Thursday, 14 June 2018

Woman of the Week: Jessica Booker Williams

These days it is (hopefully) not necessary to have to prove to anyone that women with muscles can't be feminine, but should that need ever arise, you could do a lot worse than produce an image or six of Jessica Booker Williams to make the point.

FMS readers will certainly need any convincing - Jessica has been a fixture on the Hot and Hard 100 since 2016, with one voter going so far as to suggest she "should be submitted to the OED as the new definition of the word 'gorgeous'." Swell needs no convincing either - "I've got such a crush on her," I've gushed (more than once) in the past, left breathless by the gusto of her on stage presentation, her sweaty gym selfies, and her all round "sassy, classy and a bit badassy" alpha female muscle appeal.

Why are we returning to Jessica now? Well, why not? is as good a reason as any, but aside from the fact that I would be quite happy to make a Jessica post for every 10 new Instagram selfies she puts up, Jessica was back on stage recently for the first time since the 2016 IFBB North Americans, and in my house that's an occasion worth celebrating!

The event was the NPC Steve Kuclo Classic in Dallas in the middle of May - yes, believe it or not, Jessica is still in an "amateur" - where she won Overall Physique and the Masters class - yes, believe it or not, Jessica is going to be 40 before long!

And, as always with Jessica, the contest shots have had me drooling all over my keyboard. So glam and so ripped. Such beauty, and such sex appeal, born of the confidence she seems to have - regular readers will know there are few things in the female muscle world I love more than a women who loves it up there and makes you feel it, and I reckon Jessica is one of the best right now. Believe it or not, I get nervous, she says. I look at a competitor with more mass and my initial feeling is "uh-oh". But no way do I allow myself to entertain that feeling for long. If I don't believe in me, how can a judging panel believe in me? How can a crowd believe in me? Convince yourself that you can do it, she adds, and your confidence becomes infectious.

I'm so infected.

At the previously mentioned 2016 North Americans, Jessica was placed 6th in her class - "the most conditioned competitor, but also definitely the smallest in terms of mass". And when she competes at her next national level show, the problem that she "will almost always be one of the smallest dogs in the fight" (her words) remains. However, just as at the 2016 NPC Southwest Championships, which she also won, Jessica was a class apart (of a not insignificant field) at this national qualifier.

And thanks to Best Muscle Video, we can enjoy Jessica's victory in full.

(Get comfy - there's 14+ minutes of this!)

Took me a few goes to get through to the end, I don't mind telling you...

But we haven't quite finished for today, so steel yourself, you lovely reader.


He Who Laughs Last...

Oh how Jessica's followers laughed at "the putz in the background"! I don’t think Cleatus behind you is wearing proper gym footwear, roared one. The guy behind you is texting his friend about how this ripped blonde is checking him out, smirked another. Poor dude! If he's been going to that gym for a while (and I say that in the full knowledge there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that's true) then repeated viewings of a sweaty Jessica may have caused him to experience repeated, dangerous levels of "Madness". And look what it's done to him. The man is a bloody wreck.

Jessica is far too classy to mock the afflicted, of course, but it does occur to me that "Cleatus", while I don't condone his choice of footwear, or (somewhat more reluctantly) his (possibly) pervasive actions, definitely had the best view of Jessica in the house and may even have managed to record it, let's say "posterity" (sorry).

So, I ask you, who's laughing now?

The Comfort of Strangers

I had a random dude comment yesterday, something along the lines of "aren’t you worried about losing your femininity lifting heavy weights". Damn. What would I do without the opinions and narrow-minded guidance of complete strangers!?

Then! The cutest little old man (like 80+) came up to me three times in the gym today. He told me I sure was attractive every time, and then proceeded to tell me I should probably do more light weight reps (although he couldn’t remember the word for "reps" at first (adorable!) because I kinda "looked like a man from behind", aaaand then proceeded to tell me one more time I sure was attractive. So... I concluded two things today from this/these encounters: 1. Old people are cute as shit, regardless. That sweet little thing didn’t know if he was coming or going and honestly didn’t offend me one bit, bless his heart. 2. The likelihood that anyone over the age of 80 read my rant on Instagram yesterday about this very topic is slim to none.

Just another day in the life of an NPC Physique goddess...

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