot' attitude that radiates from the picture. More woman than most men could handle. Pure sex appeal.

A Quiet Night In
Nothing on TV, so I think I'll put on that new bikini one of my admirers sent me. If I snap myself in it and send him the photo, he might get me another present. Damn, I look sexy in this. Check me out!

Enjoy female muscle loving brethren!