Friday, 12 May 2017

(NABBA) Toned Twins: Jenny & Lucy West

Staffordshire, UK

Who's bigger?
Hard to call, and as far as I can tell, it depends on when the photo you are looking at was taken (and, of course, assuming you can accurately tell them apart, which I'm not 100% convinced I can do!), but I would give the decision to Jenny, just. And that's probably as it should be, because Jenny started lifting two years before Lucy did.

Moreover, they say they compete in Bikini and (NABBA) Toned, but so far I've only found evidence of the NABBA contests, and only found Jenny in the top 6 of any of the shows she or both have done. Last year The Mail Online reported they had plans to go to the NABBA Britain finals, and from there to the Universe, but neither of them qualified for the nationals finals from their regional show. The Wests must be quite a sight going heel to heel in NABBA-style heavy tans and thong posing suits...

Sadly, once again, no evidence of that has turned up, but The Mail assures us that "with matching physiques, flowing brown hair and dazzling smiles, the twosome make an impression that's as strong as their muscles." And not just on stage, apparently. We get plenty of attention when we are out, says Lucy. My party trick is probably the piston squat, when you squat down with one leg. I can do it in heels in a tight fitting dress.

We've always been athletic and good at sport, says Jenny. We liked cross country and volleyball and always saw ourselves as a team, supporting each other. And it's the same today, we encourage each other. I am just as happy to see Lucy do well as I am to succeed myself. If I come away from a competition and I haven't won, I really beat myself up, but I would be happy if I came second and she came first.

The West Twins on Instagram, and their website.


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