Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Back Back in the Day of the Day

Oh Zuzana!

Very very big and very very beautiful, Zuzana Korinkova is one of the greatest European muscle women ever. And in case you are under the impression that all female bodybuilders go to pot after they finish competing, here is Zuzana now...

But it's the physique she had at turn of the millennium that will always be the image of Zuzana that I cherish. She had it all. Beauty, muscularity and sex appeal in spades.

And in this classic clip, Zuzana delivers despite obvious discomfort with cramp, whipping the crowd into a frenzy even though she is suffering...

And if anyone has this edition of Playboy, Slovakia, March 1998 and cares to share, you can share with me at the usual address!

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  1. Love Zuzana, was one of my first FBB favourites. Her size and definition at her peak were incredible. The WPW DVD I have of her is a very prized possession.