Monday, 19 June 2017

Abs Week: 50 Year-Old Abs

For no other reason than we haven't had one for a while...

Welcome to ABS WEEK on FMS

And we begin our look at a few of the more magnificent midsections of the world with one belonging to France's Valerie Texier, who just happens to be 50 this year.

Valerie competes in Bodyfitness, recently at the IFBB French Championships in Biarritz, which is where we see her backstage (above), and posing (and making women considerably younger than her feel wholly inadequate) by the pool (below).

Now I can't say I know much about Valerie other than she's a personal trainer, but I do know that the closer we get to her incroyables abdominales, the better they look.

This black and white gem was taken after a "dure séance d'abdos" apparently, during Valerie's prep for the European Championships, where she represented her country in the 45+ Masters Bodyfitness class. The detail, I think you will agree, is astonishing (among other things). Glistening ridges of muscle, so dure and so so sexy.

We leave you though with those abdos in full colour and tan, another from Valerie's poolside downtime after the French Championships. It's not often we feature French women on the blog - the country, historically, has punched well below its weight in terms of female muscle - but something tells me we may meet Valerie again...

In the meantime, follow her on Instagram.

Abs Week continues demain.

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  1. I did not know her! Glad to see some french women on that blog!