Friday, 30 May 2014

Ts of the Day: Faves

You Can't Buy These Pythons At A Pet Store
And you can't buy a split bicep like that full stop.

(left): Love My Fans Kiss Me Abs
Not the best bit of English you'll ever read, but hey, if Victoria Lomba's T was in her own mother tongue, I'm guessing not too many of you would be able to understand it. Here, though the grammar might be iffy, the message is crystal clear: she loves it when her fans kiss her abs. Or perhaps she's telling us her fans love it when she kisses her own abs? Mmmm. I can see how both scenarios would be winners.
(right): I Am Only Helpless While My Nail Polish Is Wet
FMS readers' favourite Singaporean Melissa Wee reminds us that the fact that she is dripping in juicy sexy muscle these days, doesn't mean that she isn't still a girly-girl deep down. However, although to me and you there is nothing unfeminine about her, Melissa says, I get a lot of persecution because of how I look and my physique is considered somewhat unacceptable by my country's society. Melissa confided recently on her Instagram that consequently she's seriously thinking about moving away from her beloved home. I am thinking of going to France next year as my younger sister is doing her Master's there, she says. Chanceux France!

Built Stronger To Last Longer
Magic! A slogan intended for something else altogether proves wonderfully apt for a lean and sexy muscle babe. One of my first cars was an old metallic blue Ford Fiesta. If the temperature was a few degrees above freezing or colder, you had as much chance of making it start as England have of winning the World Cup. I imagine the muscular marvel modelling this T would be A LOT more reliable in the cold.

Squats Make It Hot!
This is probably my favourite of all from this week's selection, although I have to admit, it did take me a while to realise there was more than one mantra in this pic. Just me or were you also drawn to that hot hard bicep, the "Stay Strong" tat and, wonderful though they both are, hypnotised by the way she's looking at it and that arrogant hint of a smile? ID of this stunning woman required. URGENTLY!

Finally, a little plug for a new line brought to you in part and modelled here by Swell's crush of the month, Quebec's Emmanuelle Ethier. According to her Instagram last week the line "will be launching in a few days". Want one for the wife. And I really want her to look as good in it as EE does. Hey, why not? A man can dream...


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