Friday, 23 June 2017

Abs Week: Just Abs (That Angle)

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Shannon Frederick

What should we call it, this angle? The camera (and so the viewer) adopting the same point of view as the proud owners of these quite frankly mind-melting midsections.

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Jessica Hoffman

We're so close in some of them we can actually see her tiny hairs, although to be perfectly honest, and as exciting as that might sound, they are pretty much the last things on my (totally utterly and completely blown) mind right now.

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This is high level female muscle fetishism. There's nothing "natural" or (as we saw yesterday) especially "functional" about having such abdominal definition, yet for an old abs man like myself, there's not much that can match their glorious beauty.

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Clockwise from top left: Ella, Lauren Quinn, Destinee Bruch, and Jessica Lynn

That is VERY VERY lean, says one forum member of BJ Brunton's tanned and vascular hardness (below). Amazing look but a bit scary too. Now, many many words (and actions) come to mind as I look at BJ's POV contribution to today's post, but "scary" is most definitely not one of them. That boy needs to go back to female muscle lovin' college and take a refresher course or something. Scary?! Is he serious?

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BJ Brunton

What is he scared about? Her health? You know, I'm pretty sure that BJ and all the other ladies here today can take care of themselves. But isn't that the whole point anyway - the extreme-ness of it? The desire, not only to have a bit of definition (with all the dedication, discipline and single-mindedness that entails) but go even further. To be ALL definition. Muscle, skin (and veins, and, yes, OK, the tiny hairs) and nothing else. Is it healthy? Probably not in a long-term, sustainable sense, no, I suppose it isn't. But that desire, that drive, and the result of it all, is sexy. Not scary. Sexy.

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Piia Pajunen

And she knows it's sexy (which is also sexy), and that's exactly why you are getting this point of view. She wants the world (well, her world anyway) to see how shredded she is, how sexy her midriff looks. And to tell her, even though she knows. She wants affirmation, not concern, and yes, OK, "I want to give that outie a bite" is perhaps not precisely the comment Piia Pajunen was dreaming of when she snapped her abdominal masterpiece above, but she's got a whole lot of others to read as well.

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Irene Andersen

She wants you to want to touch. And more besides, I imagine.


"Goddess POV"? Thoughts please!

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  1. Oh yeah! I love that point of view too! Soooo sexy!