Thursday, 4 May 2017

Jill Diorio

I competed in Figure, says Jill Diorio, and the feedback from the last show I did was that I was too lean and muscular, which to me is not a bad problem to have.

Like her already?

I'd already been thinking about making the switch to Women's Physique anyway, she continues, so for me that kind of just sealed the deal. So, a few months after that I hopped on stage, took a shot at Physique, and I placed 2nd in that show.
2014: WBFF Figure Pro & NPC Physique Novice

Jill, who hails from Worcester, Massachusetts, had got her Figure experience in the WBFF, and though she may have been too lean and muscular for that federation, her Physique credentials needed some work. Fifteen months of work to be exact.

Her new, improved Physique body returned to the stage last year, "conditioned, hard and JACKED" as the subtitle to her thread on the forum whose first rule is says (and you know when a lady gets a thread subtitle there, she really has got something special). She'd been a pro in her WBFF days, now she was on a mission to be an IFBB pro.
2016: NPC Vermont Championships; NPC Jr USAs; NPC Jr Nationals

Having won the NPC Vermont Championships in April, she went to the Jr USAs in May (finishing 3rd), the Jr Nationals in June (2nd), and then the NPC Team Universe in July, where she won her class, and pro card. And it was around then that no little chatter about her started up on the forums, much of it about her jaw-dropping calves.
2016: NPC Team Universe

A lot of people have come to know me by my calves, she says, before dropping what we might start calling a "Policky bombshell". I don't actually train those much.

They really are glories. And it is quite clearly unfair that she does little to grow, or even preserve them, both for all those other women who have such a hard slog just to make their calves look like muscles at all, and for all us female muscle heads, drooling so uncontrollably for those bulging beauties and never wanting to stop!

But perhaps they are "no training" proof.

Evidence from Jill's pro debut in St Louis recently certainly suggests as much.

Good news! And (I've been looking closely) there's also that freaky tendon that has grown into a sort of shin muscle adding even more below-the-knee droolworthiness.

But none of this should detract from the fact that Jill is quite obviously much more than the (considerable) sum of her calves (and freaky shin tendon/muscle things). She had that 15-month off-season before April 2016, and again took a break between the NPC Universe last July and her pro debut in April, and the improvements after each of them is astonishing. But even in the short months between her 2016 shows, despite the dieting, she was exponentially better on each occasion. And she's quite the fox.

From WBFF Figure to IFBB Physique, calves she doesn't train that won't stop growing, from brunette to blond, and back again. And, we might as well throw in, a qualified and working accountant, as thorough with the figures as she is with her Physique.

You can follow Jill on Instagram and/or Facebook, or via her YouTube channel, where she has posted more about her dogs than about herself recently, but that may change.


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