Sunday, 24 July 2011

Muscle and Beauty

It's one of the wonders of life that two people's perception of the same thing can be totally different. In fact, certain things seem to cause almost polar reactions. Marmite, for example. You can love or hate it, but hardly anyone says they don't mind it.

Muscular women get similarly opposing reactions. I, for one, find them the most attractive women of all. I spend a significant amount of time eulogising them right here in this blog. But if you take even just a cursory glance at some internet polls on female muscle, you will find that there are a lot of people who are disgusted by them.

Now, I'm not saying these people are wrong, variety is the spice of life as they say. But take a look at the pictures below and the comments I've taken from the polls I've found. Are beauty and muscle really as mutually exclusive in women as some people think?

'They look like men. They look downright awful.'
OK, maybe some of the biggest steroid-abusing bodybuilders do sacrifice their femininity for muscle. But Szilvia Czine, Aleisha Hart, Jennifer Rish and Heidrun Sigurdardottir are clearly all woman.
And with her lovely, dark eyes and beautiful smile, would you really say that Yenny Polanco's bicep makes her look like a man?

This comment is similarly typical: 'Feminitiy [sic] and female bodybuilders have nothing in common whatsoever.'
So this person can't spell. Or run a spell check. But, hey, f-e-m-i-n-i-n-i-t-y is a tough word, and anyone can make a typo. Let's not be overly critical of their English. But looking at the Middle Eastern beauty of Mercedes Khani and the natural beauty of Erica Cordie, I for one disagree with their conclusion.

'It's not like any male on earth finds them attractive.
And they make even fat woman shudder in disgust.'
Having seen Reagan Brenner, the lady on the left is so disgusted she has to get some food down her quick. Imagine how much more she would have to eat if she saw the Asian beauty of Lyen Wong or Rebekah Kresila!

And then there is this old chesnut: 'I think dating women bodybuilders is one step away from being queer.'
Now, I have to admit, I did not know there were steps to being queer. Do they go up or down? And it does beg the question of being attracted to what kind of bodyshape on a woman is two steps away from being queer?
Well, if fancying Valeria Ammirato or Heather Dees makes me 'one step away from being queer', then I am very proud to be on that step. And what's more, I think that's going to be a very crowded step. Unless I'm the only one who finds Sheila Beavers attractive!



  1. You know, I agree with almost every (slightly sarcastic) word in this article. Well played.

    However, I'm quite a contrary person, so I'll ask a silly question:

    How many different strands are there to this common love of muscular women that you and I and some others also share?

    I'm aware that's a very broad question, but to put it into context, I like muscular women who are incredibly built; the heavier end of the bodybuilding scale (although I tend to prefer the ones that don't use steroids). Some muscle fans would find that every bit as disturbing as some of your commentators above find female muscle in general.

    Some don't find muscle at all imperative to their enjoyment of strong women, especially in the case of lift and carry stories and giantess worship.

    So what I'm getting at is, how many types of muscle admirers do you think there are and what are your tastes in terms of these sub-genres?

    Not trying to ruffle any feathers, but I'd be interestedin hearing what you have to say.

  2. Very nice post! Great pictures to go along with your points. I especially find Heather Dees and Lyen Wong to be among my favourite muscle women!

    In response to Justinian, I get what you mean about the sub-genres. For me, it's more about the overall attractiveness of the women, not how muscular she is. Muscles only enhances beautiful women in my opinion. There are certainly huge, muscular bodybuilders who I don't find attractive either because they have abused their body with steroids or implants or I simply don't find myself attracted to them (muscle or no muscle).

    So I guess my sub-genre is beautiful girls with muscle? :P I've had tendencies towards giantess and breast expansion stuff but they've really never turned my crank.

    Keep up the awesome posts. It's great to communicate with at least some people about this stuff.