Monday, 11 June 2018

The Queen Is Back (And Bulging with Pride)!

First I got wind of Margie's return was on the forum whose first rule is... Doing the Toronto show, one helpful member informed the community. The champ is back!

10 days of heightened anticipation followed. No one can match up to her right now, another forum poster had noted some days before the news broke. She looks tremendous. In fact, Margie had been looking incredible for weeks, if not months.

And in those 10 days of heightened anticipation...

416[!!!] walking lunges in 25 minutes for lunch [through midtown Atlanta!], Margie told her IG followers. Ooh boy they are pumped! And ooh boy they bloody look it!

And then...

Already in Toronto, one day to go.

She looked... well, whatever is better than "incredible"!

This had me reaching below the keyboard, I don't mind telling you, those tight, frame-filling glutes in particular, but really just all of her. Margie was most definitely back and - even before she'd had her pre-contest carbs - bulging and popping all over.

Muscularity, vascularity, femininity. Simply marvellous. Simply overwhelming.

And I want the Queen to do that - to overwhlem me. Make me helpless, take me somewhere other women - however huge, however beautiful - just don't reach.

The day of the show (Saturday 3rd), my heightened anticipation has achieved stratospheric levels. How many times in one evening can a man refresh the "Contest Pictures" page on Muscle Insider, NPC News Online and Muscular Development?

I'll tell you - MANY!

Muscle Insider actually won the race, but their (relatively) small, low-res images only served to whet my appetite further. Margie wore green, Margie looked great. Frustratingly Muscular Development posted pics of many of the other categories before getting to the FBBs, but eventually I got what I needed from the ever-dependable NPC News Online. Margie wore green, Margie looked spectacular...

And (ooh boy) bulging with pride!

I was, just as I had imagined I would be, utterly overwhelmed.

Of course she won.

There were six other women on the stage in Toronto, but - even before the show had started - they were only ever going to be competing for (a distant) second place.

I gasped and groaned my way through last weekend, pouring over each image of Margie I could find, peaking when Margie posted a homemade clip of her routine.

Blurry, totally unprofessional camerawork, incomplete and on top of all that not nearly as obviously bulgy with pride in her sparkly evening outfit. But watching her move - so hard and shiny and regal. All grace and power and sex and muscle.

Ooh baby!

Simply overwhelming.

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