Saturday, 17 November 2012

Back Back in the Day of the Day

A Treasures from the Archive special this week. Some of the all-time greats, from behind. This week we celebrate some of the best backs from back in the day.

I couldn't think of a better way to start, a better woman to start with, than the legend that is Paula Suzuki. So perfect in shape, if she'd been alive in Ancient Greece, it would have been her back that gave Pythagoras his best ideas.

You don't need special glasses to see her thick, bulging 3-D back. A legend.


  1. Oh yes, I remember watching Suzukis back for the first time in WPW magazine, I was shocked in awe... wow, how I loooove this feeling :-)

  2. During my teenage years, Paula is the first Asian FBB I was soooo hooked on. Her ripped, well defined tan muscles..Oooooohhh.. At that time I couldn’t imagine a sexier Asian FBB. Her photos are well hidden in my bedroom where all those FEEL GOOD activities went on there. In fact, Paula is the first Asian FBB that got me the FEEL GOOD experience.