Thursday, 8 June 2017

Sarah Halkon: 2017 Ms NABBA Britain


Congratulations to Sarah Halkon, top of the thongs at the NABBA Britain.

This is not, sadly, Sarah in all her shredded thongtastic glory at last weekend's show - this being NABBA, photographers not welcome etc. - but (left) Sarah at the NABBA UK Championships last November, when she came 2nd, and the NABBA North-East Championships, which she won, a couple of weeks previous to the NABBA Britain.

However, despite the moan about the lack of images (so far, but judging by NABBA's track record I ain't holding my breath), the event was, I believe for the very first time, streamed live. so we can enjoy Sarah (#69) and all the other Trained Figure ladies. Currently only the comparisons are up, and given that NAPA (Sports Nutrition, responsible for the stream) are flogging a DVD of the event, this could well be all we get of the Trained Figure class, and/or it may not be up for long. Enjoy while you can!

Sarah hails from Hull where she runs her own Personal Training and Sports Massage business. She's been competing -as far as I can work out - since 2014. She finished 3rd in the shorter of the two Trained Figure classes at the NABBA Universe last year, and you can watch her routine from that show here. If you like a comparison, compare her now to her 2014 self here. She has certainly come far, and as the NAPA commentators noted, may well challenge for the NABBA Universe title this year if she can bring the same ultra-conditioned package to that show as she did to the British finals.

And we leave you today with one last treat - the Trained Figure comparisons from Sarah's victory at the NABBA North-East. You could swipe your Morrison's More card on that, says one of NAPA's double act of commentators, referring to the "depth" of Sarah's back. That's going to be challenging for the top spot at the Brits.

They were not wrong.

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