Monday, 29 May 2017

Strange Fascination

Last week, I mentioned how much I enjoy clips of female bodybuilders walking, and illustrated the point with an FMC preview from 2012 starring Gillian Kovack.

In the clip, as you can see, Gillian is walking from one photo shoot location to another. She's in heels, wearing very little. She's oiled up, and absolutely magnificent, in her peakiest peak condition, so there's much to appreciate - so much in fact that I've found myself watching it over and over again again, just as I did when it first took my breath away five years ago. It never gets dull, and, I imagine, probably never will!

But last week I also found myself glued to a thirty-second clip of Figure phenom Sandra Grajales Romero. No photo shoot scenario, no oil, no bikini. OK, there a fair bit of Sandra's body on show, most notably her sensational back. And what's she doing? Pouring water from a big bottle into a small bottle. And I can't stop watching.

I've looped it a couple of times to allow better appreciation.

How mundane does what she's doing have to be before watching her gets boring?

Next week, Sandra does some dusting, and Lisa Cross adjusts the timer on her boiler to allow for British Summer Time. In her pyjamas. OK, I've made that up. Obviously Lisa would never wear pyjamas, but I am on the lookout for more clips of muscular women doing very mundane tasks. Any reader suggestions would be most welcome.


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