Thursday, 22 January 2015

Svensk Muskel: Vi möts igen


Regular FMS readers may well remember these previously posted pics of (left) the ridiculously beautiful Linnea Berglund and her T, and (right) the no less stunning beauty of Jannika Larsson and her magnificently developed and separated pecs.

Things have moved on a bit for both Linnea and Jannika since we last saw them here, so we thought now a good time for a catch up with these two Swedish muscle maidens.

First of all, the name game. Linnea no longer uses the name Berglund, and is now known as Linnea Enstedt (presumably it's because she married Mr Enstedt, but not being too interested in him, we haven't bothered to do any research in that direction) [she may have divorced Mr Berglund, no? - ed.]. Jannika still uses the same name, but for her role on the Swedish version of Gladiators, Gladiatorerna, from 2011 onwards, she was called Hyper, hence her Instagram monniker jannikahyper.

Linnea seems to be something of a celeb too, if only within the Swedish bodybuilding community. She is a regular presenter on something called Swedish Body Radio. With her co-presenter, Kenny Dahlstrom, we are promised that Linnea can be heard "every two weeks talking with various interesting guests from the fitness world". Their shows, apparently, include "hot debates and exciting discussions stacked with revelations and heavy duty facts" You are advised by the website to "take the opportunity to listen on the way to work, school or even during the morning walk". How's your Swedish?!

And Linnea is competing these days. When you look at some of her pics, it almost beggars belief that she is "only" a Bodyfitness competitor - her arms, in particular, can look absolutely HUGE on some of her Instagram posts - but Bodyfitness is, indeed, her category. Most recently she finished 6th in her class (up to 168cm) at the Swedish National Championships (Svenska Mästerskapen) in October last year.

Sadly for fans of Jannika, she won't be competing again any time soon, at least not as a bodybuilder. She started out in football, and then turned her attention to sprinting. It was important to work up the strength and abdominal muscles in the body and I fell completely for this type of training, she says. Her career as an Athletic Fitness and Bodyfitness competitor lasted about 6 years and came to a close in 2011, after which, apart from being "Hyper", Jannika trained for MMA and Brazilian jiu jitsu, which she describes as without a doubt the most enjoyable form of exercise I've ever done.

A medical problem prevented Jannika from pursuing a fighting career, so, last year, she turned her attention to Ironman, and competed for the first time in Barcelona in October. After a 3.8km swim and nearly 6 hours on a bike, Jannika ran her first ever marathon to complete the course in a little under twelve and a half hours. I just felt euphoria! Relief that it was over but also such indescribable euphoria!

Jannika plans to compete in both triathlon and Ironman events this year too, and I dare say we will see Linnea on stage again in 2015. But as well as competing in their respective sports, both women will continue to train the next generation of Swedish female muscle. Linnea has already had some of her charges compete while Jannika, whose personal training business goes by the name Fight Your Fight, is, as far as I can tell, training her clients (hard) towards competition in the coming year.
Want progress? Linnea and Danijela Hodges (top left, bottom right), and Jannika with lawyer and budding competitor bex i am (top right and bottom left), the second of which has images taken two months apart!

I reckon the future Swedish muscle women couldn't be in better hands.


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