Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Twin Peaks of the Day

Milicia Young from Panama says she likes to call them her gorgeous guns. Really. (I wonder what names other FBBs have for their peaks.) But back to Milicia, because the more I read her AMG Lite interview, the more I like her: In competition I love the dieting, I love to take my body to de edge, and that makes me feel so good, I don't know why, but the harder the dieting and training gets for me that’s like heaven. Off season is too easy, that’s why I train so hard in off season so I can take my body almost to pass out. I am a machine. My arms are 15½ cold. I am like a road warrior. Nothing stop me. Now, is that a sexy quote or what? And she’s juicy all over: when you’ve finished feasting your eyes on her gorgeous guns, check out those lips.


  1. Thanks for introducing her to me, never seen her. I love her attitude and how she wants to be a huge as possible.

  2. very nice find FMS very nice indeed!

    cocky and built mmmm