Saturday, 24 June 2017

Abs Week: Flaunt

Nothing hotter than a sexy set of abs being flaunted for your viewing pleasure, but let's face it, when the lady's doing it in private - even when it's a sexy lady like (yes, you guessed it) Brazilian Raissa Rafaelli (just 21, you know) - it's not half as exciting as a public display. Sadly though, public displays are, outside of the contest arena, few and far between - or at least that's what my (hardly comprehensive) research indicates.

I have turned up a couple of corkers though.

One at the pool...

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Where (yes, another) Brazilian Fernanda Schiell likes to spend much of her free time, it seems, leaving any other women brave enough to park their sun loungers in her lean and muscular vicinity feeling somewhat less confident about their bodies than they had done when they arrived. The men, meanwhile, must have to spend an inordinate amount of time in the pool, waiting for the refreshing water to work its magic and allow them to expose their trunks again. And Fernanda just sits back, flexing her core from time to time, perhaps standing up and rubbing a bit more suncream into her sexy abs - flaunting in full view of anyone who's watching.

And one at the club...

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You know you are enlightened when almost every other guy in the room is looking at those orbs and you are looking at those abs. They would class you a weirdo, but isn't it true that there are plenty of women with orbs, and plenty less with abs? Call me weird if you like, you say in your imaginary conversations with people who want to understand your attraction and, as the conversations are yours to control, nearly always end up with them being entirely convinced by your eloquent arguments. Maybe, you think, a woman like Reshma Razac, who's made a special effort to put her abs on show tonight, would appreciate some appreciation of her WBFF Pro Fitness Diva midsection. Sadly though, you can't get anywhere near her...

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Pesky female admirers!

The exception that public trumps private, however, proves the rule.

We leave you with serial abshibitionist and FMS fave Eleonora Dobrinina, her abs, her breathing. Deeper as we slow the clip down. Deeper still as we slow it some more...

And when you think about it actually, 469,000 and counting Instagram followers hardly equates to private flexing, does it? And I'm sure Ella knows that all too well.

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