Sunday, 14 May 2017

(IFBB) Pro Twins: Erica & Sondra Blockman

Originally from Mt. Shasta, California.

Who's bigger?
Need you ask? Sondra is an IFBB Bikini pro; Erica an IFBB Physique pro.

Sondra, a pro since 2015, was last seen at the 2016 Tampa Pro (above), where she finished 10th, while Erica, who won her pro card at the Jr Nationals in 2013, has moved on to Crossfit training (and I believe an upcoming competition) since her second (hopefully not final) Physique Olympia appearance (also above) last year.

You don't need me to tell you that these are two of the most stunning women in the whole of Bodybuilding. My feelings for crackerjack firefighting goddess Erica are well-documented here on the blog, Sondra (aka "The Hair"), has never featured before, and to be honest, I'm wondering why. Involved in sports from an early age, Sondra has been into martial arts, gymnastics, and through college track and field at a national level. As a trainer, she says, it is important for me to be a walking poster board for my work, to look the part. Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk!

For Erica, it's been all about "the fitness industry and the world of competitive bodybuilding since a very young age", but there is that other thing she does too, that swoonworthiest of occupations. The challenges I have faced as a female in the fire service have helped to shape me into the woman I am today, she says.

Quite a woman.

You can follow Sondra and Erica on Instagram. Sondra will be "walking the walk" on an IFBB Pro Bikini stage again real soon, and Erica will be doing her Crossfit (for now).

Both were interviewed recently on Promoting Real Women Talk Radio. The quality of the recording might not be as classy as the interviewees, but it's well worth an hour or so of your time while you do what you do when listening to the radio.


That's it for twins on FMS for now. Thanks again to B for the idea and the suggestions.

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