Friday, 13 June 2014

Tube of the Week

100 biceps in 15 minutes promises the title of this excellent (and new?) compilation. Well, it is, most definitely, just over fifteen minutes long. I haven't actually counted the exact number of biceps that you see in the clip (and if I did, should I count Amelia Hernandez's two appearances, for example, as one or two biceps?) but nevertheless, there are, without question, a LOT of biceps here.

And a lot of GREAT biceps at that.

Tetaadicto's edit is, we think, worth your attention from start to finish. There's no soundtrack, so you might want to provide your own, or just enjoy it as it is. You might want to make the viewing an active experience and see if you can name all the women featured here, or you might just want to enjoy the parade of mighty old school peaks.

However you watch, get comfy first...



And inspired by this genius, next week on FMS, 100 Biceps in 7 Days!!!

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