Wednesday, 18 June 2014

100 Biceps: Day 5


Despite Shannon Peters' absence, there was plenty for the the female muscle head to enjoy at the brand-spanking-new Omaha Pro earlier in the month. The fact that it was a mainly female show, with women's bodybuilding AND physique (compared to the chaps having just physique, whatever) was a pleasure in itself.

ANNE FREITAS: 044, 045

Two shows into the contest season, and Brazilian women are two for two. After Simone Oliveira's win in Toronto, compatriot Anne "Freaky" Freitas (and that's just my pet name for her by the way) won her second pro title in three years and in the process ensured she'll be appearing at the Olympia for the third year in a row.


And even before the show kicked off, physique competitors like Ayanna Carroll (above) were demonstrating that there would be serious muscle, serious biceps, outside the bodybuilding show. Ayanna and her guns finished 5th.

JILL RUDISON: 047, 048

And in the physique class, well, you know, Swell only has eyes for Jill at the moment - even when Dani Reardon's in the line-up! You may or may not share my enthusiasm for her bicep tattoos (which is based entirely on my fantasy about the tats indicating exactly where Jill wants me to squeeze for her pleasure) but surely you can't be immune to her head/nose in the air on stage arrogance.

Incidentally, check out the new styles available at the place "Where the Pros Shop and the Jaws Drop", Quads Not Included. And all of them beautifully modelled by Jill's extraordinary, never-ending and copiously muscled legs.

But the bulk of the bulk did, of course, come in the bodybuilding show, much of it matured nicely and adorning the familiar frames of some hardcore long-time faves.

TONIA MOORE: 049, 050;
 053, 054

Tonia Moore pouted and preened her way to 4th place (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with pouting and preening on stage, but honestly, if you can find a picture from the contest where she isn't pouting, please let me know). Judy Gaillard scraped into the top ten, but I'll bet the moment she flexed her massive, shapely peak (above) more than one spectator felt the ecstasy. Melody Spetko, a more than reasonable candidate for the first ever President of the all-female WIFBB, finished a place higher in 9th, looking beefy and beautiful. And Britain's own Wendy McCready was 6th, her highest finish since her 3rd place in Toronto two years ago, and, as ever, she was a fine sight to behold. She's always immaculately polished in her presentation, and always covered in ripped and curvy muscle. Always a treat.

RENE MARVEN: 055, 056

And then there was Rene. She wasn't hitting the most muscular as much as we've come to expect. Bad thing. And she wasn't as ripped, or "dry" as I believe they say in the game, as we have seen her in the last couple of years either, but to be honest, I kind of like the look. I'd say she looked "juicy" if the connotations of that word were not so negative in FBI circles, so instead I'll say she looked "succulent". As well as gorgeous, and, of course, massive. Like nut-bustingly massive.

And by the way, it's Marven with an E, not Marvin as some websites have, lazily in my opinion, got into the habit of sometimes listing her. What's it cost to check?

ALANA SHIPP: 057, 058

Smaller, but perfectly-formed, first year pro Alana Shipp flexed her way to another top 6 finish after her 2nd place in Toronto. Once again, she looked as hard as the proverbial granite, and I bet there was quite a lot of hardening going on elsewhere in the auditorium whenever Alana treated the crowd to a view from the rear. Exquisite.


And last, but absolutely no means least, the woman who's making my "Special Favourites" folder bulge like her jeggings do when her thighs are in them, Lady MVM herself, Margie Martin. What a sight she is! Traffic-stopping muscle, heart-stopping beauty. What more could a red-blooded man want? If I hadn't spent so much seed over these pictures while choosing them, I wouldn't be able to type right now.

[And no numbers for Margie cos we featured those super-fine guns of hers on Saturday (#013, 014) 'case you were wondering. We said 100, and we ain't gonna cheat!]

And once again, here are these magnificent women showing the world (well, OK, the bit of the world that's watching, anyway) that a mostly-female show can be a success. Granted, Margie collecting her $2,000 for second place isn't going to make millions of women want to get rich in the female muscle pro ranks, but the money is clearly not what it's all about. Check out Margie's Instagram, or Tonia Moore's, or the Instagram of any of the women who competed. See what you think they do it for.

Female bodybuilding. Still dying, apparently.

Well, not in my house. And certainly not in Omaha.


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