Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Never Better: Rene Marven - Toronto 2013

8th, 2013 Toronto Pro

Rene started out in Figure a decade ago, and Figure is where we have seen her most recently, at last year's Dayana Cadeau Classic (above). She was, she said, "less nervous on stage", and loved being in heels again. She was happy with her new look. Not so some of Rene's many fans, who were doubly offended that she'd dropped not one, but two divisions down. Not even another Physique class sell out! raved one such forum poster, managing to offend two divisions-worth of competitors in just seven words.

Three years earlier she had made her professional IFBB debut at the Toronto Pro, and at the time she seemed to be on a one-woman mission to bring back the supposedly outlawed "most muscular" pose to Female Bodybuilding. The judges had overlooked this indiscretion as she'd won her pro card at the Nationals in 2012 hitting the pose, and here it was again, bigger and better, this thrilling eruption of female muscle.

The Muscular Development play-by-play from the show, however, mentions the pose not once, instead complimenting Rene on her back development and her "great quads". Compare that to Real Female Bodybuilding's take on Rene's showing: Serious female muscle! Rene Marven treated fans to an eyeful of one of the best most muscular poses in the world. She didn't make the top 3 and may not have been the biggest girl on stage but as she hit the classic hardcore pose she looked magnificent!

Ironically too, given that we now know she felt much more nervous when she was posing as a female bodybuilder than as a Figure competitor, the MD commentator, Adina Zanolli, makes a point of saying that Rene's seems to "love being on stage", and I certainly get that impression too, as always with Rene on stage during her FBB years.

I wonder what her next move might be. Since pro FBBing did away with weight classes no amateur FBB from outside the Heavyweight class has made much impact in the Pro League, and Rene was a Middleweight. She is way too bulky for Figure it seems, so she might find Physique provides her with more opportunity for success, if that's what she's after. Meanwhile, happy and healthy, she continues managing Iris Kyle's Bodicafe in Las Vegas, and recent evidence suggests that no matter how hard she tries to "downsize", those biceps of hers are never going lose their thickness or peak.

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Tomorrow, we stay in Toronto for another personal best. Guess who!


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