Friday, 4 December 2015

Theresa's Adventures in Miami

You may all be getting bored of her, you may be on the verge of writing a strongly-worded email, you may have already started it, you may have just pressed the send button... But until I actually hear that you have had enough of the glorious Theresa Ivancik, I'm just going to go ahead and carry on compiling posts in her honour.

We've had Theresa counting down to the Nationals, and we've had Theresa on stage there. And today, it's Theresa before, during, after and since the Nationals that will bring us right up to date with your Hot and Hard 100 highest new entry (#12).


The final shots of her lean and pumped suggested she would blow the competition away. Delays and one hell of a nightmare! wrote Theresa, stuck at Pittsburgh airport on her way to the Nationals. This hurricane is brewing and will soon land - just not sure when. Now I'm not clear if she was still referring to herself as "the hurricane" at that stage or whether there really was a hurricane, but I am absolutely 100% sure this is the first time I've posted a picture of what a female bodybuilder had for breakfast!

The female bodybuilder's "kit", left. Weighed in at 159 [lbs, roughly 72kg or 11st 3lbs]!!! she wrote. Almost that time! Super pumped and ready to do this!!! And the next morning, the day of the show, she woke up and her abs looked like this - swoonworthy flawless perfection. The calm before the storm, she told her 8,000+ Instagram followers. If they only knew what was coming... one replied.


One of the hardest line-ups ever! she reckoned after prejudging was over. Then - all beautifully bronzed and glamorous - she donned her evening show kit in her room.

Backstage, meanwhile, she hung out and took up more than her fair share of space in other people's pictures, outsizing all and sundry except, intriguingly, one youthful and very impressively built non-competitor. Now who, does anybody know, is she?

As we know, things didn't quite go according to plan for Theresa (2nd), but even as she flexed on stage, looking, as contest photographer Dan Ray put it, "AMAZING", fans were putting the finishing touches to their new Theresa-inspired artwork, or sonnet. This visual tribute comes from a prolific female muscle head, Jeremy Gau.


When the kit had been removed and the next day dawned, Theresa was still buzzing. 2nd out of 8 amazing girls! I have achieved more then I ever dreamed of this time around and don't need a first place to feel that way, she wrote, before getting down to exploring the glamorous side of female bodybuilding with a series of photo shoots.

We've heard before on FMS how much Theresa enjoys squeezing into those revealing outfits and doing the modelling. We've also heard how she doesn't allow photographers to doctor the images. I want it to be the real me people see, she said in 2010.

And with food inside her at last, her muscles swelling with every mouthful (is how I picture it, anyway), there was, as usual, no way those photographers could have improved their subject. Well, perhaps fewer clothes, but she's barely covered as it is, and they are working in public I believe. At least Theresa was able to strip down a bit more and expose her rippling tanned body to some extent between appointments.

Then, it was time to take in South Beach, before one last Miami selfie and a defiant message to her fans. Just because you may trip once in awhile, doesn't mean you have to fall. Can't wait for 2016. I will be back to the stage, and even better then before!


Theresa has been struggling to find something in her size for the Christmas season...

Not really! Though it looks like she's made some special modifications to that top, she is, in fact, modelling the outfit for a new "partner", Bella Moda Studio ("a company that's passionate about joining fitness with fashion", apparently). And those who are not so much fans of the shaved-on-the-side look she's been sporting recently will be pleased to know that she's started growing it out. What I don't get is how anyone can focus on her hair. I mean, really, LOOK AT THE BEEF, AT THE SIZE OF THAT ARM!

16", she informs us, helpfully. Heck yeah!

So, like I was saying, let me know when you've had enough.

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