Friday, 24 January 2014

The FMS Hot and Hard 100: Vote Now!

Every year, in case you don't know, "gentleman's" magazine FHM carries out a readers' poll and publishes the results in a special issue. The UK edition even holds an awards ceremony in a plush London venue to publicise it. The subject of the poll and the title of the special issue is THE HOTTEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD.

More devoted FMS readers may be able to guess what's coming next, as I've mentioned this travesty before (see, for example, Still Muscle Loved Up for my thoughts on the so-called Hottest in 2012 chosen by UK FHM readers).

Every year, try as I might to ignore it, the amount of publicity generated makes that virtually impossible. Fully aware I'm not going to find a woman remotely representing my vision of what 'hot' means, I scan the Top 100 for any evidence of muscle. There might be a bit of 'celebrity' muscle, Jessica Biel maybe, and there's Jessica Ennis, the sole sportswoman in the top 50. And that's it.

At the risk of subjecting you to images you might find upsetting (if so, look away now), see how YOU feel about the UK Top 10 from 2013...

Now I, and I dare say you, dear reader, wouldn't have listed any of these women in our Top 10, Top 100, or Top anything. Obviously we're not your typical FHM readers.

Where's our list?

Well, hopefully, it's going to be here!

For a while now I've dreamed about compiling an alternative list to FHM's. A Hot and Hard 100. I could just choose 100 women myself, but I'd much rather make this a collective effort and get the input of FMS readers before compiling it.

So, this is your first call for votes for the FMS HOT AND HARD 100.

I don't want to make the process in any way complicated, but I think there do need to be a couple of rules...

1. You can vote for up to 100 women.
2. It's a Hottest of 2013, not Ever.

And that's pretty much it!

Rank the women from 1 (your favourite) to 100, or just list them in no particular order. I'll only take the rankings into consideration if there is a tie on the number of votes received.

Use the comment box below, or email

I'll publish the final results in March (though I can't promise an awards ceremony in a plush London venue I'm afraid, unless there's someone out there willing to pay for it!)

To stimulate your thinking, here'a a list of just some of the women who were mentioned on FMS last year. I think it amounts to just over 100 names...

Jennifer Abshire, Megan Abshire, Brandi Mae Akers, Karina Akmens, Tarna Aldeman, Maryna Alf, Cristina Arellano, Sophie Arvebrink, Kate Austin, Oksana Balanyuk, Gabiela Bankuti, Graceyanne Barbosa, Olga Belyakova, Juanita Blaino, Julie Bourassa, Brigita Brezovac, Jenna Brown, Katia Callegari, Rene Campbell, Christal Cornick, Shannon Courtney, Lisa Cross, Michelle Cummings, Mara Dalila, Angela Debatin, Ana Delia De Iturrondo, Victoria Dominguez, Kristina Dybdahl, Brie Eubanks, Nuriye Evans, Viktoria Fadygas, Deniz Faith, Nathalie Falk, Amanda Folstad-Ptak, Nathalie Foreau, Skadi Frei, Anne Freitas, Jay Fuchs, Ariel Gail, Josee Gallant, Valerie Garcia, Karen Garrett, Linda Gartside, Lisa Giesbrecht, Mavi Gioia, Sherri Gray, Oksana Grishina, Susanna Hand, Rosanna Harte, Karolina Holubcova, Elena Oana Hreapca, Monique Jones, Tammy Jones, Suzy Kellner, Jennifer Kennedy, Gillian Kovack, Iris Kyle, Katka Kyptova, Maria Kuzmina, Selma Labat, Cindy Landolt, Jannika Larsson, Debi Laszewski, Cathy Le Fran├žois, Marina Lopez, Kashma Maharaj, Juliana Malacarne, Rene Marven, Georgina McConnell, Kristine Mele, Emery Miller, Karina Nascimento, Helle Nielsen, Branka Njecovec, Kourtney Olson, Yaxeni Oriquen, Federica Ortu, Minna Pajulahti, Frida Palmell, Kim Perez, Shawna Pierce, Jamie Pinder, Alina Popa, Jana Purdjakova, Danielle Reardon, Larissa Reis, Annie Riveccio, Joanna Romano, Nataliya Romashko, Andrea Rosu, Jill Rudison, Michelle E. Russell, Angie Salvagno, Virginia Sanchez Masias, Michela Schaar, Jessica Scofield, Geisi Silva, Joelle Smith, Alyssa Stroud, Marthe Sundby, Penpraghai Tiangngok, Susanna Tirpak, Shayla Turcotte, Eva Andressa Vieira, Heidi Vuorela, Ria Ward, Wendy Watson, Melissa Wee, Michelle Williams, Nathalia Yariz, Yeon Woo-Jhi and Aleesha Young....

And I haven't even included Crossfitters or other athletes who might make your top 100. In fact, I haven't included a LOT of women who might make your top 100!

So, get voting!

A possible Top 10, based solely on the women who have got the most hits and comments on FMS in the past year might, in alphabetical order, look something like...
British pro Rene Campbell; muscle phenomenon Shannon Courtney
Naughty naughty Lisa Cross; Italian muscle bomb Mavi Gioia
Abs Queen Oana Hreapca; internet fitness sensation Cindy Landolt
Pre-voting favourite Alina Popa; Arnold Amateur champ Virginia Sanchez Masias
Britain's physique star Ria Ward; newly-blond Aleesha Young

Now, isn't that better than the FHM list?!

Don't forget to vote!

[And just in case you are interested, the FHM Top 10 was, top to bottom, left to right, Mila Kunis, Rihanna, Helen Flanagan, Michelle Keegan, Kelly Brook, Kaley Cuoco, Pixie Lott, Kate Upton (photographed for Sports Illustrated!!!), Cheryl Cole and Georgia Salpa.]

Pictures of muscle women ONLY tomorrow, I promise!


  1. I like this. Some time ago I mentioned the FHM top 100, and how my top 100 would be big women packed full of luscious muscle. Do most men really want such slim women with zero visible muscle and barely any tone? It's a shame our kind of women aren't more common (and more considered) Some of the "official" top 100 ARE pretty hot, but if I want to see what I think is hot, then at least we now have the internet. I'd walk past every one of the FHM list to get to a BIG jacked girl any day. Sometimes it's a drag having such unusual tastes in women, but most of the time I'm glad and wouldn't ever want to change my preference! Look forward to seeing the results of your poll and I shall gladly take part.

    1. Great you are on board. I reckon yours will be THE heavyweight list! Looking forward to it.

  2. I need a few time to think about that but I'll definitely send you a list soon ;)

    1. I KNOW! Have been trying to compile my list. I thought 100 would be a lot, but it's NOT easy! Absolutely take your time.