Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Kat Secor @NPC Nationals 2015

Like Jessica McKenzie, who we met on Monday, new IFBB Physique pro Kat Secor has been on the FMS radar for a while. She got our attention for - among other things - her super ripped abs and sunny stage presence every time she's competed in 2014 and 2015, but we've never quite got round to giving her her own post. Success at the NPC Nationals - where she finished 2nd in her class and finally earned the pro card she craved - provides the perfect excuse for us to set that right and pay proper homage.

As with so many other women we feature here, as soon as we got to checking out Kat's story, we found there is a lot more to her than (the considerable amount) that meets the eye. She's so much more than "just" a beautiful, sexy alpha female muscle goddess.

To begin with, Kat is the owner of a tanning business, Exotic Tan LA, which she set up in 2007. Nothing too amazing about that, perhaps, but this is only fact #1. Be patient!
Team Destiny, 2015

#2. Did you know that as well as being a WPD star, Kat was also a top paintballer. She captained the all-female Team Destiny from 2005 to 2007, and again in 2012 and 2013, when Destiny became the first women's team to win a national title in competition with the men. She earned a reputation as one of the best female players (and one of its fittest, no doubt), and was named Female Player of the Year in 2007. She was also something of an ambassador for her sport, her mission to bring more women into the world of competitive paintball. This sport is 98 per cent male-dominated, she observed in 2012. But for every man I know in paintball, there's a woman right there - a girlfriend or wife or mother or sister. There is so much opportunity for women to get as hooked as I first did. It's an addiction.

She started competing in or just before 2013, initially, it seems, in Bikini. Pictures of the pre-Physique Kat have proved hard to find, but luckily this transformation pic surfaced on her Instagram recently. Now that's what I call progress!
Kat exuding heat at (top left) the 2014 Nationals; enjoying herself (a lot) at this year's NPC Jr USAs (top right & bottom left); and abdominally delicious at the 2015 IFBB North Americans

I don't know whether she bypassed Figure altogether or whether she competed in that division next, but by this time last year she was a Physique competitor, winning the Garden State title to qualify for the 2014 Nationals, where she finished 7th. This year she had competed twice before Miami, at the NPC Jr USAs (an encouraging 3rd in her class), and at the IFBB North Americans, where she finished a less encouraging 8th.

She was, we learned, brought up in Alaska (you can make that Kat fact #3 if you like), and she was gaining a reputation with the female muscle headed community, especially with those who like their Physique women ripped as f*** and not shy about showing it.

The "gorgeous granite slabs of solid muscle" that are Kat's "world class" abs generated particular interest and comment, not least from this ol' absfan himself. As I sat swooning over Kat's contest countdown pictures from her various shows this year I found that I'd been having the same Kat-related abs fantasy shared by one forum poster, a fantasy that would, as was pointed out by respondents, very much risk "bustin' a tooth". Or perhaps, in my souped-up version at least, your entire jawbone.

Countdown to Miami was no different. Kat looked and more importantly - as she told her 11,000+ IG followers - felt better than ever. My little brick abs are making an appearance! she gushed between the North Americans and the Nationals. Quad veins FINALLYYYYYYYY!!!!! Come to mamma!!!!!! she wrote with glee just before she travelled to Miami. And in both instances there's Kat beaming with pride and joy, more and more ecstatic the freakier her body becomes. Isn't she just a total dream girl?!

Just before the show she looked leaner and harder than ever (some achievement for someone always apparently so lean and hard) and utterly gorgeous. Film star looks you might say... Well, hold on to your hats because here comes Kat fact #4. And it's a doozy! See if anybody (apart from Colette Nelson, of course) looks familiar here.

Yes, indeed. McCain Girl was played by none other than "Kate" Secor. That was 2008 if my US political knowledge is correct. Really. It's her. It's not very extensive, I grant you, but she has even her own an imdb entry. And I can't help wondering if having some quality time with Colette - or maybe just seeing the effect Colette's presence had on those around her - inspired Kat to drop the "e" and get busy getting Alpha...

Kat already has her sights set on 2016. I am making sure to visualize the achievement of one of my new goals - competing in the 2016 Olympia, and then IMPLEMENTING what it will take to get there, she wrote on Instagram just yesterday. The day before it had been arm day. Insane pump today! Felt like my skin was going to explode. POW!

Knocked me out, I don't mind admitting. Knocked me out with an almighty *SWOOOOON!* She's so hard, so freaky, so ALPHA. And yet, and I think you will agree we have demonstrated this, there's so much more to her than "just" that.

Get your Kat swoon on via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And you can see her getting everything nicely pumped up in a gym clip from August 2015 here.

Enjoy? I doubt you will as much as she seems to be. POW!

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