Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Tube Watch

FMS picks a few of our favourite YouTube clips for the first time since the start of April as our (pleasingly popular and) irregular muscle in motion fest, Tube Watch, returns.


First up, all 26 minutes of Ripped: Inside Women's Bodybuilding, an independently funded and produced documentary from Canada that follows the fortunes of Physique competitor Krystia Petrossie and Figure "Grandmaster" (ie. over 45) Teresa Popowicz as they prepare for and compete at last year's Canadian Nationals. Bodybuilding demands absolute discipline in every aspect of an athlete’s life, reads the blurb. But when does it go too far? And if that sounds like an all too familair tagline, rest assured this is actually much much better than that. The ladies' motivations, the boyfriend measuring out the meals and being ordered (nicely) to do the washing-up, highs and lows before during and after the Nationals, Helene Bouchard as Krystia's trainer, the concerned friend, and finally the insane quality of the Physique women who compete at the highest amateur level in Canada...

Absolutely fascinating, start to finish.

For Your Consideration

Keeping us busy while we awaited the pro FBBs to start their season last weekend in Toronto, the fine (and seemingly ever-expanding) pro Physique circuit has been well worth paying attention to recently. Head over to the NPC News Online channel for all sorts of treats, including interviews and (smell the ProTan!) pump room footage. Personal favourites include Ivie Rhein (see FMS passim), vascular fantasy Paloma Parra, 2017 Hot and Hard 100 #81 Victoria Flores and many many more pumping up before the Orlando Europa; and Gillian Ward, Margita Zamolova and Yeon Woo-Jhi, among many others pumping up at the NY Pro the same weekend.


Any clip entitled "Crazy Abdominals" should be treated with caution. It's either going to be disappointing or they really are going to be Hreapca-like ridges of delicious hardness, and a bit of private time is going to be urgent. In the case of Muscle Girl World's offering from May 1st, it's most definitely the latter. And before you get all righteously indignant about me comparing Gülüzar Tüfenk's midsection to that of The Hottest Hard Woman in the World, why not take a good hard look first?

Applications for the post of Gülüzar's personal abs oiler are now closed.

For Your Consideration

In a similar preview-clip vein, HD/Premium Physques have put up some crackers recently, most notably those starring Sheronica Henton and Hanna Hallman, who I freely admit to having a major crush on right now. And there have been a slew of HerBiceps clips from the past couple of years going up recently, catering for all kinds of discerning female muscle heads. Fans of calves will find Tina Chinchic from 2015 hard to resist, if you are more about back control (it's a thing now apparently) you could do worse than watch Virginia Vargo (also from 2015). Abs men should not pass Go but go directly to Shanique Grant's abs control, and everyone should watch Lauren Quinn in contest shape, whatever bit of herself she is rippling.

Find these and many more on the Milly Biceps channel.


And finally, Dena Westerfield playing Pachelbel's Canon in D.

No, really.

Not going to pretend it's the best rendition I've ever heard, but when you appreciate the sentiment behind it, well, there's not a dry eye in the house, is there? Nor, it seems, is there anything this amazing woman can't do once she puts her mind to it.



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